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Central Valley Coalition & Justice for Oscar Grant coming together....
by WOG Crew ( [at]
Monday Jun 14th, 2010 12:43 PM

Many have been beaten & executed in cold blood by local police in the Central Valley, just like Oscar Grant. Here are a few we know about.
'We Don’t Forget' Police Brutality Timeline:

Alberto Sepulveda 11 yrs old. Sep 2000 Modesto killed by SWAT/Officer D.Hawn. Executed in a drug raid

Eustolio Aguilar 22 yrs old Apr 2003 Modesto Killed when reaching for a cell phone while being detained

Sammy Galvan 22 yrs old Aug 2004 Modesto Police claim he tried to attack them when witnesses say otherwise

Andres Raya 19 yrs old Jan 2005 Ceres Shot 18 times and killed after taking out a cop and injuring another

Deaf Driver 2006 Modest Officers Oaxaca & Rodney (MPD) He was wrongfully accused of stealing a car. He was shot at then got tazed

Melron Johnson 2006 Modesto Police said he attacked with a knife and later admitted there was no knife

John Doe 2007 Ceres Shot in the back several times as he ran from the cops

High School Student 2008 Fresno Attacked an officer with a bat

Joey Pinasco 2008 Escalon CHP Outrunning the police

Ritchie Robles Jan 2009 Modesto MPD Shot by female cop who said he attacked her with a sword

Luis Gutierrez Apr 2009 Woodland Sheriff/ Gang unit Shot in the back by gang unit outside of DMV

Craig Prescott Apr 2009 Modesto Sheriff Was “mentally ill”, tazed to death in county jail

Manuel Dante Dent Aug 2009 Modesto Sheriff Inmate tazed to death

Coalition meetings-actions-more!!!

LA Trial-Day 2:

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by Dan
Monday Jun 14th, 2010 2:02 PM
The term 'wog' is highly derogatory at best and outright racist and offensive in the normal course of events. I know there is an acronym at work here, but perhaps a better one is due in short order?
by j..
Monday Jun 14th, 2010 3:26 PM
And wouldn't WAAOG make more sense anyway?