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UCSC expands occupations

by gazuedro
SANTA CRUZ - 3pm, Thursday, November 19, UCSC students have now occupied a second building on campus. Both Kerr Hall & Kresge Town Hall are now occupied by students enraged by the budget cuts and the fee hikes.
On Wednesday, November 18th over five hundred students gathered at the Quarry Plaza and marched to the base of campus. After holding a general assembly at the base of campus, the students decided to trek back up to campus and occupy a space. At 3:45pm students occupied the Kresge Town Hall. The students stayed the night and planned for a general assembly the next day.

On Thursday, students held a general assembly in Kresge Town Hall at 1pm. At the conclusion of meeting, students decided to expand their occupation to Kerr Hall, the main administrative building. They created a list of demands and around 5pm provided the demands to the Executive Vice-Chancellor David S. Kliger.

As of this writing (6pm) both Kerr Hall and Kresge Town Hall is occupied.


1. Repeal the 32% fee increase
2. Stop all current construction on campus
3. UC funds and budget are made transparent
4. Verbal and written commitment to Master Plan
5. Total amnesty to all people occupying buildings and involved in student protest concerning budget cuts including: Doug G., and Brian Glasscock and Olivia Egan Rudolph
6. Keep all resource centers open: engaging education, women's resource center, and all other diversity centers
7. Keep the campus child-care center open
8. Repeal cuts to the Community Studies Field Program
9. Re-funding the CMMU field studies coordinator positions
10. Get verbal and written agreement from admins to shut-down campus for one day for the purpose of educating students on the budget cuts
11. Said support for AB656
12. Said commitment to work-study for all who are eligible
13. Making UC Santa Cruz a safe campus for all undocumented (AB540) students and workers
14. Keeping LALS professors Guillermo Delgado & Susan Jonas
15. Repeal all furloughs to all campus employees, renege the 15% cut in labor time for custodians
16. Stop the gutting of funding for fellowships and TAships and the re-instatement of TAs who lost their jobs due the budget cuts from this quarter
17. Re-prioritizing funding so that essential student services i.e. the library get adequate funding to ensure regular library hours
18. Censure Mark Yudof
19. Un-arming UC police of all weapons including tasers
20. NO SCPD police allowed on campus
21. An apology from the regents and the state
22. Creating a free and permanent organizing space on campus for student activists and organizers (first options: Kresge Town Hall)
23. Due process for students:
a. trial by peers
b. constitutional rights for students tried under the UC judicial system
24. Making rent affordable for Family Student Housing, ensuring that the price does not exceed that of operating costs

Long Term:
1. no student fees
2. return to master plan
3. abolition of regents' positions
4. abolition of all student debts
5. tripling of funds from the state to public universities
6. all eligible students get work-study
7. highest UC salaries are tied proportionally to the lowest waged workers
8. Impeach Mark Yudof
9. Representation of students and faculty equal to UCOP/UC Regents
10. All UCSC tuition fees stay at UCSC
11. UC Money is only invested to education
a. cut ties with Lockheed Martin, Los Alamos & Livermore National Labs

The Occupants
§Kerr Hall 2
by gazuedro
§Kerr Hall 3
by gazuedro
§Spanish Translation
by Occupy California

1) Revocación del 32% de aumento de colegiatura para estudiantes

2) alto a toda construcción en el campus

3) Hacer los fondos de Universidad de California y sus usos transparentes

4) Compromiso verbal y escrito al Master Plan de los 60s

5) Amnestía Total a todas personas que ocupan edificios en la protesta con respecto a cortes de presupuesto incluyendo: Doug G., y Bryan Glasscock y Olivia Egan-Rudolph

6) Mantener todos los centros de recursos estudiantiles abiertos: El Centro E Squared, Centro de Recurso de Mujeres, y todos los otros centros de diversidad

7) Mantener abierta la guarderia de la universidad

8) Revocación del corto de prosupuesto en el programa de Community Studies

9) Reintegrar al coordinador de estudios de campo de CMMU

10) Conseguir el acuerdo (verbal y escrito) de Administraciones para cerrar la Universidad por un dia con el propósito de educar a estudiantes sobre el aumento en colegiatura y el recorte de presupuestos educativos

11) El apoyo necesario para estudiantes AB656

12) Acuerdo (verbal y escrito) en compromiso con todos los estudiantes que sean eligibles para el programa de Work Study

13) Tener una Universidad segura para todos los estudiantes y trabajadores indocumentados “AB540”

14) Mantener los trabajos de los profesores de LALS Guillermo Delgado y Susan Jonas

15) Renunciamos al recorte de horas en el salario de los trabajadores y negamos el 15% de recorte en el tiempo de trabajo del equipo de limpieza

16) Detengan el recorte de fondos para companerismos y asistentes de profesores y la reinstalacion de asistentes que han perdido sus trabajos debido a los recortes de presupuesto en este cuatrimestre.

17) Que la prioridad financiera sea en beneficio estudiantil y se mantenga la biblioteca y servicios estudiantiles abiertos durante mas horas

18)Exigimos la censura de Mark Yudof

19) que se desarmen las fuerzas policiacas del systema UC en el campus

20) que no se permita la policía del Departamento de Policia de Santa Cruz en el campus

21) Una disculpa de los Regents del systema UC y del estado

22) Queremos un espacio libre y permanente para la organizacion de estudiantes y para la existencia de activismo(primer opción: El Ton Hall de Kresge)

23) aplicacion adecuada de las leyes para estudiantes: A. opcion de un jurado de iguales B. derechos constitucionales para los estudiantes penalizados bajo el systema judicial de UC

24) Hacer renta económica para estudiantes en las viviendas de Family Housing, asegurando que el precio no exceda los gastos de mantener el lugar en servicio

Exigimos a largo plazo

1) Educacion gratuita

2) la reinstitucion del Master Plan

3) Abolición de Regents en el systema UC

4) Abolición de todas las deudas estudiantiles

5) la triplicacion de los fondos de parte del estado para las universidades publicas

6) Que se les de trabajos en Work Study a todos los estudiantes elegibles

7) Que los salarios mas altos en la UC sean proporcionales a los salarios de los trabajadores con menos pago

8) Que sea sensurada (impeached) la decision de Mark Yudof

9) Representación de estudiantes y facultad por igual ante los Regents de UCOP/UC

10) Que el dinero de colegiaturas se reinvierta en UCSC

11)Que el dinero de UCse invierta solamente en la educacion:

-que se detanga el companerismo con Lockheed Martin, Los Alamos & Livermore National Labs


Los Ocupantes
§a communique
by Occupy California
To our friends everywhere:

Yeah it’s overwhelming, but what else can we do -
search idiotically for nonexistent jobs in offices and wake up for the morning news?

Begin and act from our own conditions.
November 2009, this is what is happening: we have found each other, and we are learning to act,

This means developing close bonds,
learning what it truly is to say ‘comrade’;
someone who shares your conditions, shares your enemies,
and who you trust with your life.
Someone who knows that it is always necessary to take sides.
We have learned what it means to say we.

Now more than ever is the time to experiment, to try and try again.
To learn how to make better barricades, to discover our courage, to fight without end.
Of course we’ll make mistakes – we are only just beginning to wake up.

We’ve got the vision
We’ve got each other
Now let’s have some fucking fun.

We are with those barricaded in buildings, throwing rocks in the
streets, and drinking their Chancellor’s champagne.
From now on, this is all solidarity means.

To our comrades: multiply, expand, deepen what we have begun.
To our enemies: have fun with your ruins.





From inside occupied Santa Cruz,
In the fullest complicity,
An autonomous faction of the UCSC Kerr Hall Occupation
§Statement from the Kerr Hall Occupation
by Occupy California
November 20, 2009

Yesterday, we occupied Kerr Hall. But we were not the only ones to occupy. A movement is building across California. In the past two days, there were occupations at Davis, Berkeley, UCSC, UCLA, and SF State. Students are planning a library sit-in at CSU Fresno for later this afternoon. Students at Napa Valley College are already camping out on their quad. We need to accept this increasingly obvious truth: if we all did what we are doing here — if we had not hundreds but thousands and tens of thousands, then suddenly, our demands would become reality.

We ask for a free education. People say, that’s impossible. But throughout the world, higher education is free. It is free in countries that are much less wealthy than we are. It used to be free here in the US, too. It remains free in other countries because, whenever the administration or the state tries to raise tuition, students occupy. In 1999, at the National Autonomous University of Mexico — the largest university in Latin America — students took over their school for ten months to prevent a fee increase, which would have drastically reduced admissions among the working-class. Across Europe, around 30 universities have been occupied in the past few weeks, fighting the same struggle we are. In fact, they are fighting against attempts to “Americanize” their universities.

People say, well, they have a different “culture” there. We are creating that culture, right here, right now. This doesn’t stop with the 15 occupations and sit-ins that have occurred in California since September 24th. Let’s take over the all the universities. Let’s MAKE education free.
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