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Indybay Feature
by Dee Allen.
Wednesday Dec 16th, 2009 12:58 PM
For the students and teachers of: UC Santa Cruz, UC Fresno, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Los Angeles City College, San Francisco State University and San Francisco City College; for the UC 8 [including Dave Id and Carwil James, Ph.D.]; for the Safe Ground movement in the Central Valley and many still employed, this new poem is for all of you. The current financial crisis has not taken away your spirit to protest & survive. In creating the free life of your desires. You did not create this crisis. Those who benefit from this Capitalist class society have, and worst of all, they're making you pay for it. Don't let them.
by Dee Allen.

When land is left vacant,
Pitch up a tent on poles.
Drive ropes & stakes into the ground to secure it,
And a new home is established.
Many more tents will follow.
A village in formation.
Fertile, safe ground.

When foreclosed houses are left vacant,
Fill them up again.
With families. Give each other
a roof.
A home in formation.
Warmer, safer ground.

When the workers lose jobs and the factory floor threatens
to be empty, sit.
Stay. Own & operate
The means of production,
The source of your livelihood.
You don't need a boss.

When the fees for higher learning
increase and teachers & classes
are eliminated because the
Regents hunger for more money,
Sit. Stay.
The halls of education are yours
To re-shape as you see fit.
Learn as you see fit.
Live outside another's dictates.

The perfect storm
Hit Wall Street one year ago
And only the elite were spared.
The storm's path of destruction
Affected everyone
And before it could bury us,
We took shelter
In occupying
What occupies our lives all along.
It is a right & a biological necessity.
What you see are warning signs
Of an insurrection forthcoming.
Bigger than this crisis.
Capitalism is on its last legs,
Turning to ruining lives & Fascism
To self-sustain.
It has then, now & always
Been the crisis.

To survive the storm surge, here
is the cure:

Strike. Take over Occupy

[An open letter to recession's victims.]
by Dee Allen.
Sunday Dec 27th, 2009 7:14 PM
One minor correction, folks:

I meant to say "UC Davis". "UC Fresno" doesn't exist. There is, however, Fresno State University.

Sorry for that little mess-up.
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by supporter
Wednesday Dec 16th, 2009 5:00 PM
glad to see you are out. a lot of folks were worried about you. lets keep this shit going
by homeless
Wednesday Dec 16th, 2009 5:28 PM
the students are members of the elite class, are the benefactors of class and capitalism.

the poor, the disabled and the homeless are the true renegades, the true warriors of the class war.

you students do jackshit for the poor in Berkeley, yet claim to be some underprivileged group who is barely surviving.

Sleep in the cold this winter jackasses. you do not know what it means to be trampled on by capitalism.
by Josh Wolf
Wednesday Dec 16th, 2009 9:37 PM
Awesome poem, you should put out a book of your stuff...

Sorry you had to go through the Rita this past week, but I'm glad you're out!
by a student who can't afford UC
Wednesday Dec 16th, 2009 10:44 PM
I'm a student. I live with my parents, and I go to a local community college. No, I've never been totally fucked, never homeless on the street with nowhere to go for more than a week or so. That said, man you need to get your priorities straight man. Yes, most UC students have never been trampled as far into the ground as you have. Or as far as I have. However, we are not enemies. Our enemies are the elite who actually run this country. The bankers, the politicians, and the CEOs of large corporations. Maybe some of the students at UC will go on to fulfill these positions. But for now, they are fighting with us, and that's good enough for now.
by antiocharrow
Wednesday Dec 16th, 2009 10:55 PM
who is working class?

the only people with revolutionary class potential are the essential proletariat who actually have theirs hand on the levers of capitalism. service workers are proletariat that if they stopped working, it would do jack shit to bring capital to a halt.

is the question as simple as who is working class or who isnt?

The lumpen Proletariate is not the most revolutionary class. Look how reactionary and backward it is to tell the youth of life to get worse off and deprive themselves, as if starving on the street is intrinsically good for you. Sure life on the street teaches raw jungle law capitalism, but the students aren't looking to capitalism for answers, they are revolutonary to take over the means of education which provides for a improved living and working condtion so the future has continuity and life on the planet can proceed without exploitation built in to it. Working together is the end of poverty, and is such simple common sense, so why not learn that necessary lesson early? Students are workers in transition to ecological organic green power jobs that can sustain life on the planet. Victory to the students and their truthful lessons. Cuba has free education for its people.
Saturday Dec 19th, 2009 10:41 AM
photo: City Worker installs a new sign on Dec 16, 2009 on Pacific Ave photo by HUFF

These are warning signs which went up Dec 16th 2009.

The signs add "no smoking" as a crime

NOTE that the city council claimed there would be no fiscal impact
of enacting a ban on smoking on the entire length of Pacific Ave,
its environs, and adjacent parking lots. These signs and the labor
to install them represent just more evidence of the lies
our public leaders regularly tell us.
Saturday Dec 19th, 2009 10:43 AM
photo: The signs removed lie at the feet of the City worker installing new signs on December 16, 2009 on Pacific Ave. photo by HUFF
Saturday Dec 19th, 2009 10:47 AM
Feb 15, 2006 at a local church in Santa Cruz, photo by HUFF
by gutterpunk (gutterpunk [at]
Wednesday Dec 23rd, 2009 7:52 AM
UC and the State of California BOTH run on a HUGE surplus. Because INCOME FROM ASSETS (INVESTMENTS) is NOT factored into the balance sheet. California has TRILLIONS of dollars of income which the mainstream press keeps hidden from you. Rising tuition has NOTHING to do with real deficits and everything to do with "dumbing down" Amerikkkans. California is heavily invested in China and is making billions on these investments. Flouride in the water, Mercury in the vaccines, and rising prices in education all serve the same tiny ruling class. The site is coming online (hopefully) today. WATCH FOR IT.
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