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Year One of Obama in Power

Thursday, January 14, 2010
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Event Type:
ISO Santa Cruz
Location Details:
Ohlone Room, Bay Tree Conference Center
UCSC Campus

(Signs should be posted around the area, to get to the conference center you have to enter a building to the side of the Bay Tree Bookstore close to the parking zone and either take the elevator or climb the stairs to get to the conference center.)

January 2010 marks the first anniversary of Barack Obama's inauguration. The first African American president, Obama came to power as the candidate of "hope" and "change," and his victory represented the repudiation of the Bush Agenda by millions of workers, youth, and people of color.

But the first year of the Obama presidency has been a tremendous disappointment.

* He gave trillions to the banks, and left workers to suffer from the worst economic crisis in decades.

* He has escalated the war in Afghanistan, sending thousands more troops to fight and die for US imperialism.

* His healthcare "reform" gives billions to the insurance industry and does little to help working people.

* He has ignored the demands of the growing LGBT liberation movement.

* He helped to scupper the Copenhagen climate summit, and has done nothing to tackle the global environmental catastrophe.

Why has Obama betrayed so many of the hopes of those who elected him? Can the Democratic Party ever be the vehicle for progress in this country? What can workers and students do to make real change in 2010?

Join the International Socialist Organization, Santa Cruz, for this discussion of Obama's first year in power.
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by Robert Norse
I received the following e-mail last week:

"Dearest Santa Cruz area folks:

Our 2010 beginning Occupation Strategy from January (in the Bay Area) thru March (in D.C.) and beyond.
We are working in coalition for a Day of Occupation Actions to END WAR NOW around the Bay Area on January 20th, the 1 year anniversary of Obama’s inauguration. (Please see notes attached!)
Will YOU form an affinity group and sit in at Sam Farr's until he agrees to sign on to Barbara Lee's HR 3669 and Kucinich's resolution? Or join an existing action?
Our goal is to have TWENTY different actions around the Bay. Thus far, this is what’s in the works:
CodePINK is doing a banner drop

the [SF] Homeless Coalition is protesting at the SF Federal Building

World Can’t Wait is working with High School students to do a ‘teach-in’ in their lunchroom
Baring Witness is working on a projection project

Grandmothers are working on “Take me not my Grandchild” actions

Congressional Office visits to those who voted for war and who are not yet signed on to Barbara Lee’s HR 3699 & Kucinich’s anti-war bill

Many other actions are in the works (see the notes).

Others will happen if YOU step forward!
PLEASE call 510-540-7007 or email info for more info and/or to participate.

And PLEASE come to our next coalition meeting Jan 10th, Sunday, 3pm at Mudrakers Café, 2801 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley in the back room."

I'm wondering if the ISO has anything planned for January 20th or whether any members are interested in joining in an action at Sam Farr's office at that date?
by ISO Santa Cruz
The Santa Cruz ISO doesn't currently have an action planned for January 20th, we're relatively small here and have mostly been extremely involved with the budget cuts activism around March 4th. However if something were to be organized we would consider attending and promoting it if we got info on what was going on. Feel free to contact me at iansteinman [at] and I can pass it on to other members and contacts.
We are 100% volunteer and depend on your participation to sustain our efforts!


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