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"Liberal" Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey Co-Chair Of Progressive Caucus Backs Israel's Attack
by repost
Saturday Jun 5th, 2010 8:55 AM
The "liberal" Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey who is also co-chair of the Progressive Caucus is backing the Israel attack on the Freedom Flotilla. This was the response to a request on her position on the attack.
"Liberal" Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey Co-Chair Of Progressive Caucus Backs Israel's Attack On Freedom Flotilla
peggyn, on June 2, 2010 at 2:49 pm Said:
this is literally sickening. i believe we need to accomplish a massive general strike until all survivors are returned safely home and then until all those in the govt loyal to israel and guilty of treason to the usa are removed from office. without pensions. and it does appear that the US government will stick staunchly with the israeli lies. again. copied below is an email i received from lynn woolsey, 6th district, california, in response to my email of horror and distress at the murders of humanitarian workers. woolsey never misses a chance to send israel money. she was one of the yea-sayers on the last vote to send $205 million. i asked her how she felt about what israel does with the money and weapons she votes to send to them. i want to share her response. i know others get similar responses from their reps but i want as many people as possible to see it in black and white. i think it would be a good idea to flood the internet with this email evidence of complicity in crimes against humanity and treason rampant in our congress and administration.
Dear Ms. Nicholson:
Thank you for contacting me with your concerns about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with me on this important matter.
Please know that I remain a strong supporter of both Israel’s right to exist as a sovereign nation and its right to defend itself from violent attacks. The devastation and death on both sides are inexcusable and deeply sadden me. Both Palestinians and Israelis must remain committed to reaching a peaceful resolution of the conflicts if they are ever able to attain any lasting security.
With Israelis living in fear of suicide bombings and rocket attacks and Palestinians continuing to live under terrible conditions, the situation between Israel and the Palestinians remains unsustainable. The Palestinian leadership needs to take active steps to eradicate acts of terrorism, and Israel must allow the Palestinian people the resources to work towards peace and stability. It’s my hope that the U.S. will return to its role as an honest broker and make a concerted effort to bring Israelis and Palestinians to the negotiating table in order to end this on-going crisis. Please know that I will keep your thoughts in mind as I continue to work toward a just two-state solution in the Middle East that guarantees Israel’s security and provides self-determination for the Palestinians.
Again, it’s good to hear from you. The people of Marin and Sonoma counties are the most important voices I listen to as I serve in Congress.
Lynn Woolsey
Member of Congress
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Good morning, fellow Americans still registered Democrat or Republican, unlike me. Where have you been for the last 62 years of the occupation of Palestine by US imperialism known as the US military base called Israel? EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRATIC AND REPUBLICAN OFFICE HOLDER AT EVERY SINGLE LEVEL FROM CITY AND COUNTY TO STATE AND FEDERAL OFFICE, WHETHER "NONPARTISAN" OR PARTISAN, SUPPORTS ISRAEL. Now that you have finally woken up to reality, YOU WILL HAVE TO VOTE PEACE & FREEDOM OR GREEN IF YOU ARE SINCERE IN OPPOSING US-ISRAEL IMPERIALISM.

Here is Peace & Freedom Party's website:

At today's San Francisco pro-Palestine rally in San Francisco, Saturday, June 5, 2010, the party most commonly seen was Peace & Freedom Party because it has been, since its inception in 1968, for the Palestinian liberation struggle. It became a socialist party in 1974 and remains so to this day, although it does not always run socialist candidates, e.g. Ralph Nader (an Arab-American).

The Green Party also supports the Palestinian liberation struggle. See San Francisco Green Party's statement of 6/1/10 supporting the Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions of Israel at:
and the US Green Party's press release of 5/31/10 "The Green Party condemns Israel's murderous attack on the Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla, urges immediate aid cutoff and end to impunity for Israel" at:

IT IS FUNDAMENTAL DECISION TIME FOR THE AMERICAN VOTERS. IF YOU ARE OUTRAGED ABOUT ISRAEL'S ILLEGAL, MURDEROUS ACTIONS, YOU CANNOT VOTE FOR ANY DEMOCRAT OR ANY REPUBLICAN AT ANY LEVEL OF OFFICE AND YOU MUST VOTE SOCIALIST OR GREEN IF YOU WANT ANYTHING GOOD TO HAPPEN IN THIS COUNTRY CONCERNING STOPPING US AID TO ISRAEL OR ANYTHING ELSE. ISRAEL IS A PART OF THE US WAR MACHINE THAT IS DESTROYING THE US BUDGET AND WE CANNOT HAVE GUNS AND BUTTER. OTHERWISE, YOU ARE NOT OUTRAGED. This includes the people on the speaker's platform at today's rally who said they voted for Democrat Obama in 2008. ARE YOU SERIOUS? In June 2008, 5 months before the November election, when Obama clearly had the electoral votes if people voted as they did in the primaries, Obama went before AIPAC to pledge support for Israel. That should not have surprised anyone. He did not get elected to US Senate or anything else without being pro-Israel. The Democratic and Republican Parties only support pro-Israel candidates. PLEASE STOP PROMOTING ANY DEMOCRAT AT OUR PEACE RALLIES, and that includes Rep Barbara Lee of Berkeley-Oakland, who voted for the latest guns for Israel legislation. THE ONLY PARTIES THAT CALL FOR ENDING US AID TO ISRAEL ON THE CALIFORNIA BALLOT ARE PEACE & FREEDOM PARTY AND THE GREEN PARTY.
by M Hart
Thursday Sep 23rd, 2010 11:49 PM
There was no answer to the question, just fluff. Typical on generalities which was more than likely written by an aid. Lynn Woolsey needs to worry about America, especially the major issues in California. But the problem is the real answers that would tell it as it needs to be are political suicide. That's why the Sate of California has no budget and going into it's 5th month. There's no money for the social programs, no money to keep paying insane entitlements. There are too many people on the State, County, City and Federal payroll. California government is obese, corrupt and uncontrollable. No politician will make a sound until after the elections in November. And this is why Lynn Woolsey will be voted out.