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SF Board of Supervisors led astray by ignorant, inept, Sophina Maxwell, to BE RECALLED.
by Francisco Da Costa
Wednesday Nov 18th, 2009 5:05 AM
The Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) has always played a keen role in the Clean Up of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. The RAB follows certain protocols - there are rules that govern how the RAB should conduct its meetings. The RAB at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard has a Court Recorder - most of the RAB meeting were well attended. Most of the meetings had a good attendance from the Community at Large. Sophina Maxwell LIED about the deliberations of the RAB - November 17, 2009 at the SF Board of Supervisors meeting. SHE MUST BE RECALLED.
I was involved with the many Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) since the early 1990s. The Hunters Point RAB was formed around 1993. But, right off the bat Sophina Maxwell the dumb, inept, misinformed SF Board of Supervisor that represents District 10 - that includes Bayview Hunter Point - by stating clearly that the RABs were formed in 1963. This is plain wrong.

Sophina Maxwell further went to state that very few people attend the Restoration Advisory Board meetings - this is another BIG LIE. Here are the minutes of one meeting:

Now, anyone under the Freedom of Information Act can requests the meetings from the U.S. Navy and you will be astounded if not confounded to find out how many people took their time off to attend the RAB meetings - since 1993.

Many of the meetings attracted the best minds. I did not see the dumb, inept, ignorant, and very arrogant Sophina Maxwell at any one of the meetings. The reason is simple - Sophie Maxwell aka Sophina Maxwell is always PUSSYFOOTING around. She has never been to college - she was put in power by corrupt forces and the San Francisco Democratic Central Committee that back this heffer.

At this point let me mention I did not see another Supervisor from the Green Party - Ross Mirkarimi at any Restoration Advisory Meeting. I heard some of Ross Mirkarimi's statements and his rumbling about committees led by civilians is off the mark and sometimes his rumblings - betray his ignorance of facts. Since, Ross Mirkarimi knows little about the Restoration Advisory Board - he should have shut his freaking mouth.

The Restoration Advisory Board (RABs) - were formed so that the constituents in and around the various Base Closures could have an input. The Native Americans could have a say and exercise - their Right of First Refusal.

The nearby community especially if the Base was declared a Superfund Site could exercise their Rights and participated in the various benefits linked to the closed Base.

In the Bay Area many bases closed and most of them have Restoration Advisory Boards - Treasure Island has one, the Presidio of San Francisco has one, Fort Ord has one - but ONLY the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard yard was targeted by forces like Sophina Maxwell, the Mayor, Gavin Newsom, Senator Diane Feinstein, Congressperson Nancy Pelosi, and others to quell the good and right deliberations - and silence the informed.

It is the Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) that initiated the Work Shop of Liquefaction and Flooding. I know this because I took the RAB, Chair Leon Muhammad to the experts at the U.S. Geological Survey - met with them, got the required maps and CDs - and made arrangements for the experts to come and speak at the Work Shop - which was done - free of charge.

The present RAB does not want any Early Transfer and Capping of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Sophie Maxwell is all for Early Transfer and helping LENNAR that has given her money. If this is NOT a conflict of interests - I do not know what is. All the junkets she has taken to Canada etc must be investigated - the cow thinks she can get away with murder. We know better.

Of course the dumb and stupid San Francisco Board of Supervisors voting for the amendment - fashioned by the dumb, inept Sophina Maxwell do not know better - falling for the PLOY. The only exception Chris Daly and John Avalos. That is why you will never catch me talking to these dumb idiots and begging them for favors by meeting them in their offices - alone.

Most of the SF Board of Supervisors are ignorant of the facts. As with the case of the RAB they have no clue and what they hear are from those that have no real history of the RAB. They hear from some and get caught in the facts that are mostly superficial and then make a fool of themselves.

The Restoration Advisory Board plays an important part. For years Sophina Maxwell who sends her rubber stamping idiots to the RAB meetings - folks like Jesse Mason, Olin Webb, Karen Pierce, Dana Lanza from Literacy for Environmental Justice, a few artists from Hunters Point. These fools had a hidden agenda, that is not going anywhere.

Many RAB members stated clearly - that they did not agree with the conveyance of Parcel A. Lynne Brown, Maurice Campbell, Ahimsa Sumchai and many others said NO. I was there participating and monitoring the affairs - on behalf of the First People - the Muwekma Ohlone. If you open the PDF minutes you will see my name and that of over 50 others.

Of course the dumb, inept, ignorant Sophina Maxwell does not know that. So, this time this GOOD FOR NOTHING PIECE OF S*** must go. A letter of intent will be sent. After that we will wait for her drab reply. Then the process will begin. She will be removed.

Then Mayor, Gavin Newsom can appoint his lackey and if this lackey does not do what the people wants - this lackey will be removed too. We, the people will not listen to White Folks and some from Green Party - who have joined the fight at the last moment. Many of us have been there from the inception.


It is a sad day when our SF Board of Supervisor and the so called PROGRESSIVES not educated on issues - voted like FOOLS.

The U.S. must clean the Shipyard all of it - according to Residential Standard. This was clearly stated by the constituents of San Francisco in the year 2000 and by Proposition P. What is it that you all cannot comprehend and fathom?

It is Sophina Maxwell, Senator Diane Feinstein, Congressperson Nancy Pelosi, Linda Richarson, led by Willie L. Brown Jr. ( a thug) that went to Washington DC to facilitate a parcel by parcel transfer - leading in the transfer of Parcel A - in a deal made by the Under Secretary of the U.S. Navy.

Parcel A was transferred to the City and County of San Francisco - then quickly handed over to the SF Redevelopment Agency that has a bad track record. Then very quickly handed over to LENNAR - a Rogue Developer.

400 mature trees were cut without any permit. Today, there are laws that would demand for $1000 plus fine for each mature tree cut.

After cutting the mature trees Foot Prints of homes were found - known to the lay person as foundations of homes. Sewer pipes were found containing Radiological Contamination. Tetra Tech was brought in secretly by LENNAR to do this clean up.

All this after Parcel A was supposedly clean and handed over to the City and County of San Francisco. This was NOT reported to the dumb Sophie Maxwell and to the SF Board of Supervisors - by Amy Brownell and Dr. Rajiv Bhatia.

Asbestos Structures continue to harm our children and elders. When we bring these issues to the RAB and tell the U.S. Navy that crooked people like Amy Brownell is blaming the U.S. Navy for the spread of Asbestos Structures from the Navy's parcels B, C, D, E, G, UC and so on - the U.S. Navy had a workshop and PROVED that LENNAR and its operation were to blame. All this happened because of the Restoration Advisory Board and the astute members and the present Co-Chair who represents the Community at Large.

The Pacific Heights Mafia and folks like Marcia Rosen, Michael Cohen, Jesse Blout (now working for Goldman Sacks), Richard Blum, Richard Swig, Walter Shorestein, Diane Feinstein and should I go on - these folks and their ILK - have a bigger say in the affairs of the People of the Bayview Hunters Point then the intelligent, educated advocates - doctors, scientists, engineers, people with college education who have brought this fight to the SF Board of Supervisors.

We had a hearing and I thought the San Francisco, Board of Supervisors would get it. The Progressives should stick together Chris Daly, John Avalos, David Campos, Eric Mar, Ross Mirkarimi, David Chiu, and should get support from Bevan Dufty and Sophie Maxwell - two idiots who sit on the fence - to jump on the greener side. Our children are dying and so are our Elders - and these folks seem not to care. They have BLOOD on their hands.

Then you have that air-head Michela Alioto-Pier, Carmen Chu, Sean Elsbernd that do the Mayor's bidding - well, the Mayor Newsom will drown in the CESSPOOL of his own making. Right now the man does not know what to do - people are leaving him right, left and center.

Our City and County of San Francisco have Representatives - the so called SF Board of Supervisors who are keen to travel to China and I hope they learn some from the undemocratic practices - there. These fools are busy doing everything - except REPRESENTING the people and their pressing WOES.

There is more WHORING going on in the offices of MOST SF Board of Supervisors at City Hall then in the entire City of San Francisco.

All those SF Board of Supervisors - that took money from LENNAR must return it.

What is so complicated to comprehend, when We state clearly and according to Proposition P - that the ENTIRE, Hunters Point Naval Shipyard must be cleaned to Standards - Residential Standards as stated in Proposition P?

Why is uncalled PUSSYFOOTING by Sophina Maxwell permitted?

We will RECALL Sophina Maxwell - your days are numbered and remember that always.

Sophina Maxwell is a SELL OUT. Recently the Bayview Hunters Point Project Area Committee sent out a Clarion Call - do not take the community for granted. Sophie Maxwell led the charge to permit the development of Alice Griffith and the adjoining areas by trying to give LENNAR a Rogue Developer - sole bid on this project. This plan was defeated.

Again and again Sophie Maxwell has voted against the people and for LENNAR a rogue developer. She has taken vast sums of money and favors to fix her house and her mother's house across from where she lives. A simple investigation will reveal everything.

This woman who came into the community in the 1990s has destroyed Bayview Hunters Point. The shame of this all - is this woman is Black and ashamed of her own people. Always, demanding that Black Folks be Middle Class. Sophie Maxwell is a product of Public Housing and today she is doing NOTHING for those living in Public Housing.

Sixty percent of those living at Alice Griffith Public Housing have been removed. The others living - do not have their homes repaired. Sophie Maxwell knows this but does not care. She and LENNAR are working, hard to remove innocent poor people - so that LENNAR can gentrify the whole area and create a GATED COMMUNITY.

All this so that Sophie Maxwell can pocket some money and spend it on her bohemian women friends - pussyfooting in NAPA and other places and we are all fully cognizant of.

Sophie Maxwell aka Sophina Maxwell is not family oriented - she loves to party with those that partake and are acquainted with tools acquired at places such as the former Good Vibrations - you get the drift. Her pussyfooting is important not so much the serious issues that are adversely affecting the Bayview Hunters Point Community.

This woman must go - and a letter of intent will be sent. Followed by the signatures what ever is required 10,000 signatures or more to complete the action and shut out the good for nothing B****. Time to send this big fat cow to the pastures.

Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy

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