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Tikvah Talking Points on Divestment -- WHY ALL OUR SPEECHES SOUND THE SAME!

by anonymouse
Talking points distributed to oppose UC Berkeley divestment bill.
Anti-Divestment Bill: Unifying Strategies for Our Jewish Community

The message: The bill is an attack on our Jewish community. It silences our voices.

DO include in your speech

**End your speech with "Don't Silence Me" This will have a powerful, unifying impact.**

Keep it very short, about a minute

Unfairly choosing a side, under false pretense, is to shut down a productive and meaningful

discussion. This can only cause more tensions and conflict. It takes away OUR voice.

Make it personal, include personal experiences and emphasize feelings of personal attack.

BE EMOTIONAL. Don't be afraid to show how you feel (angry, sad, etc.)

There will always be dissenters; they don't represent the voice of the Jewish community.

WE are the voice of the Jewish community at Cal (can refer to all the Jewish student groups that

are against the bill - which collectively represent over 500 Jewish students on our campus).

If the issue is so clear, why is it so divisive? This may be one of those occasions when it's not

appropriate for you (the ASUC senators) to decide something for everyone on campus.

The Bill is out of context and based on questionable sources (no need to go into detail). Thus,

the bill is in fact an attack on the JEWISH COMML]NITY.

An unjustified attack on Israel is an attack on my Jewish identity. It is attacking ME.

The ASUC and our university have been hijacked by an extremist agenda, through this bill.

A small group of partisans are trying to leverage the reputation of UC Berkeley for their own

narrow political purposes. These partisans have NO concern for the bitter divisiveness they have

caused on campus.

The voices of the general student body are telling you (through thousands of emails, etc.) - loud

and clear - that there is no student consensus outside of these partisan supporters for this

bill. The supporters of the bill are demanding that you choose between them and the other 99%

of the students you (the ASUC senators) represent.

The ASUC Senators didn't campaign on this issue so they cannot claim to have an electoral

mandate, and every source of data (news stories and opinion pieces in the paper and associated

comments, the e-mails they have received, the high-pitched debates) attests to the fact that they

cannot claim to be representing a campus consensus or majority.

DO NOT include in your speech

DON'T mention that Israel is being singled out (don't mention crimes committed by other

countries). Don't suggest divesting from other countries. It is a weak argument and implies that

Israel has committed war crimes.

DON'T try to deconstruct the bill. DON'T focus on addressing the fallacies/specifics of the bill.

Instead, focus on how it is an attack on the Jewish community.

AVOID a debate on the Middle East. Supporters of the bill would like to argue on this platform.
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by al-masakin
For the simple fact that your ground is not Judaism, but nationalism or alternative ground.

Consequent always follows ground if the ground were Judaism emphatic Judaism would follow. But your ground and consequent are confused and contradictory. The Jewishness you speak of is really only a window dressing for something else, which is really just and alternative Zionism.

The real representatives of Jewish anti-Zionism is Neturei Karta and other groups like them for the simple fact that their grounding is in Judaism itself.

Cf: Interview with Neturei Karta Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss

Real Jews oppose Israel's existence root and branch and always have opposed it. Seeking another form of Israel is really just the seeking of an alternative Zionism, but it's not anti-Zionism and the window dressing you are using frequently verges on anti-Semitism.
Claiming that the UCB divestment bill harms or is an attack on the Jewish community is a ridiculous notion. When you associate an entire group of people (the Jews) and their communities with a state (Israel) and the state's ruling elite you participate in a very totalitarian way of thinking. In the USSR (a totalitarian state) they had a very similar idea where by criticizing the government you were considered "anti-soviet" and it gave the notion that by being against the policies of your state's rulers you somehow hated your neighbors and communities. It's the same idea present in this article; Israeli policy which has caused mass suffering to the Palestinians must not be challenged by the university's divestment or else you are anti-semitic or a threat to the Jewish community, because the author(s) of this article associate(s) the state of Israel and the elite that run it with the entire Jewish race.

Sorry UCB zionists, but you'll need a better reason for the student government to vote against divestment.
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