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MAYDAY 2009 Anarchist Bloc - (A)

Friday, May 01, 2009
12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Event Type:
Location Details:
Dolores Park, San Francisco
Rally @ 12PM
March begins @ 2PM

This May Day 2009 millions of workers in the US are under at-
tack from layoffs and wage cuts to union-busting tactics by authoritarians who want a union-free environment. Working people are under assault; ICE raids continue to terrorize and demonize the immigrant communities nationwide, destroying families, maintaining exploitation.

The First of May was a symbol of the international proletariat’s struggle for emancipation. Neither military parades nor the ‘good little boy’ marches of the reformist union federations can blind us to the deep-seated international solidarity of the struggle. Worker autonomy, direct action — with no chiefs, guides, Great Leaders or Grand Helmsmen, but organized into our own rank and file agencies — will turn the revolutionary movement into a tool for liberation.

Let us demonstrate and march with the worker's of the world.

Original posting for May 1st actions:

Added to the calendar on Tue, Apr 21, 2009 2:47PM
§Fashion Tips
"Workers without borders, united in struggle for equality, liberation, and self-determination."
§New Anarchist Mayday Flyer '09 for SF Dolores Park @12pm.
by anonymous
Please make copies and redistribute everywhere or send message vie email, forward-text, phone, fax, mail, myspace, twiter, word of mouth, etc, etc.

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by awake
I'll be there. Bring as many comrades and banners as you can!

I guess there's also a picnic going on later:
by some anarchist
no dance parties, please. this is fucking global social war here
by (a)
"If I can't dance, then I don't want to be part of your revolution." -Emma Goldman
by (A)love
i will dance if i want to...... if you dont dance then your no firend of mine

ill be there.
by crudo
It seems everytime in the bay area that there is something going on there is a call for a 'black bloc.' For instance at the protest against bankers, and the last ANSWER march.

While I think it's great that anarchists are marching as a group to show their strength and try and talk with other people, remember that the black bloc is a tactic that is created in order to engage in certain tactics, not to simply march around with. You're just going to get the poilce on the offensive if you're marching around like that without the intention of doing anything, and then when you're actually ready to do something, the police are already on their guard.

An anarchist bloc is not by default a black bloc. Think about this stuff.
by e (a)
Even if there were any plans of illegal action they wouldn't be posted here and if they were they would get removed so don't expect to see any. Anything can happen. Anarchist sport black for a number of reasons. 1) Black is the Color of "ANARCHISM" ; ) 2) Show of Solidarity 3) Anonymity Photobucket
by not a comrade
Having been at the last couple of may days in Oakland and even doing a small bit of organizing for some of them, let me say this:

A black bloc is completely inappropriate at this type of event. Families with children and people with no legal protection don't want this type provocative type of action.

If you're going to be in solidarity with immigrants, you should at least take the time to find out about what some of the thinking is.

by (A)
If you were really worried about getting caught being in the U.S. as an illegal why would you put your self in a situation where you already know there is going to be a standoff with the police? That's what the police do every time in America when we speak out against crimes commitied by the police, politicians, and injustices that take place all over the world. We're not free living in this country either you know. America tortures, maims and kills people too, not just Mexico. As if protesting weren't already provocative to authority I would like to say. That's why you don't bring children where ever the police are gonna be. Us Anarchists are not going away. The labor-movement and the anarchists have a long history with one another and mayday is also an anarchist holiday. If it weren't for the anarchists you wouldn't have the 9-5 work week here. Anarchists also organized the labor unions after fighting in the Spanish revolution and there was no government afterward, only mutual respect, understanding, hard work, and everyone survived and was happy except for the old regime that had been kicked out of power. As Anarchists living in America we are working toward achieving the same victory. long live the revolution
by definetly not your comrade
Wow. It's hard to finding a starting point to your total ignorance. Let's see 4 years ago millions of immigrant workers (both legal and illegal) hit the streets with their families to fight against their criminalization. Now it's 2009 and Mr. BIG A anarcho-fundamentalist is going to show up and tell the illegals and the women and children to stay home so HE can fight the cops.

You are an arrogant, ignorant, dimwitted shithead.

Other anarchists should take a hard look at the idiotic politics behind "black blocs".

I urge anarchists not to boycott this bullshit.
by not a comrade
I urge anarchists to boycott this bullshit.
by anarchist
f off. we don't tell you what to do, and you don't tell us what to do.

everybody meet at the black flags
by awake
Why would I boycott a chance to stand and march in solidarity and struggle with the workers of the world on International Worker's Day?
As an anarchist, this makes no sense at all.
by aa
i agree with crudo. the blac kbloc tactic has been seen by sfpd for so long. two years ago we attempted one and were imemdiately shut down. the tactic is just that, a tactic. while i dont want to tell you what to do i have a vested interest in anarchism being level headed and strategic. a black bloc with no intent is a gigantic target. if you do continue with this i would suggest maybe consider the st paul prinicples as to avoid bringing heat on undocumented families.

any action without taking the collateral damage is potentially life ruining and a complete ignorance to furthering the goals of anarchists everywhere.

i am a insurruectionary anarchist, so this isnt some liberal saying this.

please consider your strategy before employing risky tactics.
by awake
"a black bloc with no intent is a gigantic target."
The intent is to march.
It doesn't matter if the bloc is a target: this is not a time to do anything that would get anyone arrested.
This is a time to stand in solidarity and create a militant presence.
by Dorfus Gizzardfanny
Quote: "If you were really worried about getting caught being in the U.S. as an illegal why would you put your self in a situation where you already know there is going to be a standoff with the police?" the SF pigs won't do shit about anyone's immigration status. the sanctuary city law prohibits city employees, including pigs, from asking about immigration status or cooperating with federal immigration pigs. sure the pigs could if they want to, since they break the law all the time, but it shouldn't be a major concern, and it's NO reason for anarchists, or anyone else, to stand down.
by not a comrade
Perhaps you should ask a few illegal workers how they feel about the idea about "standing up to the pigs". They just might not have your level of privilege when it comes to the consequences, not just about deportation but missing work or getting hurt or getting a criminal record.

Or maybe you know what's good for them.
On October 31st, Halloween, Bay Area youth, families and other community members gathered around the Northern California Headquarters of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in San Francisco to denounce the atrocities committed by ICE against immigrant communities, even in the so called "sanctuary cities." The demonstration included a lively funeral march, drumming and dancing by Danza Azteca, inciting speeches delivered by three Xicanas, as well as Sleeping Dragons set up on two sides of the ICE building, effectively blocking the entry and exit of ICE vehicles for several hours. Demonstrators call for an immediate end to all ICE raids and to shut down all detention centers.
by Dorf.
"Perhaps you should ask a few illegal workers how they feel about the idea about "standing up to the pigs". They just might not have your level of privilege when it comes to the consequences, not just about deportation but missing work or getting hurt or getting a criminal record."

its a fucking MARCH, not an attack. the bloc is largely symbolic. there's not going to be any consequences for any of us, because we're not going to do anything. if the pigs decide to attack anybody, well then that would be unfortunate, but it wouldn't necessarily be because of the anarchists. there were anarchists at the March 21 march and the pigs attacked the shit out of some Palestinians and more or less left the anarchists alone, aside from the constant following and surveillance and intimidation tactics. pigs are violent whether there are anarchists around or not.

to suggest that we are somehow insensitive or have a disregard for the well-being of unprivileged immigrants is fucking absurd. just because we may be privileged is no reason to stand down

and don't call them "illegal workers". no person is illegal, and your laws are all bullshit anyway
by ready
I can't believe there are those that call themselves "insurrectionary anarchists" but are debating whether or not to demonstrate on MAYDAY.
The quote above says it perfectly: "Workers without borders, united in struggle for equality, liberation, and self-determination."

"not a comrade" sounds like a agent provocateur; we can think for ourselves, thank you.
by (A)
Quote from not your comrad,

"and Mr. BIG A anarcho-fundamentalist is going to show up and tell the illegals and the women and children to stay home so HE can fight the cops."

Dude, you totally took everything I said out of context. We all have a common enemy here be it capitalism or be it the state! I was not ordering you around. For me to do that and to call my self an anarchist wouldn't make any sense. Although it might have appeared that way to you I was actually just trying to give reasonable advice or a suggestion and that's about as far as I ever go in telling people what to do. I wouldn't take my kid to a protest ever just because I've been attacked by the police at several demonstrations and I've seen many people get attacked right in front of me. The one where I was attacked was at the Tristin solidarity rally in sf at the Israeli Consulate. I didn't assault the officer who punched me nor did I even commit property damage and nobody's screaming about that but if I were the one to attack the cop I'd be condemed from just about every angle and that right there should tell you that there's something terribly wrong with our society were anybody who fights back automaticaly get's discriminated against in favor of the cop. AMERICA IS BRAINWASHED TO BELIEVE THAT COPS ARE BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE AND SO THERE FOR IT IS SOMEHOW BETTER TO JUST TAKE A BEATING. MAYBE IF IT WEREN'T FOR ALL THE BRAINWASHING, PEOPLE WOULD BE LESS AFRAID TO DEFEND THEM SELVES AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY.

Like the guy said above^" we don't order anybody around and neither do we let anybody else tell us what to do." Labor Unions and anarchists have been doing Mayday every year and have always welcomed all groups with open arms just so long as long as they are not "fascist-colonialist-imperialists"!
by an anarquist
There will hopefully be a so many people out on Mayday and the pigs will be so worried about those people wearing black, that all the other people won't be hassled at all. Let the Bloc become the cop magnet, and anybody else, anarchist or not can wear something other than black and stay at the other end of the crowd. There have always been anarchists at any large demo who are not part fo "the bloc".

But also, people should stop assuming that some undocumented might not want to be part of the Bloc. And for sure, people should drop there sexism about women not being militant and needing protection. Children i can understand, and, like on Mayday every year, there is always as much space as people can create at an outdoor demeonstration for undocumented adults adn children. And to counter some of the statemnts about privilege commented on, after talking to immigrants both in San Francisco, Oakland and Seattle, some oftehm have accpted hte risk in order to be free.

And for those of you who don't know the history, even as it's been distorted including here on Indybay, anarchists created Mayday. Most anarchists like that undocumented workers have made it their day in the past couple of years, but you should remember Mayday is for all the workers and for all those who are not bosses to come together and throw off their chains.
by Anonymous
It's funny how you're all making it seem like blocs are the only reason the police use forceful tactics. Have fun living in your delusional world where POLICE only attack because we provoked them. I mean if it wasn't for a few black clad kids the police would protect the immigration marches, right? You'd think people posting on indymedia wouldn't buy into the media disinformation campaigns. You really all believe all of that "police respond to violent protests" bullshit? If so apparently you're new to all of this because they usually attack first.

by Sista T
May 1st is recognized all over the world as Labor Day or International Workers Day -- although anarchists have played an important role in May Day and labor struggles in the US -- it is a day of the international working class - anarchists don't own it.
by A
"Anarchists don't own International Workers Day"! Yes that is true but neither do the workers.

Mayday actually started out as a pagan holiday and evolved into workers holiday if you want to really get into semantics.

Mayday has evolved and continues to do so incorporating different groups that are heavily marginalized by the same enemy. Yes, today we call it "International Labor Day Holiday" or "Workers Day" "Mayday". Anarchists don’t own it “true” but neither do the workers since the origin of mayday is all about pagan festivity!

When I said it is an anarchist holiday I made sure to use the word "too" and or "workers" in the same sentence just to make my self clear we anarchists have a history and continue to play a heavy roll in it.

We got the workers

We got the anarchists

We got the immigrants

I think we should add a new group every year to help build a stronger peoples movement if you ask me ; )
by Bay area comrade
Whats with all the division, some of the posts i've been reading clearly sound like a provocateur so lets disregard them as they are doing their job when they get us bickering over stupid crap like who "owns" may day. First of all there's no way to own May day, anarchists do not have a copyright to it and nobody in their right mind would claim that only anarchists should be marching. I will be with the bloc, it is a show of solidarity, one that is badly needed right now when those of us whether we label ourselves as anarchists, libertarians, communists, marxists, radicals or whatever word you use to express your political views we are all marching as one. There is plenty of room for everyone at these demonstrations, black bloc or marching with your stroller. The key is solidarity with one another, as workers and as human beings sharing this strange journey called life together. We should focus on protecting each other no matter what disagreements we may have. Ignore the people who want to create false divisions in our ranks. There is always plenty of time to settle arbitrary conflicts between groups, may day is not a day for this at all. I cannot speak for the bloc but I can speak for myself. On May Day I am marching for all workers, unemployed, transient, exploited folks out there whom I call my sisters and brethren and against the tyrannical, exploitative governments that block our sense of human decency, kill off our fellow living creatures and destroy countries in order to profit from others misery. Stick together workers, see you on May Day!!!
by not a comrade
Where did I say police are never forceful? Oh yeah. I didn't. That means you're lying or you can't read. Should I type s l o w e r for you?

by another comrade
i agree with you 100%. that's the smartest thing anybody's said so far. look forward to marching with you
as for the small stuff/disagreements let's get over it and all stick together. We have a long ways ahead of us.

the revolution will come i'm sure. let's work hard but try to have patients with eachother and understanding.
by anonymous
by (A)Aaronlove
some solidarity not this bickering bull shit that's always going on here on indybay.

ill be there of course....

by (A)aaronlove

they posted the flyer on there site lets see if these fascist neo nazist are stupid anuf to show up...
Quote from BANA "Tell the ruling class this May Day American workers demand No Amnesty!"





by (A)
let them come and see what happens
by some guy
those cats are way too chickenshit to actually show. If they do they'll send their little brother out to film us from a safe distance, then post it on their blog. It would be convenient though if they tried to actually tried to roll with us, save us the trouble of hunting them down.
by bree bree
it would save us lots of time

we know what they look like with the pics of them out

to any alf people i dont think there vegan eather
by anonymous
Song makes me want to dance all over a cops face:
by yay
It's nice to see that my word has become a part of the common vernacular, even if this thread shows nothing more than the limited quality of debate possible amongst the "anarchists".

Anarcho-fundamentalist: A highly-sectarian fanatic who believes in a social change ideology that has never showed any glimmer of viability (reason: "we're always oppressed by people who are better organized") in the real world, perverted in the 70s into a mixture of consensus/authoritarian organizing based on identity politics and has generally devolved into a capitalist subculture; mainstream capitalism keeps this group dormant by allowing a comfortable lifestyle for disaffected upper middle-class kids who can draw out of their trust funds or family's pocket when necessary (i.e. a new punk or "conscious hip-hop" album comes out). The main activity of the anarcho-fundamentalist is writing in their newspapers and zines how ridiculous Trotskyist groups look handing out THEIR newspapers and zines. Responsible for the vast marginalization of anarchist thought in modern political movements - at a time when the anti-capitalist left is at its most powerful in 200 years of struggle here in the Americas, the anarchist couldn't be less involved in this enormous, international movement.

Anarcho-liberal: Someone who identifies themselves as an anarchist but knows next to nothing about anarchist philosophy or history and, when you dig deep enough, generally reveals that they hold left/liberal viewpoints on most specific issues. Probably supported Barack Obama in the last presidential election: even though they "don't really believe in governments," the liberal side of the anarcholiberal demands that they support a black president, even if that black president doesn't hold any radical or even controversial leftist positions. Usually, anarcholiberalism is fanatically defended by the modern anarcho-fundamentalist.

by a
Several years ago I was arrested in SF for dressing in black. Literally. There was some liberal demonstration in the street drawing heavy police forces around, and several of us were standing around on the sidewalk in black. The pigs proceeded to target and arrest me, for wearing black (and looking like a leader). They didn't tell me what I was arrested for, and proceeded to put my in county for a couple days. I had a $40,000 bail based on trumped-up charges. Nothing had happened, and nothing was going to happen.

I went to jail in SF for wearing black. Man. Wake up. Especially with SF cops, it's dangerous to dress up for no reason. You bring too much attention to yourself. It's silly.
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