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occupy sf state: demands for our occupation
by occupy sfsu (repost)
Wednesday Dec 9th, 2009 7:53 PM
We demand the following, or we will occupy this building indefinitely.
That the imperialist wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Gaza are ended, and that money is used to feed and clothe the poor.

That the university system be run by the students, faculty, and staff. Not administrators.

That education, from kindergarten to PHD, be free of charge.

That a permanent space be established on campus for students to use, free of surveillance or control, to organize this struggle.

That no disciplinary action be taken against us for our action.

That the bailout money, all 5 trillion of it, be returned to the people who lost their homes.

That student loans be forgiven

That the union painters on campus, who were all fired and replaced with independent contractors, be rehired.

That the City of San Francisco establish a board of frontline healthcare workers to coordinate healthcare and public services around the city.

That Sutter Health CPMC lose their nonprofit status, and the 70 million in tax breaks they get in SF, unless they restore Saint Luke’s Hospital to the services they had in 2000.

That the multinational corporations and oil companies pay fifty percent in taxes

That Prop 13 be amended to close loopholes for corporate property tax.

That single payer healthcare be established and the HMOs are abolished.

That prisons are closed and defunded.

That all military recruiters be expelled from all campuses.

That the Three Strikes Law be abolished.

That the CSU board of Trustees be dissolved.

That all laid-off lecturers be rehired.

That the furlough program is ended, and layoffs ended as well, because the furlough program costs more than it saves.

That workers receive decent pay, adjusted for inflation.

That Robert Corrigan comes to the general assembly

Cancel the proposed Recreation and Wellness Center that would cost 93 million dollars while we have no classes.

We want the Ethnic Studies Resource Center to be reopened.

That the decisions of how budget cuts are made, and how much is cut from each department, are made public and completely transparent.

That members of the board of trustees, and Robert Corrigan, cancel all of their investments in the military industrial complex.

We demand that the presidents of the universities and the trustees have their salaries redused to the level of janitors.

We want real working class representatives of different races, class backgrounds, sexual orientations, ages, alternatively abled persons, and genders, from faculty staff and the student body, to have the highest decision making power on campus.

That Robert Corrigan be prosecuted for union busting and embezzlement at his previous jobs.

That the administrators that make salaries above the median salary have their salaries cut down to the median, as the CSU currently spends about 540,000,000 on executive and administrative salaries.

That the 40,000 students who were rejected from the CSU due to budget cuts be admitted.

That a student owned and run food cooperative be established on campus.
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