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SCPD Arrests Woman With No Legs At SC Drum Circle

by Marie Meroke
SCPD Sergeant arrested a woman with no legs for sitting on the levee during the Wednesday drum circle--no foot traffic obstructed
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by Bernard G.
I was taking a walk along the river when she passed me. My guess is that it was around 3:30 or so. She was going south on River St. in the north bound lane and was not very steady. She was also singing something and sounded intoxicated. Lost sight of her as I crossed the bridge to the park. My guess is that it's a 647 and not "sitting on the levee".
by Hank Sirron
I saw her too. She was singing "Downtown", by Petula Clark. I don't know if she was intoxicated. I thought that she was just a bad singer and off key. I think she was arrested for violating some ordinance, maybe the unreasonably disturbing noises ordinance, but it wasn't because she was sitting at the levee.
by brent outland
This sounds like such scandalous gossip..
the santacruz weekly has a letter to the editor this week describing this woman
being naked in Trader Joes. Then getting arrested a short while later.
I've interacted with her. She is quite nice but kind of wild and edgy.
I'd like to see her keep it together.
by Hank Sirron
She is NOT nice. She was getting right into peoples' faces as they passed by her and screaming the song "Downtown" at them, really way, way off-key. I think she had clothes on though. Maybe not.

I'd like her to keep it together also, but I don't think she's trying very hard.
by Lindsey
Is that supposed to be a joke?! Making fun of the physically handicapped is NOT OK! >:(
by Bernard G.
The SCPD media logs have been offline for about a week now. The online crime map shows an drunk in public arrest in that area on wednesday, but the timing might be off.
by Robert Norse
Drum Circle Dave called in to my radio show this morning and noted two police officers showed up around 7:30 or 8 PM last Wednesday, more than two hours before the 10 PM Noise Curfew law goes into effect.

It's debatable whether even that law would have been relevant since the new more isolated location of the drum circle is significantly removed from residences and businesses.

I saw the woman with no legs at the Drum Circle around 5 PM, so if there was an arrest it didn't happen then. She may have been ticketed or arrested around dusk, however. Dave suggested the police had some contact with her, if I understood him correctly.

For those concerned about the right of traditional groups, particularly those made up of poor people, to assemble in public spaces, it looks like the Drum Circle will continue to need support and monitoring. Whether you like drumming or not.
by Bernard G.
She is a very unpleasent person. If you listen to the tape of Robert's show yesterday, at 49 minutes in, he has an interview with her. She is, as my grandmother would say, a "sweet hunk of heaven."
by A
So, because someone who is severely handicapped, likely harassed for a long period of time byour ever so compassionate police , is homeless and acts out. What the hell would you expect? I would act out too. If she is on a housing list, its a two to three year wait. No breaks for being disabled. Just because she isn't acting "ever so sweet" to everyone she encounters does not mean she deserves to be arrested or ticketed for something so foolish as obstructing foot traffic. I would say walk a mile in someones shoes, but in this case, it does not apply. But the meaning does. She must have worked very hard to be able to get around that well on a skate board, and survive on the streets in this climate. ( not talking abut the weather). Maybe a little compassion towards her would go further than pointing out whatever personality issues you see in her. I find her to be courageous, but you see what you look for.
by Bernard G
it's the June 10th show, 49 minutes in. Give it a spin and then tell me what you think. Am I being unfair? Maybe, but there were a few red flags that went up in my mind as she spoke. Even the guest on Robert's show was taken aback by her.

I really doubt that the arrest was for blocking a path, although once you get a clot of 10 or so there, the path does fill up. But that is a complaint for the person that first posted the story.
by Can't make it out
I want to fb friend this lady, but I couldn't make out what she said to search for. Anybody know?
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