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More arrests at Seattle police abuse demo
by capitolhillseattle
Friday Apr 9th, 2010 3:13 PM
Several new arrests have occurred at an anti-police brutality rally near Seattle Central Community college on Seattle's Capitol Hill. This follows a prolonged demonstration in Portland a week ago, which responded to the two recent police shootings. Yesterday, 29 people in their early 20s were arrested in Olympia for another police abuse rally.
A sometimes violent protest against police brutality filled the streets and sidewalks of Pike/Pine and Broadway this afternoon. At least three people were detained after a group attempted to push a dumpster into Pine street across from Bobby Morris playfield but were stopped by a swift response from police officers. A heavy police presence including officers on foot, on bikes and on horseback accompanied the marchers following recent violence at a similar protest in Olympia. One mounted police officer was hit in the helmet by what was later determined to be a light bulb. You can find our live coverage of the day's events below. We will be updating this post as we learn more about those taken into custody and have a chance to talk with SPD officials about their response.

Original Report:
A group of around 100 protesters is marching on Capitol Hill this afternoon to speak out against police brutality. A heavy police presence accompanies after a similar protest in Olympia turned violent.
12:52PM - The marchers are winding their way through Pike/Pine toward the East
Precinct HQ at 12th and Pine.
1:00PM - Group of a dozen masked protesters blocked from attempt to create
roadblock on 12th by quick SPD reaction
1:12PM - Crowd is smaller but louder and more agitated. A light bulb has been
thrown that struck a mounted officer on his helmet.
1:20PM - Standoff at Rancho Bravo. 3 in custody after group attempted to roll
dumpster into Pine street.
1:28PM - Crowd of 30 or so remains. Wandering around Rancho Bravo now.
1:38PM - Crowd on move north on Broadway. Things are a level calmer. Many of
masked now gone.
1:41PM - Group back up to around 50 with some kids from SCCC. Appears to be a
Broadway march now but who knows.
2:29PM - Taken into custody - Adding more pictures from earlier today. Here is one of the three I saw taken into custody. This happened after a group tried to roll a dumpster into Pine near Rancho Bravo.
2:47PM - Slideshow - More images. May be re-posted per flickr quidelines with credit:

See video and photos at:
Video from the Rancho Bravo standoff

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by huh
Friday Apr 9th, 2010 5:15 PM
"A swift response by officers" Who the hell is writing this
by [*]
Friday Apr 9th, 2010 9:34 PM
The capitoll Hill Seattle blog wrote the text. Sorry - there was nothing at the Seattle.indymedia yet because the event was still ongoing.

By the way, the Portland folks seized this intersection with some caution tape:
by profane stefane
Saturday Apr 10th, 2010 9:20 PM
this article is terribly uninformative, non-descriptive and inattentive.
an article posted on Seattle DIY is much better, see:

also, view this call to action to become more informed on the motivations behind these demonstrations.
Bravery is the first step to help the masses break their fear of the growing police state. We must no longer conform the rules of the police that have been put there to help sustain a system of greed and wrongful punishment. We must break the statuesque. We must challenge authority. We must fight back when ever someone is murdered by the state.

Don't wait for others to act at a demonstration.