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Zoya - Revolutionary Assn of Women of Afghanistan speaking in SF
by KPFA Women's Magazine (kpfawomensmag [at]
Monday Nov 9th, 2009 1:38 PM
Zoya, a 28-year-old spokeswoman for the Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan, spoke in San Francisco last month. She calls for immediate withdrawal of foreign troops and that the U.S. disarm the warlords it armed. Audio - 32 mins.

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by Jack
Thursday Nov 12th, 2009 11:39 PM
Restoring the matriarchy also restores the patriarchy. Both were the casualties of the empires as they came into being with conquest, by war machines such as slaveholder pens (now called prisons), and thusly enslaving the workers. The species is suffering throughout the web of life, because of this sad fact--women the creators of life, therefore the better half, have been left out of the equal electing of women that is the material condition of harmony, joy, and ecological organic green balance so the species comes out of the endangered rating that it is now in. Electing 50-50 throughout the web of life is obeying the laws of nature. Those laws of nature have through conquest to empires overthown the natural orders of life, and substituted male domination of all democracies that are available to the living world. Such codified religious fraud is not the required gender parity that nature brings into being. It is great to hear RAWA members showing a path to liberation as away from occupation by militarists, for the true way is to bring life forward, and not destroy its base in the peoples, plants, animals, air,land, and water that aggressive war surely does. Workers of the world, unite!!!