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Lonnie Hicks, former Pacifia Radio CFO files suit against Foundation

by Roger B. Taney
Lawsuit filed in Superior Court of the State of California, County of Alameda.
Suit alleges that Pacifica Radio governance factions use guerrilla warfare to coerce those who are different from themselves along racial and political lines, and "acts in an intolerant, capricious, discriminatory, retaliatory, prejudicial and coercive manner" and "believe that the ends ... justify the means."

Complaint continues that "On July 3, 2008 Hicks informed the PNB that the directors were breaching their fiduciary obligations by failing to act to protect the assets of the organization." And on "July 14, 2008, the PNB decided it was going to 'teach Lonnie a lesson' and it placed Hicks on administrative leave while it investigated fabricated and bogus charges ..."

Lawsuit further complains that Hicks complained to PNB that acts against him were a form of retaliation for his whistle blowing and because of his race. Hicks was exonerated after the investigation, something that the PNB chose not to share with the rest of the foundation. Then as a further step to punish Hicks for not following orders, a snap evaluation was done on his performance. This was done by the majority faction who refused to seat new directors "known to be fair and supportive of Hicks."

Hicks was terminated within 24 hours, an act that caused then-Pacifica attorney Dan Siegel to inform the PNB that they were acting recklessly.

Basically Hicks alleges that members of the Pacifica Foundation acted against him "maliciously, fraudulently and oppressively, with the wrongful intention of injuring plaintiff, from an improper and evil motive amounting to malice, and in conscious disregard to plaintiffs rights."

Additionally, Hicks alleges other policies within the foundation that are specifically discriminatory against African-Americans, and that have been used to harm him. Hicks also alleges various acts of defamation against him by members of the foundation and that they violated labor laws concerning his employment.
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by just wondering
Do other radio stations have this many lawsuits all the time? Is Pacifica infiltrated? Or is this just what democracy looks like . . .
by The truth shall win out
The Hicks law suit is nothing more than extortion. He was an "at will" employee which means they didn't have to have a reason to fire him. And in most corporations, even non-profits, if the finances aren't together for several years the CFO has to GO. His major tool was "I will get back to you on that." As the red ink was flowing.
by Truth seeker
The person hired to take Hicks' place is an African-American woman with a Masters Degree in Finance. Not a good fact for those trying to play the race card. What is Hicks education in Finance or Accounting??
by not a schmoe
Try getting yourself a copy of the original complaint and find out you are wrong about that. Hicks could only be fired for cause. And prior to termination needed a warning, etc.
You are just a propagandist who knows nothing of Pacifica policies, nor the law, nor employee rights.
You just sling mud and hope it sticks.
But the lawsuit is real and will have to be reckoned with, despite your comments from the Peanut Gallery.
by ad infinitum
Hicks has two masters degrees, one of which is an MBA, and prior to serving as Pacifica's CFO, he was CFO in three other organizations.
And just because someone's interim replacement is a person of color, it has no bearing at all on whether there is a policy of discrimination of persons of color and whether Hicks himself suffered damages due to such a policy. LaVarn Williams' name won't even come up in the trial. Propagandistic comments like that above are so tiresome.
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