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Flashpoints receives Top 20 Media recognition
by Mara
Friday Jan 1st, 2010 3:30 PM
Dennis Bernstein, Nora Barrows Friedman, and Flashpoints were listed by PULSE weblog among their " 20 Top Global Media Figures of 2009"
PULSE is a "collaborative political weblog featuring work by a variety of writers, activists and academics based in five continents. PULSE aims to be an innovative online progressive press presence that draws upon Web 2.0 technologies to engage with a global audience."
Dennis Bernstein, Nora Barrows Friedman, and Flashpoints were listed by PULSE weblog among their " 20 Top Global Media Figures of 2009"

Flashpoints recently lost an estimated 50% of its personnel funding in staff cuts made by KPFA management, which Barrows Friedman says will gut the program.
The station needed to cut paid staff hours to meet budget requirements, and the cuts to Flashpoints were reputedly made because the hours put in by Flashpoints staff to produce their investigative journalism were not paid for by their donations during fundraising.
Flashpoints maintains that these cuts were politically motivated. Current management's supporting faction wishes to moderate KPFA's programming, and the News Department. which receives much criticism from listeners for not providing progressive enough news, has had its operations expanded. (We also know that there is extreme pressure from supporters of the current Israeli military regime for critics of their policies, with financial implications attached.)
The General Manager claims that basic cuts were 20% across the board for all programs, but has not provided the data which has been requested, to back up this claim.
(Several articles on this have been published to IndyBay, see links at the end of this article.)

"Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one."


. . . With the goal of recognizing those individuals and institutions responsible for exemplary reportage and awareness-raising in 2009, we asked our editors and writers to name their choices for the top 20 media figures, be they journalists, publications or publishers.

We aggregated these nominations into the following list. . . . Our criteria for choosing media figures included people/publications/publishers who have shown a commitment to challenging power, holding it accountable, highlighting issues pertaining to peace and social justice and producing output that encourages critical thinking and questions conventional wisdom.

for descriptions of the following honorees.
The Flashpoints text is included below.

Amy Goodman
Sherine Tadros/Ayman Mohyeldin
Jeremy Scahill
Jim Lobe
Mary-Kay Wilmers (London Review of Books)
Le Monde Diplomatique
Patrick Cockburn
Gareth Porter
Rahimullah Yusufzai
Gary Younge
Amira Hass/ Gideon Levy
Verso Books
The Electronic Intifada
Paul Jay (Real News)

Run by executive producer Dennis Bernstein and senior producer Nora Barrows-Friedman, the award-winning Flashpoints radio is an indispensable daily source for hard-hitting and incisive investigative and public affairs commentary. Bernstein and Barrows-Friedman (a recent recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Media Freedom Award from Media Freedom Foundation/Project Censored) continue to tackle those issues which even some progressive media outlets shy away from, with a particular emphasis on Israel/Palestine, and on-location reporting from various international hotspots. Their uncensored and independent reportage provides a needed counter to the biased and corporate-influenced productions of mainstream journalism.

Laura Flanders
Glenn Greenwald
Jane Mayer
Ramzy Baroud

Our list wouldn’t be complete without the following very honorable mentions:

Robert Fisk, Jasim al-Azzawi, Comedy Central (John Stewart/Stephen Colbert), Dahr Jamail, Rachel Maddow, Nir Rosen, Tony Karon, FAIR, Stephen Walt, Matt Taibbi, Peter Oborne, Naomi Klein, Bill Moyers, Richard Silverstein, Helena Cobban, Paul Woodward, Lewis Lapham, Seumas Milne, Jonathan Cook,, The Onion, Alternet, Chris Hedges, Hamid Mir, Alexander Cockburn, P. Sainath, Juan Cole, Gregory Wilpert, Uri Avnery, Max Blumenthal, Mohammed Omer, Lalia El Haddad, Ron Suskind, Shihab Rattansi, Clayton Swisher, James Bamford, Seymour Hersh, Keith Olbermann, David Edwards and David Cromwell, Robert Greenwald, John Pilger, Venezuela Analysis, Roane Carey, George Monbiot, Black Agenda Report, Robert McChesney, C. S. Soong, Dori Smith, Rose Aguilar, Pluto Press and Abdul Bari Atwan.
Links to IndyBay Flashpoints articles:

Open letter to GM from Dennis Bernstein

Cuts to KPFA's Flashpoints Spark Outrage

Award Winning Flashpoints Radio Show Under Threat by KPFA Management

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by John Smith
Friday Jan 15th, 2010 5:24 PM
It's unbelievable how this people, the so called "flashpoints team," are able to manipulate some on the well intended KPFA listeners. The pattern Dennis Bernstein has been following over the years to attack other workers (management included), just because they refuse to be manipulated and being used for Mr. Bernstein politics inside the first public radio station in the country is totally insane. The suffering and abuse Mr. Bernstein has caused to so many people over the years is more than extraordinary. He has constantly abused many of the women and people of color who have worked for Flashpoints. The overload of work on technicians who have had the bad luck to end up working for these vicious group is more than clear to anybody at the station. One of his more recent victims is Eric Klein, whom they now pretend they are defending Mr. Klein is filling grievances with the union representing the KPFA staff on a case of abuse and mistreatment he says has been very well documented. The corruption, manipulation, lies and nepotism, not to mention the mafia style threats by his slave Miguel Gavilan Molina, to whoever does not agree to go along with them, have to be stopped in order to keep a reasonable safe work place at KPFA. The radio station has spent so much money on lawyers, lawsuits, and medical expenses of the people he has abused, that now run into the hundreds of thousands of money the station needs to keep going. The amount of hours Nora Barrows, Miguel Gavilan Molina and Mr. Bernstein himself work to put together the 5 hours a week radio show is not justified by the salary the get for it. Why Mr. Bernstein, Mrs. Barrow and Mr. Molina don't run the board themselves while speaking on the microphone like anybody else does, including the volunteer programmers? Why they require a technician to make the telephone connections the need for the show? Why they don't edit their own prerecorded interviews?
Please, lets stop this madness of patterns of lies and manipulation for the good of our beloved radio station.