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Recent Oakland SWAT Team Action: Things Don't Add Up
by ntuit
Thursday Oct 1st, 2009 12:36 AM
Another Fishy Incident Involving OPD & DA
In yesterday's Oakland Tribune there was an article that indicated the Police and D.A. had released a suspect in the shooting of another man last Friday night. They said they released the suspect because the victim refused to cooperate with their investigation. However, last Friday night the Oakland PD called out an Alameda County Sheriff's Department SWAT team to hunt down this suspect who had been identified by a witness - not the victim. They did not locate the suspect even though it was reported that he entered into the same apartment building in which Lovell Mixon holed up last spring. The suspect then turned himself in on Saturday.

Something sounds very suspicious here - but then we never know what to expect from Oakland PD. The fact that a witness identified the suspect would seem to indicate that the victim did not need to cooperate. Why would a SWAT team be called out on a man the police would then release three days later? It doesn't add up. Would they have killed an innocent man? Wouldn't the witness identificaiton be enough to hold the suspect? The victim is apparently terrified and left the hospital with a bullit in his body. Did the OPD offer protection? Of course, as always, we will probably never get the full story. Read the article in the link to the Oakland Tribune and give us your thoughts:

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by C'mon
Thursday Oct 1st, 2009 11:36 AM
You got anything else besides what ever thoughts are following through your mind.

The victim is very easy to find. Why don't you talk to him and ask him instead of just throwing something out there until it sticks

by ntuit
Thursday Oct 1st, 2009 2:44 PM
Thinking is a very dangerous thing to do in America and discouraged all the time. That's because it might lead somewhere. It would be better not to ask any questions. Questions are dangerous too and not welcomed.