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Haiti Emergency Demonstration, Stop the US Militarization of Haiti Relief Efforts
Date Monday January 25
Time 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
Location Details
Market and Powell Sts.
Event Type Protest
Organizer/AuthorDave Welch
Stop the US Militarization of Haiti Relief Efforts

Emergency Haiti Earthquake Protest -
Mon., Jan. 25th – 5 pm – Powell & Market, San Francisco
A day of coordinated protests in many cities

Despite a world-wide outpouring of aid to help Haiti, large amounts of desperately needed food, medicine, and other relief materials remains in warehouses in Haiti and is not reaching Haitians themselves. Serious obstacles to distribution exist, but the worst is a takeover of relief operations by a US military that is concerned with security more than aid. Sponsored by Haiti Action. Read the shocking facts at
Added to the calendar on Friday Jan 22nd, 2010 7:10 PM

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by What Kind of Change did You Say!?
Saturday Jan 23rd, 2010 2:40 PM
from the site's list;

"7. On 1/20, eight days after the quake, hard-hit areas like Carrefour and Leogane “still hadn’t received any food, aid or medical help.” [Telesur] A large refugee camp at Champs de Mars reported ”no relief has arrived; it is all being delivered on other side of town, by the U.S. Embassy.” Washington Post reported U.S. rescue operations focused on places frequented by foreigners, such as U.N. headquarters, Montana Hotel and Caribe supermarket. [P. Hallward,]"

Sounds very similar to the FEMA response after Katrina, where Bush et. al. would not allow foreign doctors (Swedish, Cuban, etc...) to enter the region and provide any medical help. However, there were few U.S. doctors waiting there either! FEMA took the first 24 hours post-Katrina flooding for public relations training! So nobody in New Orleans got any help for a long time, even though there were trained medical personal waiting in line ready and prepared to help!

These sorts of delays and obstacles to prepared medical personal increases the death toll beyond the initial fallout from the earthquake itself! Is there some hidden agenda on the part of our government and the wealthy ruling class elites in Haiti to "thin the herd" of less fortunate Haitians? Maybe increase the death toll to get extra funding for their supported (ex. USAID) relief agencies!?

Maybe the anarchists are correct and people would be better off without any sort of organized state governments, especially when said governments create additional obstacles to relief following natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, etc...

There will be plenty more such natural disasters in the future years and people need to decide if they are going to trust these police state governments to exist if all they do is cause more problems!! What did pre-Columbus era indigenous peoples do after natural disasters? Did they not band together as a tribal community and support one another without any armed police force to maintain order? Their survival here over 10,000 years of various natural disaters without an armed police state should answer that question?

The latest video on CNN shows two young men having been shot by Haitian police officers for transporting large bags of rice. The reaction of Haitian police is to shoot people first (ask questions of bleeding victim later?) for securing food for themselves leaves me questioning their value as humans under that badge and gun. Being killed by falling rubble in a quake is one thing, being shot in cold blood by ignorant police thugs for carrying rice bags is another matter entirely!!

Storeowners and public officials should expect some emergency looting of food (NOT DVDs, TVs, etc...) and allow for this to happen after any natural disaster. After the crisis is over, the storeowners could make tally of lost merchendise and recieve some reinbursement from aid and relief agencies, governments, etc... instead of having police thugs running amok killing people for carrying around food!!

The long hard road ahead for Haitians needs to include some serious response to Haitian government corruption and outsider influences, the wealthy elites forcing the larger Haitian population to live in disease and poverty for their existence, seems like another Haitian Revolution organized at the grassroots level would fix the curse of the ruling elites forcing oppression on their own people. All this earthquake did was once again bring the problem long invisible out into the public view once again.
by sisterbabz
Saturday Jan 23rd, 2010 7:13 PM
Haiti = Obama's Katrina
He chose GUNS not BUTTER, just like Bush/Cheney.
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