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Update: Next Non-Profit Dellums Police Collaboration Meeting
by WTF
Wednesday Jun 23rd, 2010 3:37 PM
Oakland Non-profits continue their collusion with Mayor Dellum's office and the Oakland Police Department. They have scheduled a meeting for tomorrow June 24th 2010. And they have begun circulating emails attempting to convince people of the boldface lie about outsiders advocating "violence", and at the same time attempting to convince the people of Oakland about appropriate ways of expressing anger. The email that has been circulating thus far is from Nicole Lee of the Urban Pepsi Movement. Ahem.. I mean the Urban Peace Movement.
For anyone interested: The next meeting between the non-profiteers and Mayor Dellum's Office is set for tomorrow
June 24th 2010. Sources have confirmed that Howard Jordan of the Oakland Police Department will also be in attendance.

Below is the contents of an email from Nicole Lee of the Urban Peace Movement. Very typical

Anyone still wondering why we face the real possibility of this cop being acquitted of all charges? wtf


Dear Friends and Allies - (Please Forward Widely - Please Forgive Duplicates)

As many of you know, the trial of the officer who killed Oscar Grant is currently underway in LA. The prosecution has rested their case, and the defense (Mehserle's attorney) is currently making their case. The trial has moved much faster then many had anticipated, and folks speculate that a verdict may come down in the very near future (possibly as soon as next week).

If a "not guilty" verdict comes down (which is a significant possibility) it will inspire widespread outrage, and many, including myself, are concerned about the potential consequences of that outrage.

As someone who is BOTH committed to social justice and an end to police brutality AND a peaceful and thriving Oakland, I wanted to suggest some ways for us to proceed:

1) Organizations, CBO's, and Public Agencies should be thinking of ways to create organized events or avenues for young people and community members to express their frustrations with the system in constructive and peaceful ways. If people have no outlets then it may be easier for folks to be pulled toward more destructive impulses.

2) We need to begin 'innoculating' our bases and the community at-large so that when the verdict comes down, people are prepared for it, and so that the 'outside agitators' who were active during the initial Oscar Grant protests are not able to incite the crowd so easily.

To be clear, our main concern is the safety and well-being of Oakland's young people. We do not want to see them get taken to jail or hurt as a result of violent or destructive behavior brought on or encouraged by 'extreme-fringe' groups coming into Oakland from the outside.

Below are some suggested talking-points to begin engaging community members. (scroll down) Please forward the talking-points widely amongst the staff and leaders of your organizations so we can get the message out far and wide.

I have been in preliminary conversation with some of our partners an allies up to this point including the Ella Baker Center, Youth UpRising, Oakland Rising, BWOPA, The Mayor's Office and the City of Oakland regarding these suggestions. Let's continue to be in dialog and hold each other close in the challenging days ahead.

In Peace and Solidarity,
Nicole Lee / Urban Peace Movement

Talking Points: (General Audience)

* There is no question about it violence & brutality are wrong - whether at the hands of community members or at the hands of the police. While many of us are outraged, we must find a way to move forward in peace.
* OAKLAND IS OUR HOME, and we want all Oaklanders to think carefully about how to respond, even in the face of our own anger and outrage.
* There are peaceful and constructive ways for us to demonstrate our frustration with the system, but beware of outside 'agitators' many of whom don't live in Oakland, who will try to insight the crowd to violence. They won't be there for you if YOU end up getting taken in by the police, and they don't have to live in the aftermath, they can just go back to their neighborhoods, far away from Oakland.
* This is a city with a rich history and a sense of pride from the East to the North to the West, and we don't back down when times get tough.

Talking Points: (Youth Audience)

* There's no question - Police Brutality is wrong.
* We are all angry, but the question is what do we do with our anger? Do we use it constructively to make changes like the Martin and Malcolm did, or do we use it to destroy each other and our community?
* There are constructive ways to have your voice heard - join a speak-out or make music to express yourself.
* Beware of 'outside agitators' who are not from Oakland and who will try to incite violence. Oakland is OUR HOME, but it's not theirs, and so they don't care if we mess our city up. And, they won't be there for you if YOU get caught-up by the police.
* Let's not let these agitators make a bad situation worse.
* Instead, let's hold our heads high and throw up our fists in solidarity like Huey did!!


Nicole Lee , Executive Director
Urban Peace Movement
610 - 16th St. Suite 409
Oakland, California 94612

510.444.5405 (office)

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On June 21st several non-profit organizations met with Mayor Dellum's office to discuss strategies in which more "violence" can be prevented, should the verdict of the trial be in favor of Mehserle and his defense team.
by UPM sellout insanity email
Thursday Jun 24th, 2010 11:16 PM

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by Uncontrollable
Saturday Jun 26th, 2010 1:29 PM
This is how the police work now. Before it was guns, tazers and riot gear. Now it's slick anti-rebellion cybernetics. It's the friendly face of fascism. It's about maintaining the social peace intact, keeping the streets safe for capitalism and the police. Well, I don't buy their recuperative vomit.

Urban Peace Movement go fuck yourself.

See everyone else in the streets,

An Uncontrollable
by AoT
Friday Jul 2nd, 2010 5:42 PM
Do you think you can sit there and talk about how you want them to funnel their anger into constructive ways to change things then tell them to just hang out and talk or sing?

You are delegitimizing your whole movement by this. They will see through you in a second.