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Thanks to the community for all of your support!
by The Family of Oscar Grant (wecangetitdone [at]
Thursday May 21st, 2009 4:42 PM
This message is from the Oscar Grant family written by Cephus "Uncle Bobby" Johnson.

Greetings! I pray all is well. Thanks for all your support and thanks to all the community for their support these last three days. There is no way we as a family can thank the community enough. We do wish to say, however, "We thank all of you for your support." We know that many of you have sacrificed your own personal activities and lives to support us in a fight that can be long and hard. Our success here to secure justice for Oscar Grant will no doubt be that line in the sand that will say to all police officers, "If you kill or break the law you will go to jail."

Feel free to repost this message elsewhere so that the community will know that we as a family thank them for their contributions to the success thus far for Justice for Oscar Grant. THANKS!!


The preliminary hearing ran Monday through Wednesday this week. It will start again Tuesday, May 26th and is now expected to continue into the week after that.