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Raymond Chow of the Chinese SF Freemasons defies City Hall and exposes Mayor Gavin Newsom.
by Francisco Da Costa
Friday Jul 24th, 2009 4:49 PM
Hundreds gathered in front of City Hall today to support Raymond Chow who has vowed to help the youth, all communities in San Francisco, and continue doing good. Recently, the City and County of San Francisco first gave and then took away a measly grant to the Ghee Kung Tong organization. Then also hurled abuses on Raymond Chow for no reason what so ever. Joining the fray the naive District 3 Supervisor, David Chiu. City Hall better respect the constituents of China Town, the Chee Kung Tong and San Francisco. The old days are numbered - the new power brokers will not tolerate stupidity of this nature anymore.
Raymond Chow is well known in China Town. He also happens to belong the Chinese Masons - the Chee Kung Tong well respected in China Town for their good comunity work. For those in the know the Chinese Masons have been in China Town for a long, long time. Suffice to say over a hundred years. And before that in China before the Western Masons - but that is history.

Raymond Chow at one time was in jail but after being released has promised the community and many Elders that he will commit himself to do good. I have met him and spoken to him and he has expressed sorrow for what he did in the past. However, he has vouched to many that he will continue to follow the true path - even as the principles of the Chinese Masons - dictate.

The Chee Kung Tong an organization governed by the Chinese Masons are well know for helping the community. Over the years I know a number of Chinese Masons that belong to this organization and have done good work.

The paradox is that the City and County of San Francisco knows about this - but it has chosen to use gossip columnists Matier and Ross and other low down individuals to tarnish the name of the Chee Kung Tong and hurl abuses on Raymond Chow.

The City and County of San Francisco first gave a grant of a measly $30,000 or so to run a Night Market and then with drew the grant. In Chinese tradition that is an insult. So, this City better learn to respect the Chinese tradition or else it will suffer the consequences.

The Ghee Kung Tong is prepared to put down it own money and run the night Chinese Market. The City and County of San Francisco has chosen to being hurdles and stop the Chinese Night Market.

Now, it so happens Mayor Gavin Newsom - also has his cronies in China Town. Some Chinese and very corrupt that pander to the Mayor of San Francisco and his cronies. However, Raymond Chow will not pander to the Mayor of San Francisco - Mayor Newsom is not a man but a coward.

Gavin Newsom slept with the wife of his best friend. Gavin Newsom is an alcoholic and admitted it and entered into a program to address this on going disease. Gavin Newsom is not respected by decent people and I have said that numerous times. For Gavin Newsom to take on Raymond Chow on was totally wrong. Knowing well that Gavin Newsom lack good character and has made a laughing stock of himself.

Raymond Chow has a wide and diverse following. You had members from the African American community, the Polynesian Community, the Asian Community including the many Chinese, the Philipino Community, the White community, the Latinos - may I say more.

Youth that listen to him - pay attention and report this to me. So, this man is changing lives. I bet you Gavin Newsom does not have such a following. He is not man enough to address issues that make a difference to real man and women.

The City and County of San Francisco is disgusted with Mayor Gavin Newsom. This City has a $6.6 Billion dollar budget and it considers that it can first give and take away a measly $30,000 grant and then brag that this City has taught a lesson to an individual that is doing good - and in committing this disgusting act - has tarnished the name of the Ghee Kung Tong. Time will tell.

City Hall learned a great lesson today and Mayor Gavin Newsom who was hiding in Room 200 and watching the activities. Mayor Gavin Newsom heard the words from all the speakers loud and clear. And so should David Chiu who has done injustice to all San Franciscans and the Chinese community too - by siding and listening to the Mayor.

The many that gathered were well behaved. The San Francisco Police Department chose to deploy about fifteen police men including some plain clothes. Wasted about $5,000 or more of tax payers money. A show of force that was laughed at by the decent crowed that knew better.

City Hall and some of the Board of Supervisors stink to high heaven. We will not soil our hand nor deal with vermin that swim in a cesspool that is filthy and sordid. We know better. Some one spread the rumor that we intended to go inside City Hall and create confusion. We know better when to make our point.

Today, Raymond Chow has sent a message. You do not hurl abuses at the Ghee Kung Tong or any of its members and that includes Raymond Chow that heads it and expect people to remain silent. That will not happen - ever.

To Mayor Gavin Newsom who has a tarnished name and Supervisor David Chiu - I hope you see the light and change your ways. The Chinese community for sure is hurt but so are other San Franciscans that know better.

Enjoy the photographs of today victory rally on the steps of City Hall:

Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy