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Rainbow Theater 09: Plays and Performances
by Don Williams
Wednesday Nov 4th, 2009 10:44 AM
Rainbow Theater was established in 1994 with a mission to create unity, higher visibility and understanding of various cultures within our communities. The goal is to foster the spirit of unity by breaking down cultural walls, providing an outlet for creative talents of various ethnic communities by giving voice, promoting dialogue as well as celebrating diversity and fostering communities.

All performances will be taking place at the Stevenson Event Center in UC Santa Cruz.
Doors will open at 6:30 PM and the shows will begin at 7:00

November 5, 7,13 - Stop Kiss and Saint Lucy’s Eyes
November 6, 8, 14 - In the Time of the Rosalila and Poet’s Corner
November 20 & 21 - Asa Ga Kimashita
Rainbow Theater 09: Plays and Performances

Chicano/a & Latino/a:
In the Time of the Rosalila by Fanny Garcia
On the eve of her first trip to her native country, Honduras, Aguas struggles with her family’s reluctance to discuss their roots and unearths secrets that are buried deep. Garcia explores the issues of rape, identity, and the American dream within a matrilineage that have been carried from Honduras to East Los Angeles.

African American:
Saint Lucy’s Eyes by Bridgette Wimberly
"Saint Lucy's Eyes” is a play written by Bridgette Wimberly set in late 1960s about Black womyn seeking to forgive themselves and take control of their bodies. An elderly woman struggles with the morality of illegally performing abortions for young women in order to give them a better life. Through the people she encounters throughout the play, she learns to reevaluate her life with different eyes.

Asian American/Pacific Islander:
Stop Kiss by Diana Son
"Stop Kiss," written by Diana Son, is a contemporary Play Set in New York that deals with queer issues. The story revolves around the events before and after two Women’s First Kiss. The theme of this play transcends and speaks to anyone wondering about whether they should stop and grab hold of life and love

5th Element (Multi-cultural):
Asa Ga Kimashita by Velina Hasu Houston
“What do you dream about?” Velina Hasu Houston’s, Asa Ga Kimashita, explores the interwoven dreams of a traditional Japanese family post World War II. Traditional Japanese values and modernizing cultures begin to clash as each character tries to define their own dream. This story also challenges the acceptance of love when interracial relationships begin to bloom. But when a decision has to be made, does one sacrifice their own dreams to save their family’s traditions or does one give up their past in order to fulfill their dream? So, do you dream?

Poet’s Corner
Rainbow Theatre returns with "Poet's Corner," an annual student collective performance loaded with sincerity, beauty, and wonder. Found only on our UCSC campus, come enjoy and support an hour of originality straight from the minds of an all-new 14-member cast! We're ready to tell our stories. Be ready to listen.