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Rally against Berkeley Bowl union busting

Monday, June 21, 2010
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Event Type:
Location Details:
Berkeley Bowl Marketplace (original Bowl)
2020 Oregon Street, Berkeley CA 94703

The following is a letter from Berkeley Bowl workers:

Dear Berkeley Bowl Customers:

Berkeley Bowl has hired an expensive union busting firm to get rid of our Union. This isn't the first time. In 2003-2004 the National Labor Relations Board found Berkeley Bowl guilty of violating numerous labor laws in the workplace. They then ordered management to negotiate and sign our first Union Contract. Among those engaged in violating the law was our current store manager, David Craib.

Now, Mr. Craib is telling employees that they don't need a union (without a union, workers could be at risk of losing benefits and wages). He is also telling employees to vote no during the upcoming election on June 23rd - to stop being represented by UFCW-Local 5. In other words, he is asking the workers to vote against themselves, THE UNION, so that they can become powerless At-Will employees.

Berkeley Bowl Management: Stop attempting to destroy the Union, get rid of the union busters and negotiate and sign an improved union contract with your employees.

For more information: 510-461-2494
Added to the calendar on Sun, Jun 20, 2010 7:52PM

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by Anon BB consumer
I'm all for workers rights, and I'm more pro-union than not. What do you want the average (or even politically conscious) Berkeley Bowl customer to do?

If you made the last B Bowl post, you didn't really answer my questions. What concrete benefits would the average employee have with Union representation that they aren't getting now? What drawbacks? (Dues, meetings, more?)

I don't want to show up at a sparsely attended rally, be identified (cuz, hey, I'm identifiable) and have non-union B Bowl workers spit in my food (or what have you) for having gone against their interests.
by Dan
To "Anon BB consumer": I'm not affiliated in any way with the UFCW or this campaign, but I can tell you that what you can do to help the workers at Berkeley Bowl is to attend the rally that they are advertising. If you have questions about whether you care enough about the issue to attend a rally, then I'm sure there will be people at the rally who can answer them for you. You won't suffer any negative repercussions if you attend, I promise.
by bb worker
Well, of course you can come to the rally! We will educate you, and appreciate it a lot. I wouldn't worry about spit either, the deli wants the union!

The union does a lot for us-

-union scale wages and milestone raises vs. pretty much WHATEVER the company felt like
-health care for all vs. only full timers and no courtesy clerks
-fairly enforced progressive discipline vs. again whatever the company wanted to do, and DID do.
-plenty of small benefits, birthday pay, more vacation and the ability to accrue more time, all employees jury duty pay vs. only mngmt before
-and obviously, an employee voice! and the ability to negotiate to improve things in the future even more.

The union in addition, has gotten some good friends and coworkers of mine their jobs back, workers who were targeted unfairly.

The only downside, is the dues, $50 a month, which are worth it for what we get.

They don't have all this at the new West location, or what they do have, it is not guaranteed and clearly states in their policy book that the company can change any benefits, rate of pay, everything, whenever they want. Comfortable workplace? I know what the company really wants to give it's employees, and it is a lot less than the union demands. If there is no union at the main store, all 500 employees at both locations will see reduction in pay and benefits over time.
by tio
What does organizing provide beyond what they might receive without?


.... and maybe a cool hoodie with the local's logo on it

And specifically to Anon BB ^^^

You don't want to show to some rally if its sparsely attended?!? because you're scared that if some anti-union jserk spots you , your food will get spit on#$%^%@???!!

WTF!!?? Way to prioritize and simultaneously pretend you give a shit and surrender before you even enter the ring.

by petunia
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