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Petition to Congress: Repeal the AETA
by via CCR
Friday May 29th, 2009 12:01 PM
Here is a convenient online petition to Congress from the Center for Constitutional Rights, asking for a repeal of the regressive, unconstitutional Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. Please sign and spread widely.

Repeal the AETA

Joseph Buddenberg, Maryam Khajavi, Nathan Pope and Adriana Stumpo (the AETA 4) were indicted for conspiracy to commit animal enterprise terrorism. Charges against the AETA 4 include protesting, chalking the sidewalk, chanting and leafleting –, and the alleged use of “the Internet to find information on bio-medical researchers.” These actions are clearly and traditionally protected by the First Amendment.

The Department of Justice brazenly calls these young activists “terrorists” under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA). Passed by Congress near the end of the Bush administration, the AETA aims to suppress speech and advocacy by criminalizing activities protected by the First Amendment, including protests, boycotts, picketing and whistleblowing. The AETA criminalizes a broad swath of protected First Amendment activities – and CCR and the defense team have asked the Court to strike down the AETA as unconstitutional.

The case of the AETA 4 is the first application of this dangerous, Sedition Act like law. It is clear that the law can and will be used both to criminalize lawful protests and to overcharge pretty offenses. It is of critical importance that the case against the AETA 4 be dropped in order to protect our Constitutional right to dissent. Write your senator and representative and demand that they repeal the AETA which will only lead to violations of our Constitutional rights.

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