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From SubRosa concerning May Day
by subrosa
Thursday May 6th, 2010 4:39 PM
A statement from SubRosa concerning May Day
SubRosa was not involved in the events in downtown Santa Cruz on May Day. SubRosa is a community space that offers literature, art, coffee and performances. Like many businesses downtown, SubRosa provides a public bulletin board for people to post fliers. Jimi Haynes is not and has never been a volunteer at SubRosa.

We know it is a terrible feeling to feel under attack, as some of the downtown business owners and employees must feel right now. We care about the suffering of the people who were affected. The fear of violence and attack is something that many of us, especially women, youth, people of color, political dissidents, and poor people, feel on a regular basis in Santa Cruz and the world at large. None of us, especially anarchists, are working for a world dominated by fear. As an anarchist space, we strive to create a venue for the free association of autonomous people working together as equals to create a world without domination through direct action and mutual support.


The following is not an official statement, but some ideas of ways that individuals can reach out and support other individuals who are being impacted by these events, and also foster more understanding in our community:

Call or visit someone you know has been impacted, just to let them know you care and are thinking about them.
Have nuanced discussions with your friends and neighbors about the atmosphere downtown both before and after May Day, listening to other people's feelings with an open mind.
Speak with someone who is from a different walk of life than you about how these events are affecting them. Maybe ask them what their experiences being downtown are like.
Be careful about repeating things that you do not know are true. Rumor and accusation can be very harmful to people.
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