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Lethal Injection
by Donald Ray Young (c/o editor [at]
Sunday Jul 12th, 2009 5:35 PM
Donald Ray Young sent the following article to the Community Alliance newspaper in Fresno. Young, who is on Death Row at San Quentin, is from Fresno.
Lethal Injection
By Donald Ray Young

We had strange fruit for breakfast today...a death row prisoner committed suicide at San Quentin, in East Block. But, I can’t worry about that guy, I must dialectically eradicate the proposed amendment to Section 3349 & the adoption of 22 Sections under Subchapter 4 , Article 7.5 of the California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 15, Crime Prevention & Corrections, to incorporate into the CCR, provisions concerning the lethal injection process; hereinafter-the lethal injection process. The lethal injection morass...without Constitutionality, Legality, or Morality. Wait; how can I not think of the suicide in this very building - - his family...loved ones? What if he was innocent? Do I know him? How many other people on death row have contemplated killing themselves to escape this madness? I believe that when one dies - - a part of al of us all dies....

How many innocent men will California execute because of the 1996 Anti-Terrorism & Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA)? The courts Attorney Generals misuse this law (AEDPA) in order to bar newly discovered evidence and/or evidence of actual innocence.

Donald Ray Young I AM: I am Troy Davis.. .I am Kevin Cooper.. .I am Rodney Reed.. .I am Reginald Clemons ... I am Oscar Grant III.. .I am Stanley Williams.. .I am Emmett Till. . . I am the future – present and past. I am innocent on California’s death row – don’t rush to execute me... I must prove my innocence. When will the justice system rush to justice & fairness? How many have been exonerated from death row? How many innocent people on death mu have been put through a state sponsored, premeditated, torturous murder? State sponsored, taxpayer funded, barbaric, draconian, torturous murder equates to the lethal injection process. We all see how much the system will spend on death.. .how much will the system spend on life? Life is education. Life is shelter. Life is food. Life is clothing. Life is employment. Life is clean water. Life is freedom....

Fiscal Impact Statement. Mathew Cate, Secretary of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) disinenuous1y claims that; fiscal impact is non-existent. There is a fiscal impact on local agencies, school districts, state agencies, and federal funding to the state due to the process of lethal injection. Billions of taxpayers dollars are being wasted to murder death row prisoners in California - - where is that money taken from? Local agencies and school districts know that the funds are being stolen from them.. .every time a teacher receives a pink slip - - that’s the fiscal impact of the lethal injection process. School budget slashed...overcrowded classrooms.. .college tuition out of reach - - that’s the fiscal impact of the lethal injection process. $650 million dollars taken from California community colleges in a failed underhanded attempt to cover the fiscal impact of the lethal injection process. When your local and state hospitals shutdown along with health clinics - - that’s the fiscal impact of the lethal injection process. 200 California State Parks set to close due to the fiscal impact of the lethal injection process. California cities going bankrupt like Vallejo - - that’s the fiscal impact of the lethal injection process. $70 Billion a year lost on corrections. California has a $24 Billion dollar budget deficit due to the fiscal impact of the lethal injection process. $25 million per execution vs. $1 Million to incarcerate for life.

Effect on housing cost. The fiscal impact of the lethal injection process is devastating on housing costs.... The California housing crisis and massive foreclosures which lesson the value of homes are due to the misplaced priorities of the state---taxpayer’s dollars are going toward the lethal injection process. Take away the lethal injection process and housing cost will stabilize, foreclosures will drop and credit, will flow again.. .allowing purchases of new homes. This would increase the value of homes as opposed to the horrendous effects on housing cost the lethal injection process has. Cause and effect: because of the price tag associated with the lethal injection process; the effect is a California housing crises

Significant statewide adverse economic impact on business. Everyone and every business in California is impacted by the state of the economy; the prison budget is out of control and unsustainable. Employees receiving unpaid days off due to the fiscal impact of the lethal injection process. Higher taxes to pay for the lethal injection process has a significant statewide adverse economic impact on business. The lethal injection process forces many businesses to move out of state because they cannot compete with businesses in other states with lower taxes. Oakland has over a $100 million dollar budget deficit. Business cannot thrive juxtaposed to the lethal injection process - - therefore businesses statewide are required to down size and cut jobs. The state of California has a $24, Billion dollar budget deficit in and of itself caused by the lethal injection process. California is actually in an economic depression in which foregoing the lethal injection process would correct.

Effect on small business. If a persons foot is cut off; it’s not. just the foot that suffers - - the entire body is painfully involved. So it is with the state sponsored, taxpayer funded lethal injection process - - all agencies suffer...all businesses suffer.. .all people suffer. The fiscal impact of the lethal injection process means many small businesses will not have a chance to start. Small businesses can’t get loans or credit to survive, or even government aid, because the funds are going to the lethal injection process.

Consideration of alternatives. Stop the lethal injection process. The reasonable alternative would be to stop government sponsored, taxpayer financed torture and murder of California death row prisoners. This would he more effective and less burdensome to affected private persons.

Deficiencies with the proposed lethal injection process.... The lack of media access which is in violation of the First Amendment; the new procedures are invalid because they are not made public record, thus denying the public - - the right to know. Hippocratic Oath violation. Discriminates against inmate witnesses. Violates the clergy penitent relationship. Violates the Eighth Amendment.

I would like to hear from you.. .strength of mind and peace of heart.

Donald Ray Young
PO Box E-78474
San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin Ca 94974
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