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West Coast Anti-Police Actions Continue
by anon
Monday Apr 12th, 2010 4:21 PM

Sunday, April 11 2010 @ 11:53 PM UTC
Contributed by: Anonymous

West Coast Anti-Police Actions Continue

Police State

After a call out to participate in anti-police actions following repeated murders by police up and down the West Coast, anarchists took to the streets to stand up against the brutality that police dish out without repercussions every day.

Actions took place in San Fransisco, Modesto, Olympia, Tacoma, Seattle, and Portland, which has seen recent anarchist actions over the recent murders of Aaron Campbell and Jack Collins by the Portland Police Department.

In San Fransisco, over 100 people held a rolling protest to disrupt BART subway service in protest of last year's murder of Oscar Grant by a BART police officer. The protest was held on April 8th, and there was one arrest.

In Oakland, a man wielding a hatchet and shotgun attacked empty Oakland police cars and was eventually shot by the notorious and brutal Oakland police.

In Modesto, people sabotaged Modesto Bee newspaper boxes throughout the week in protest of the paper's support for the Modesto police department's targeting of sex workers.

In Olympia, a march was held in which 29 people were arrested after black-clad anarchists smashed windows at a bank and a construction company building a prison, and wrote anti-police and anarchist graffiti along the march route. Here is one of the anti-police fliers that was handed out.

Anarchists in Tacoma passed our fliers and put up posters to denounce the actions of killer cops.

Portland anarchists blockaded the intersection in downtown where James Chasse was stomped to death for one hour to protest police violence. There were 50 participants and no arrests, though the police had a heavy presence. Portland IMC has a full report and an excellent video of the action. The next day a general assembly was held, and organizing is continuing.

Seattle had a march with around 100 people, where participants struggled to even be able to march in the streets by the police. The march included a black bloc, dumpsters were pushed into the streets to try and stop the police harassment of the march, and the action ended in 5 arrests. Support and fliers about Chris Monfort, man who attacked police after being enraged by video of cops beating a 15 year old girl, were passed out, as well as anti-police fliers.

As long as police continue to murder and brutalize people, there will be people willing to fight back. Coordination and solidarity between the anarchists of the West Coast has the power to stop police violence by disrupting business as usual as long as it continues. People can only come under attack for so long before they fight back!

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