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Marc Emery: Political Prisoner
by Cannabis Culture (repost)
Monday Oct 5th, 2009 11:45 AM

CANNABIS CULTURE - Marijuana activist and Cannabis Culture Publisher Marc Emery surrendered to Canadian authorities Monday, September 28th and was escorted to jail to await a transfer to the United States where he is expected to serve a 5-year prison sentence for selling marijuana seeds.

The 'Prince of Pot' held a press conference in front of the British Columbia courthouse where he spoke to supporters and journalists. After an emotional speech from Emery and his wife Jodie, Marc hugged many of his friends and made his way into the courtroom.


Watch video of the full press conference.

Mainstream Media correspondents were on-scene and began reporting on the event shortly after Marc was 'committed' by the judge and taken from the courtroom.

Read media reports about Marc's case below, or go to this Forums thread with almost all media coverage of Marc's incarceration.

Read more about the DEA's political persecution of Marc Emery and find out how to help Marc come home.

Please call the Canadian Minister of Justice, Rob Nicholson, and (politely) tell him that you and thousands of other Canadian voters are opposed to Marc Emery's extradition to the USA: 613-992-4621.

Click here to see photos of the press conference on Flickr

§Marc & Jodie Emery
by Free Marc! Monday Oct 5th, 2009 11:51 AM

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by s
Thursday Oct 15th, 2009 1:59 PM
if he was growing weed without man made chemicals right on.. if he was using toxic/non toxic man made marijuana it violates every code regarding medicinal uses , especially if its a cancer patient ... but when you break opent the stem and it has juice ,real juice from out door great , when it looks like a piece of fiber,why would you think that is a prper thing to smoke when chemical companies make the ingredients mother nature can already by pass the use of in making real marijuana.. its tragic when you see fools eating brownies andsuch taht were made with man made chemicals for hydroponic expediency... the thc is false in true quality.. but alcholics dont care and vegetarians who smoke dont care.. but i do and that is why if he was growing hydro he should go to jail for being an ignorant capitulant