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Raging Grannies Rip CBS Anti-Choice Super Bowl Ad
by R. Robertson
Tuesday Feb 2nd, 2010 4:59 PM
CBS plans to run an anti-choice ad during the Super Bowl, at the same time refusing to run "Issue ads" by more progressive groups with more enlightened points of view.

In response, the Women's Media Center issued a call for photos or brief videos that answer the question: "What Does C-B-S stand for?"

A group of angry women has a singing answer to the burning question of the day: What does CBS stand for? The South Florida Raging Grannies answered a call issued by the Women's Media Center to respond to the network's plan to run an anti-choice ad during the Super Bowl. They posted their response on Youtube (link below).

After thousands of emails from women and men who believe in women's choice, CBS still refuses to withdraw the anti-abortion ad they plan to air on February 7.

In the past, CBS had a stated policy to reject all ads it deems controversial. "Controversial" organizations included, and even the United Church of Christ. The liberal Christian church's sin was to suggest that their church would model tolerance. Their objectionable slogan? "Jesus Didn't Turn People Away. Neither Do We".

The Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF) said that after protests of the anti-abortion ad, CBS announced they had loosened their policy. But, the FMF reports, the network then quickly rejected an advertisement because it featured two men watching football and engaging in a kiss.

The anti-choice commercial set to air is Focus on the Family's "take a position on one side of a current controversial issue." Furthermore, FMF sayss, the ad reportedly focuses on quarterback Tim Tebow and his mother, alleging that Tebow's mother was urged to have an abortion for medical reasons...but did not. FMF said in an email to subscribers that, "The implicit suggestion that pregnant women whose health is at risk shouldn't worry because nothing bad will happen is downright dangerous, even if the story is true. What the ad does not tell you is that Tebow's mother fell ill in the Philippines, where abortion has been illegal since 1930 (even to protect the woman's life) and is punishable with prison time for both the woman and the doctor. So, the Tebow story appears to be a fabrication - yet CBS has not acted on this information."

You can give CBS your own message or let them know you like the one that the Raging Grannies sang, as seen in this video.

To contact CBS:

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Wednesday Feb 3rd, 2010 8:10 PM
PROTEST! Stand Up for Women's Rights and Women's Lives Thursday, Feb. 4, 12 NOON to 1:30 PM
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