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Wheeler Hall Police Complaint Process
by teddius maximus
Friday Dec 4th, 2009 8:51 PM
Official (if you go for that sort of thing) route for filling a complaint against UC police officers from Nathan Brostrom
The Police Review Board hears appeals of complaints made against officers of the UCPD and undertakes general reviews of UCPD policy and practice. Information regarding the mission and membership of the Board, as well as its `Procedures for Handling Citizen Complaints Against Sworn Members of the University of California Police Department` can be found at:

Anyone wishing to file a formal complaint against an officer of the UCPD for actions on November 20, 2009 must file that complaint by December 20, 2009 as there is a 30-day window to file. Copies of complaints are given to the Chief of Police and the Chair of the PRB, and are first investigated by the UCPD. Anyone wishing to file a complaint against an officer from another police jurisdiction that provided mutual aid that day must do so through that officer`s home department; however, UCPD will assist in forwarding information to the respective agency. Complaints may be filed at any one of the following locations:

* The Police Review Board, in care of the Office of Vice Chancellor-Administration, 200 California Hall, (510) 642-3100.
* UC Police Department, #1 Sproul Hall, (510) 642-6760
* Campus Life and Leadership, 102 Sproul Hall, (510) 642-5171
* Office of Community Relations, 2130 Center Street, (510) 643-5299
* Campus Climate and Compliance, 200 California Hall, (510) 643-7985
* Ombuds Offices:
** Faculty (and non-Senate academics), 320 Stephens Hall, (510) 642-4226
** Staff, 2350 Bowditch Street, Berkeley, (510) 642-7823
** Students, 102 Sproul Hall, (510) 642-5754

The Police Review Board investigation will not begin until the conclusion of UCPD`s internal review. However, we ask that members of the campus community and public who want to provide any type of information regarding the events at Wheeler Hall send it, or their contact information, to the Chair of the Police Review Board at prbchair [at] These communications will be shared with both UCPD and the PRB in order to inform both reviews, unless the sender specifically requests confidentiality. Note that information submitted after December 20, 2009 cannot be used within the UCPD`s review of a formal complaint.
by -- Saturday Dec 5th, 2009 8:19 AM
If someone from the Alameda county Sheriffs or Eastbay parks swat team batoned a nonviolent observer near Wheeler, would one submit the complaint to UCPD or the respective police force
§both the agency and the UC email address above.
by teddius maximus Saturday Dec 5th, 2009 6:31 PM
send your complaint to both the agency and to the email address above.