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SF Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is one of the most toxic SUPERFUND sites in the Nation.

by Francisco Da Costa
It has become fashionable for GREEDY developers to build homes on toxic sites after capping the area. Former Department of Defense Bases are some of them. In other words the pollutants, many a time radiological elements, are capped and innocent people live on top these very polluted areas. Now, Mayor Gavin Newsom is planning to use Lennar to do the same at San Francisco's Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. The United States Navy has wasted millions over the years in trying to abate the area. Now, it feels it has shirk its responsibility and CAP the whole area - but the constituents will NOT let this happen. Never, ever.
Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco is one of the most toxic sites in San Francisco. It was here that Depleted Uranium was first tested. The United States Navy has a mandate to abate and mitigate the entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard but it thinks it can CAP the area, wash its hands and flee. Well, I have news for you - the U.S. Navy must be held accountable for its despicable actions and it must clean up the entire Shipyard. It is as simple as that.

The land has been abused by the Navy who have buried large animals that were radiated. Buried radials that are radioactive in ares like Parcel E. Participated in bringing ships that participated in the Bikini Atomic Experiments - where the ships were brought all the way to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard to be cleaned. The hulls were sandblasted and the residue contaminated the water which is known as Parcel F. The rest were dumped where ever the stupid Navy deemed fit.

Other atrocious activities were conducted by the U.S. Navy virtually polluting the ENTIRE watershed that is Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - over 800 acres. The U.S. Navy does not feel ashamed and has been hoodwinking the public by having drab presentations before the community and talking from both sides of its mouth. In recent months it has been trying to use consultants to further hoodwink the public by having focus groups and feeding the attendees with disinformation.

Environmental Justice Advocacy has been on the forefront in its quest to defend the Bayview Hunters Point community. There have been other so called Environmental Groups mostly on the take and working to rake in the money to fill in their coffers. Recently, Arc Ecology that sold out the community for years now is pretending to work for the community. In the many years Arc Ecology has been in the Bayview Hunters Point community it has raked in over 2 million dollars.
Its Director Saul Bloom aka David Saleman.

Arc Ecology was instrumental in meeting with the San Francisco Health Department and trying to placate the community by planting some dust and Asbestos recording monitors that are NOT doing their job. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District has used Arc Ecology's division of the community and ploys such as the so called Community Monitors that are there but are not used to enforce anything. The U.S. Navy too has divided the community and for years used the Restoration Advisory Board to placate the community.

Young Community Developers is dysfunctional and has divided the community. Sent young men and women to the Shipyard to be exposed to the worst pollutants without any reliable safety gear. Already, a number of these young men and women are suffering. They were all given a six
weeks Hazardous Material training, and armed with this HAZMAT training put in harms way - exposed to commercial Asbestos as much as 50,000 to 60,000 Asbestos Structures per cubic meter and what is more radiological elements.

Recently the Restoration Advisory Board was dismantled and then a couple of weeks ago the U.S. Navy decided to resurrect the Restoration Advisory Board more to fast track the CAPPING of the entire Shipyard. The Shipyard is polluted and the following link below - towards the end has most of the documents that the readers can read and gain valuable information:

The United States Navy should be ashamed of itself and more how it has treated the residents of the Bayview Hunters Point. It stole the land using Eminent Domain tactics then abused the land, used the site to experiment with the worst Atomic and other types of weapons and experiment. One bomb even left the Shipyard to be dropped over Japan killing millions of innocent Japanese civilians. The U.S. Navy's website on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is drab and so is its long useless link:


We have a number of organizations that have been monitoring the U.S. Navy and the many mostly Black sell outs that the U.S. Navy and the City and County of San Francisco has used to divide the community.

It is strange that Sophina Maxwell who represents the District 10 linked to Bayview Hunters Point has NOT attended one single Restoration Advisory Board Meeting. How ever we know she is being briefed behind close door - to speed up the U.S. Navy's hidden agenda and backed by the Pacific Heights Mafia. The world knows she is on the take.

In the year 2009 the present Economic Crisis has hit the housing sector more than any other area. Thousands of homes are in foreclosure. In the Bayview Hunters Point hundreds of homes are in foreclosure. Yet, this City, the SF Redevelopment Agency and the San Francisco Housing Authority are all trying to build new homes in and around the Shipyard and on the Third Street corridor. All these homes remind one of the Geneva Towers - hundreds of people living in dense housing with little or no Open Space and very poor Public Transportation.

No one is looking at Cumulative Pollution. At Hunters Point there are Methane Gas Wells that release tons of Methane Gas that spew into the air and adversely affect a large area. As much as 200 tons of Methane Gas a year. One ton of Methane Gas equals 22 tons of Carbon Dioxide.

Right now there is a on going underground FIRE and the SF Fire Department and others know there is time bomb waiting to explode. One happened in the year 2000 and it took over a month for the U.S. Navy to cap and control the fire. Politicians made calls and there was NO testing of the near by residents by the SF Health Department and to this date people are suffering from the consequences of that fire.

All sorts of plans are being developed for the toxic mostly radiological contaminated Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Thousands have suffered from Cancer. Practically everyone suffers from some breathing ailment, others, from other diseases as a result of Asthma, Diabetics, Strokes, Bleeding noses, Migraine Headaches, Stomach Ulcers, Heart problems, and so on. No one seems to care surely not Mayor Gavin Newsom who is has plans to make a fast buck to fill the coffers of this FAILING Gubernatorial campaign that is going no where.


This latest ploy to build a United Nations Global Compact Center. If you Google this name you find out they are very corrupt. This corrupt organization wants to help in Climate Change but before that it must change itself and its corrupt ways. San Franciscans are NOT dumb and we will give this corrupt organization and its Board of Directors a fitting reception - be it not very diplomatic.

Even as thousands of homes are being planned for the entire area about 20,000 or so there have been no arrangement made linked to the SF Fire Department and taking care of Safety and prospective fires and emergencies.

The same can be said of the San Francisco Police Department and the ensuing crimes and other emergencies that will have to be attended to.

The same for Recycling and Garbage collection.

No plans are made for good libraries. No plans for childcare centers. For good schools and churches. No plans for good Supermarkets that sell good vegetables and food. In fact the GREEDY bastards are concerned with only one thing - GREED. The have learned little from Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, AIG, Bernie Madoff and his ilk.

No plans for playing fields and Recreation Facilities. The City and County of San Francisco is broke and will be over $500 million in the hole next year. This year will bring added problems months before the fiscal year begins.

The Regulatory Agencies are all favoring the local politicians who have been busy massaging Lisa Jackson of the Environmental Protection Agency. Michelle Obama visited the Bret Middle School near Alice Griffith withing quarter mile from the Superfund and was not told about it. There was Sophina Maxwell selling out the community and pandering to the First Lady who has no clue that thousands of homes are planned to be built near a Superfund Site without any meaningful clean up.

The least the First Lady could have done is visited Alice Griffith and seen the many boarded up homes. The running sewage in the street and the poor infrastructure. Over a million dollar is given the SF Police Department for security purposes - but crime, killings, and shooting as till on the increase in the area.

Senator Mark Leno who wants to run for Mayor San Francisco has a Senate Bill to sell 40 acres of State Park Land to fill his campaign coffers. Everyone is zeroing in on the last frontier and trying to make a fast buck. The so called local leaders mostly Blacks and taking bread crumbs and selling out the community. It is a shame that no one knows anything much nor gives a hoot about the Housing Element, a sound Transportation Document, a sound current Economic Analysis. The SF Planning Department is selling out. The Department of Building Inspection is selling out, the San Francisco Health Department is selling out. All for money and a some putrid bread crumbs. Gentrification is the name of the game that fosters and zeros in to make mostly poor people of color - suffer.

Just one local newspaper and one local magazine has come to the aid of the Bayview Hunters Point community:

The local newspaper:

The local magazine:

Well, we have an organization called Stop Lennar Action Movement (SLAM).

We have the Caravan For Justice:

We have God on our side and feel good that Mayor Gavin Newsom is drowning in the CESSPOOL of his own making. We know Lennar is trying to survive but it is choking and will die a slow death. We know Sophina Maxwell is trying to make some little money before she terms out. But, she will NOT be able to face the constituents and cannot now.

We know the WELL is drying up and the many mostly BLACK sell outs are trying to figure out where to find the next evil - jack pot.

God has blessed us with some good leaders and God will protect our mothers, our children, and those that are righteous. It will not be easy but the victory will be ours. We have fought the good fight for so long - it is just a matter of time when all will turn around and the enemy will flee and be crushed.


Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy

by G.S.
Its so sad to read and hear of such situations, but try living in it. Lots of people that were looked up too, some people that the people voted for to find hope or some kind of peace and happiness, all have sold out. They have sold out not only their own souls, but the souls of the innocent people who sit in their homes and have no clue what so ever of what has happened, whats happening, or whats going to happen. I sit and wonder everyday how are these people living with themselves, is there no kind of feeling at all in their bodies that what they are doing will result in nothing good to come in return? I've heard of cold hearted, but this is lower than low. People are suffering and dieing, how can people look at other people and just see dollar signs and fame? These are the kind of people that don't have God in their lives. I don't care about the people that go to church every Sunday praising his holy name and yet from Monday through Saturday, their selling and auctioning peoples souls off to the devil, or those so called Pastors with the fancy suits and shinny cars, acres of church that sparkle in the sun, trust me its the devil itself, the Navy who is built and trained to protect the people of the United States of America, aren't we people of the U.S.A? Greedy corporations, growing from sucking the blood of our poor, our children, our elders. So sad...........thinking they could just CAP the site and all will be well, capping it like their capping their lies and corruptness. One thing that is so right, victory will be to the real people of God.
by Tilroe Stevenson
I'm attempting to find out if the studio space I'm renting is effected by the toxins in the Hunters Point Ship Yards. The space I'm renting is on Arelious Walker of from Innes.

Does a map exist for the areas that are aglow with toxins. If so, how do I find it. I need to know if I should move or if the area I'm in is okay?

This is just a start of my research. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

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