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Anarchist Show of Support to End the Siege of Gaza (A) We Are With You!

Saturday, June 06, 2009
12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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UN Plaza (7th & Market Sts., near Civic Center BART) San Francisco

Added to the calendar on Thu, May 21, 2009 2:08AM

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by anonymous
First off I want to say that our hearts go out to all those who have lost their loved ones in Gaza, Afghanistan, and Iraq due to the growing problem facing the world.........the American Military Industrial Complex.

"There’s a lot of money to be made off of war" one of the reasons why we’ll always be in a constant state of warfare everywhere in the world as long as America exists I'm pretty sure. U.S. military aid to Israel is a profitable business making the war on Palestine even harder to end. American control of the Middle East by proxy will never be sufficient and so the invasions will continue. There are many Jews in Israel that oppose their government’s war policy no different from Americans who oppose America’s war policy. Not all Jews are bad just like not all Americans are bad. Non-government-non-corporate civilians share the least responsibility for the actions that are directly carried out by their rulers.
Common people can only be indirectly responsible via tax dollars going to the military industrial complex. It is the duty of the people to keep the man in line and if the people do nothing, then they deserve what they get!

The bombings of embassy's, boats, trains, buses, and other buildings is a direct consequence of American foreign policy. It's what the CIA calls "BLOW BACK". It's when foreign policy comes back to haunt us. Yes we didn't do it but our tax dollars did and we don’t' care about what our government does and we're not good at sticking with politics. Americans get tired too easily and fall back to sleep too often and their protesting alone has done very little to stop the flow of funds that wind up into the hands of Defense Contractors and Nation Building Corporations, the military industrial complex.

We Americans must take some responsibility. We give them all the money they need and do little to stop giving them money to kill and kill again over and over. Maybe we ought to get tough and work to decrease the military budget. HEY, maybe that’s where all the money for jobs and education has gone. Yeah, let's cut back on military spending. Republicans should support that since they claim to be against big government and they support cutting taxes for big government projects. Well what about the military? Funny how cutting the military budget is unpatriotic to these guys but cutting other programs that actually benefit ordinary common people is some how acceptable. Increasing benefits for common people is "EVILSOCIALISM" but socialism for the military and banks too big to fail is OK? They are so consistent aren't they? Just about everything we do in life as consumers and working tax payers has helped to perpetuate the cycle of violence we've been protesting against. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP! When are we ever gonna cut the funds for their bullets and bombs? When our voices are being ignored by the mass media we accomplish nothing but reaching out to our own base which is precisely why they do it. What better way to keep the masses in the dark about the evils the be by deliberately ignoring the issues of our struggle for a free and just world with out rulers. If we can’t live in a world free with out rulers, we should at least hold those in power accountable for breaking the law which they love to force everyone else to follow. Obama should be held accountable for endorsing Bush's Domestic Wire Taps and Breaking an oath to release torture photo's. They all lie and get away with it because once they are in nobody dare tries to impeach the President. Slaves.

Every part of the system plays it's roll to keep you and me in check and we keep each other in check too even though we're hurting our selves while benefiting the few.

How the system Works to Control You:

1) Media: to manipulate people through fear, panic, disinformation, censorship, and biased reporting in order to whip people up into a patriotic frenzy.

2) Police & National Guard: to restore order by force when media social control has broken down.

3) Banks: to keep you in debt. for the rest of your life and to maintain control over shelter and transportation.

4) Corporations: to exploit your labor or use tax payer money from the government in exchange for bombs and tanks to expand the American empire into other regions with rich resources. The news media owned by corporations always follow first and ask question later. The media will swing right and beat the drums of war to get people fired up only so their ratings can shoot sky high making the parent company a lot of money and when the war grows to become unpopular and the people swing left, the media swings left to gain high ratings once more just to be popular because popular sells. It has nothing to do with politics. It's about money. Even though they have the capacity to do good news reporting they don't because it's just a business and they care more about their carriers than they do about the truth.

4) Military: to impose the system of capitalism on other nations at the barrel of a gun. Media support in the beginning of every conflict is never absent. This technique where the hearts and minds of every American is needed is crucial to carrying out the invasion with out backlash-civil unrest. A heavy propaganda campaign is launch to win you over because most people hate war.

5) Disaster Capitalism: to gain personally from a tragedy Examples: using 911 as a pretext to invade Iraq to create business for those with close ties such as defense contractors, nation building companies, and in the future Mc Donald’s, Chevron, etc. Also to crack down on civil liberties in the name of security effectively concentrating power in government hands.

6) False Flag Terror Events: to carry out a tragedy and blame it on your political enemies to achieve much the same goal of cracking down on civil liberties and get the nation behind a war. Obviously this is much more sinister and can be combination with a real attack on the same day in order to maximize civilian casualties. Government foreknowledge would make it possible to plant explosives in a building to bring it down before it's attacked. Now you can have a much bigger chunk of civil liberties taken away for so called national security because you have just created more casualties than what had been originally intended.

When a representative government has been hijacked there is only one thing left to do, and that is to rebel; resorting to direct action: civil disobedience, boycotts, war tax resistance, property destruction, and self defense by any means necessary. When legal avenues fail to end a war and we continue using legal avenues, we are hiding in a state of denial to avoid conflict. This is passive behavior; the behavior of people who live in a dictatorship.

I do not want that.

We pay their salaries yet somehow they still control us. We finance their wars and our own oppression here at home. All we have to do is have an open dialog on how to actually disrupt the flow of funds and do it. With enough people we can either starve the government into submission or out of existence depending on what the mood depending on what the majority of people want. Everything that has been a nightmare can be radically changed such as all those non-democratic presidential executive orders that give the president such broad sweeping powers like NSPD51.

We can try direct action to bring about reform but even if we succeed that freedom will always be compromised by the state in the future.
by (A)

im glad to see some organising for something its been silent since may 1st
Photobucket Reforms & Rights will always be compromised by the government in time. That is why we must do away with the state. The President really doesn't have any power to take on the military industrial complex and even if he tried we would not succeed. "HE WOULD BE SHOT!" Now that we understand that reforms which eventually get rolled back are useless we can talk about plan B. Plan B: We sign up for a well methodical campaign to end the war 1) We organize for a 2 week Million Man National strike to help disrupt the flow of funds-tax dollars going directly to the military to fight this never ending war in the Middle East. Believe it or not that's what matters the most. The only thing they listen to is money. Your words and cries for people don't meant shit to these people. War for profit; capitalism in general is the only thing that makes sense to business and government. You must sign a contract that you will promise not to flake out on the cause for a better world free with out war. 2) Boycotts of Israeli Products will be needed since the state collects tax money from businesses and uses that money to enrich private defense firms for weapons of mass destruction. You must sign a contract that you will promise not to flake out on the cause for a better world free with out war. 3) An organized march planned twice a week on a workday will be needed to draw attention and reach out to others to encourage them to join our streets marches or sign up to become a member of an on going campaign to defund the military of the united states and the Israeli army. There will be no permits in order to be disruptive of commerce. You must sign a contract that you will promise not to flake out on the cause for a better world free with out war. Until we push for these 3 things together we are stuck with the same old unproductive tactics of marching for 3 hours and going home and to work the next day so that Uncle Sam can continue to collect your dollars converting your dollars into weapons of mass destruction and killing innocent Palestinians, Iraqis, and Afghans. HOW MUCH DO YOU CARE? We are all slaves to the military industrial complex! WE MUST WORK TO FIGHT THEM NOW! THERE IS NO OTHER WAY! Don't lie to your self by pretending there is another way because you and I both know that you're just trying your best to avoid conflict. What has avoiding that conflict done for the people of Iraq? What has avoiding that conflict done for the people of Afghanistan? What has avoiding that conflict done for the people of Palestine? I'll be sharing this idea with others. I hope those who care will be too.
Since ANSWER is already an organization representing the people of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine with big numbers, I think ANSWER would be the best candidate for the job. A General Strike lasting for 2 weeks should be sufficient. Of course this National Strike would have to be put on hold until we have reached the number of a million participants in order to be effective. How would we count the number of people though? Getting people to sign a contract would be the most practical so there for we can count the number of people that are willing. Hypothetically speaking let's say we've already reached a number of 1 million, when would the call be made and who in the ANSWER COALITION would make the call? All willing participants would have to VOTE on the day and time and agree on it.

Businesses would also have to get involved by signing onto the same contract so they will follow through. Once the contract is signed none can back out unless they want to ruin their reputation with the anti-war movement. The time that it would take to reach the number of 1 million should be of no concern to those who are willing to work for peace for as long as it takes to achieve that peace. Those who fully understand the stubbornness of the state should know by now that after 5 years from today nothing will have been accomplished with marches alone by it self. We don’t even have anything to back us up to bring financial hardship on the government so how do you expect your demands to ever be met? As the number of participants grow, the governments fear of the people will grow with it. This fear can then be used for leverage to get what the people need and what they’ve always deserved which is respect, recognition, a voice, transparency and accountability in government. The threat of a general strike can be used to end the war with out ever having to use it. Just think! The practicality of ending the war by marching in the street alone is not very much. Billions are still being made off the death of innocence. Everything will have to shut down. This is going to take patients and a lot of planning. If you look back in history, all things have taken a long time to get done but that didn’t stop people from working hard to accomplish their goals, at least those who were “driven”. You can not get instant gratification and that goes for anything in life. We shouldn't let time hold the anti-war movement back from trying new things that we're not comfortable with just to avoid the conflict. I believe that our progress will always outweigh the importance of fighting a war in the interest of industrial capitalism.

Since it is very likely 9.99 times out of 10 that the war will continue no matter how many times we come out in mass this year, we ought to at least give it a thought and try something new. What other non-violent alternative is there besides boycotting, striking & acts of civil-disobedience such as chain-linking arms in the middle of a street to stop traffic? We can't lobby our politicians anymore because they've been bought out by others who have more money than we do. The only thing left after that is violence against violence and just another WAR as you know. We've already tried to end the war through the power of the purse promised by democrats if we elected them into congress and they flip flop on that. We already tried to end the war by voting for Obama and he just expanded the war into Afghanistan and the occupation of Iraq will remain with permanent military bases on bombings and deaths on both sides. We can’t even vote for people on principles anymore because they always break them and we never hold them accountable like we’re supposed to. The phrase “We need a new direction” has got to be the greatest understatement of the day. These people are not interested in peace and they never will and you know it! Everybody say’s that "only time will tell after the election". Well, the Democrats are now in control of everything and what have they done for us so far but flip-flop on the issues supporting everything we hated about Bush which was the reason why I thought we got rid of him.

Time has shown nothing but how weak democracy is in America. People are tired and fed up with marching and want to lash out against the financial establishment and it's guard-dogs and nobody is more fed up than the innocent people march for in the middle east; the people who are living in the middle of a battle zone and in refugee camps. Their life hangs in the balance as the day's go by and we grow old and they don’t because we are so stuck on trying to change the world by doing anything we want just so long as it’s not out of the norm of society and against it’s rules.

Your Tax Dollars at work: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket PROTESTING BY IT SELF WILL NEVER STOP THE MADNESS! SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE
by Monster Energy Drinker
And we shall have nice cluster of anarchists.

Cheers from the pub!
by (A)aaronlove
he makes the cops look small, and the cops make my vegan ass look like a twig. i need to start working out a little more lolz just a side thought

no one do anything stupid at this its not the time or place, show up tho,

-use your noggin furshure
by too skinny
Hey skinny vegan person,

Do you want to join a gym together and start working out together. We will in shape in no time to fight the cops!
by (A)rab solidarity
Its great to see anarchists organizing around the Palestinian issue, even though it's sponsored by ANSWER. Differences in opinion and tactics will always be there and should be recognized and acknowledged, but extreme divisiveness is too counter productive in my mind.

see ya'll in the streets!
Tactics aside we need to show some support.
Until people go hungry in America everyone goes back to sleep eventually under the illusion that savior Obama and democrats will save them from the republican party from ever declaring another war again.


It's going to take a revolution to put a stop to American aggression. Obama is a war monger too but too many people see him as opposite.

Nothing ever changes with the U.S. Government and that goes for the movement supposedly against that's too afraid to revolt to put a final stop to it.

You play into their hands.

Who's hands?

The hand s of the ruling elite.

The masters of deception and control over your mind and there for your actions. control of the past present and future.

They run both parties and the media playing you like an all time pimp of the year.


So funny it brings tears one's face. sad existence

A society that doesn't learned from the mistake of the past is a doomed society.

by .....
Where the hell was everyone at this thing? I thought there was supposed to be a big anarchist showing... I came at half past noon and I didn't see a single black flag or even anyone all in black like the flier advertised. I hung around for an hour or so but the speeches started to bore me so I left. Kind of disappointing that this was hyped up and no one showed.
by everyone
we had more important things to do then follow around the ANSWER march and get harassed by dirtbike pigs. Considering that this show of solidarity was orchastrated by a few individuals and not any @ group, it should come as no surprise that the black hundreds didn't turn up for your party.

In the future, it would be appreciated if you don't call for an anarchist presence at events like this as an individual. It just creates confusion and suspicion when this kind of thing is unattributed. Consult with your local groups about timing and let them put out the call. Or just stick to doin what you do by yourself. That way nobody out of the loop shows up and gets disappointed by the lack of presence.

We appreciate your sincerity, but you really should try coordinating with your comrades rather then putting out cattle calls and seeing who happens to show up.
by .....
Not sure if you're addressing me when you say don't call for an anarchist presence as an individual... but if so, let me tell you, I had nothing to do with organizing this. I was simply surfing indybay and saw the ad and more than a few comments by people talking as if there was actually going to be a big showing. I'm just expressing my disappointment that for everyone's talk and that provocative ad not a single "anarchist" seemed to show.
by 6/6
I was late due to a delayed train, got there around 1:00. I saw a couple random people in all black that I didn't recognize from any of the more recent @ events. I don't know what I missed, but it seemed to be pretty calm, except for some older couple spouting off insults in the background. From what I saw in the pictures taken, there was a much bigger Israeli presence there before I arrived so I'm not sure what all went on. I stayed till the end, and if there was a march, it must have happened before I got there.
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