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Gabe Meyers Sentenced to 30 Days for Throwing Red Paint on BART GM Dorothy Dugger

by Justice for Oscar!
Gabriel Meyers, the BART protestor who splattered red paint at an April BART Board meeting, was back in court on Friday, September 4th, and plead no contest to one count of disrupting a public meeting and sentenced to 30 days in jail (which he can do in a Sheriff's Alternative Work Program if he chooses), 3 years probation, a $188 fine, 26 weeks of anger management and ordered to pay restitution to BART.
Meyers was originally facing 3 counts of battery and vandalism in addition to disrupting a public meeting. He could of technically faced up to three years in prison if he was convicted. The presiding judge went over the objection of the prosecutor in allowing Meyers to plead to the lesser charge of distrupting a public meeting. The Alameda District Attorney's Office had originally offered Meyers a plea bargain in July of pleading guilty to one count of battery and one count of vandalism for the same sentence. Meyers has become the first Oscar Grant protestor to be found guilty of any crime and also to be sentenced.
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by samiam
This will be gabe's second time going down for the movement. Say what you want about his reactiveness, he does what we wish we all could have done.

good luck.
Gabe's anger is not misplaced. The cops did murder Oscar Grant and the BART board is still covering up for Mehserle and his fellow officer accomplices. Say what you will about his ACTIONS (I supported them, but i know others who did not), but his anger is noy yjr problem. It was anger (the rebellion!) that got Mehserle charged and bought back from where he was escaping. And it will be anger that will get us the little bit of justice whether or nto the system convicts Mehserle.

There is plenty to get angry about. And the only kind of anger management folks need is where to place it. When the cops are taught to respect everybody, or better yet when there are no more cops, where the people and the planet are not being repressed or exploited, then MAYBE we can deal with individual anger.

Now obviously we should chose our targets well, and not get angry at people who don't deserve it. But, as the rebellion shows, aanger cna be an important tool for change.
by Gabe
Thanks Dean and Sam for those words of support =) I am glad to see that some people show respect for my sacrifice. Like both of you said, there are others who do not support me for whatever reason, and frankly I don't care. It is moments like these where you see who your true friends are and who are the ones who are truly committed to this struggle. It was a bitter pill to swallow to have to plead to something, even though it was the lesser of my charges. I am not a criminal the same way that the BART police who attacked and killed Oscar Grant are. Those are the people who need to be prosecuted, convicted and jailed, not protestors like myself. I would of liked to of fought and taken my case all the way to trial, but I decided to take the advice of one of my supporters and not make a martyr of myself. If I was found guilty at a trial, I could of done real hard time and in the end I don't think that would of done anyone any good accept BART, the police, and the whole system in general; it was too much of a gamble. There are times when you need to take your losses and live to fight another day. So, now is the time where I have to be strong and accept the consequences of my action and finish my sentence as soon as I can. I encourage others who want to see justice for Oscar Grant to keep fighting until the day comes when those who are responsible for his murder are held accountable. I have done my part and made a sacrifice and hope others will do the same

Thanks once again Dean, Sam and all of those who have supported me.

Solidarity is strength and division is death.

Gabe Meyers
by Samantha
Hey Gabe, be sure to post or forward an address where we can write.
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