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Officers Visit SubRosa
by A Volunteer
Wednesday May 19th, 2010 4:38 PM
The DA takes the harassment and intimidation up a notch.

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Four armed deputies visited SubRosa today. They allegedly wanted to talk to SubRosa staff about "worker's comp issues." One of them was an inspector in the Santa Cruz District Attorney's Office. Apparently, this makes good on the DA's promise to investigate SubRosa for any connection with the May Day property destruction.

As neighbors, I feel like we have each others backs. Especially through Shitstorm 2010, we've been impressed with the level of mutual support. I know we want to represent each other well, especially in any kind of investigation, but anything you say to the police or the DA will be used against you and us. The part where you say we are awesome, community-minded, swell people will not be part of their report, guaranteed. However, they will sift through what you say for anything they can use against someone, even taking it out of context. They are looking for leverage. They have no suspects, no clues, and so they are going to go after the most convenient target, hoping they can dredge up something, anything. So...

If you are questioned by any type of law enforcement, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT NOT TO ENGAGE THEM.


1. Ask them if they have a dated and signed search warrant
2. If not, ask them to step out on the sidewalk
3. On the sidewalk, get their business card
4. Give them the number of your/our lawyer

They are likely trying to use this as an excuse to talk to people, to further an investigation/prosecution. That said, there are powerful people who after May Day would like to shut down SubRosa.

P.S. From the State Administrative Manual at

2580.3 VOLUNTEERS. By law, workers' compensation benefits for volunteers are not required. A volunteer who does not receive compensation for his or her work is not entitled to workers' compensation benefits, unless the agency for which the volunteer works chooses to provide these benefits (See Labor Code Section 3363.5).
§SubRosa was closed at the time
by clarification Saturday May 22nd, 2010 9:55 AM
Four armed deputies attempted to visit SubRosa, Wednesday May 19th. SubRosa was closed at the time, and the deputies told SubRosa's neighbor that they wanted to talk to staff about "worker's comp issues."
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