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Police Violence at Berkeley Protest
by Batons and Rubber Bullets
Saturday Nov 21st, 2009 1:20 PM
In video here CalTV interviews a student who talks about being hit in the stomach in a confrontation with police on the UC Berkeley campus last night.

The demonstrators vow that this is just the beginning of their battle for justice. Their demands are NOT just about tuition hikes; they are fighting for immigrant run businesses on campus.

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by youtube
Saturday Nov 21st, 2009 1:43 PM

At the beginning of this, you can supposedly see the man shot was shot, if you step through frame by frame, and then yelling ensuing. I can't tell, but additional people might have been hit, or additional bullets fired.

by Bring the Occupiers Food!
Saturday Nov 21st, 2009 2:14 PM
Bring the Occupiers Food!
The only people who never run out of steam at a protest day and night 24/7 are the police and military who control you and everybody else like every other nation on this goddamn planet. The police are motivated by money and power to enslave you while you are motivated by a cause that doesn't profit which explains the low turn out of Americans when ever it comes to resisting greed it self & oppression. Photobucket You think your education is only worth three days of protest while I think my education is worth as many day's as it takes till my demands are met accordingly as an occupier of the building or a student showing solidarity outside the building. I know my standards are much higher than the average which is pretty sad for America to say the least. MY COUNTRY FUCKING SUCKS. Don’t draw your guns unless you plan to shoot people. “Warning shots are bullshit.” It just makes us look weak every time and the state as powerful and almighty as they are gain even more power at our expense of looking weak. For many of us from what I've seen over the years it's always just been about blowing off some steam and then returning back to business as usual until we blow off some more steam later and again and again and again but we just vent with out ever doing anything. We never changed anything because we are not hungry enough to be such dedicated activists, revolutionaries or insurrectionists..... ARE WE? This is the problem. You are too comfortable to make a difference. You are willing to be a slave so long as you don't freez & starve. That's Americas greatest problem. The majority of Americans are way too cooperative, happy, ignorant, apathetic and complacent to stick to anything as revolutionary as civil disobedience be it non-violent or violent. We just can't seem to keep it up for very long and that is the reason why we are slaves. We're doing this to our selves. We have the power but don't even use it. The only thing that motivates us to act in the end and finish what we started is starvation. Take away our rights and we'll live with it. Take away our food and the talking stops and the fight begins. Americans deserve to be starved into Revolution because they won't do it otherwise. That just goes to show how selfish we are as a nation of people. FUCKING PATHETIC AMERICANS!
by misanthropic crap
Saturday Nov 21st, 2009 5:33 PM
I am so sick of hearing armchair radicals spout off about people needing to starve, suffer, whatever, just a little bit more, or a lot bit more, and then we can have our magical revolution

that's misanthropic bullshit

hoping for people to suffer is one of the most fucked up things I've heard coming out of too many so-called Bay Area anarchists' mouths for far too long

real revolutionaries are guided by love for the people, not scorn and condescension

Most American citizens are not that compassionate about other Americans until they lose everything, then their all about unity and then once they get back on their feat they don't need anybody again. I’m just keeping people honest because nobody else seems to be willing. A revolution will mean the whole world to many people out there once they’ve been reduced to nothing financially, not opinion, BUT FACT! Tragedy seems to be the only thing to ever bring people together. Most people could care less about humanity.

My earlier statement has nothing to do with misanthropy. You just chose to interpret it as such. You are dead wrong. The only way to affect change is to have a majority rule over the state it self for there to ever be majority rule in our schools, in the work place, etc. But, how long can people stay together before they go back to their old lives. The down fall of wanting to be left alone is having to put up with fascism till people come together to revolt again and the whole process repeats it self over and over till we get it right and stick together. I know the cycles we go in and out of through time and so why not tackle this weakness about our selves. If you believe in government, you have to control it before it controls you. The people are supposed to tell their government what to do and not the other way around and we're supposed to go ballistic the minute the government refuses to be an instrument of the people. They do everything on their own terms and what do we do? People who have things are more afraid of going to jail than somebody who doesn't have shit. This is why I hate capitalism & government together. If these people shouting in the streets were all homeless or let's say they all either had been foreclosed upon, fired, laid off and or evicted, there would be no reason for showing so much restraint on our part at most demonstrations. Once you lose everything you have nothing to lose by going up against all authority, that's the only point I was trying to make. If not even this point alone is enough to wake people up what is it going to take?

Nothing will happen until you see the non activist majority unanimously come out in full support of what we do best saying "enough is enough" it is time to occupy, strike, boycott, protest and disrupt everyday life until the beast has been driven out. I don't really wish human suffering to achieve a political end. I'd rather we rise up out the kindness of our own hearts but the way people are I think a lot more are going to have to decide over whether to have heat tonight or food before the final battle against state and capital. Just living with either shouldn’t even be an option.