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Why the Paint?

by Gabe Meyers
I am sure that alot of people are wanting to hear me answer this question; so below, I have prepared a statement that might clear a few things up.
Sometimes, when those who sit in control of a major institution or bureaucracy, decide to behave and conduct themselves, and the affairs and business of that institution or bureaucracy, in a way that is in complete contempt of the basic respect for basic humanity, then it becomes a responsibility, and a one's duty in life, to act against such behavior and conduct. Because to not, only allows a wicked air of banality in this world to exist, and ultimately leads society to becoming just as venal as that system or institution. The way that BART, and in particularly the General Manager Dorothy Dugger, have handled the affairs in the aftermath of the shooting of Oscar Grant, constitutes such an institution, and characterizes such a person in control of it. So on April 09, 2009; I had realized what my duty was, took responsibility, and acted.

Since the shooting occurred, BART has continued to lie and mislead the general public in an attempt to cover-up the truth behind what really happened on New Year's morning at the Fruitvale station. This deceit has taken place so that those who are responsible for crimes that led up to Oscar Grant's death, are not held accountable. When confronted, challenged and exposed with their lies and cover-ups by the public demanding justice at open comment meetings, the BART board of directors has arrogantly turned up it's nose and insultingly rolled it's eyes. They have disrespected the family and blamed the victim. Recently, BART has gotten up the audacity to think that they can pass off mendacity as the truth about the events of January 1st, by filing papers in court that say: Oscar Grant was the one who was being violent, and Johannes Mehserle only committed a 'tragic accident'. While at the same time, continuing to protect those who are guilty of crimes of accessory, like Tony Pirone, by saying that his conduct and use of force was acceptable, because Grant was a danger to him and his partner( who is also guilty of a cover-up and should be fired). If BART thinks it can keep adding insult to injury to those who have been victimized and those who demand justice, then they better think again and expect resistance.

If Dorothy Dugger, is going protect those who are responsible for crimes that resulted in a murder (as she has done with Officer Tony Pirone, by not firing him), and protect those who have lied and tried to cover-up those crimes (like Chief Gary Gee by not firing him), then she has become involved in a conspiracy of larger scale; and most important, she has become complicit in covering up the truth. I had concluded to myself that day in the boardroom, when I depleted the tube of red paint on the dais where Dugger’s place is, that it was appropriate and legitimate to focus my actions in front of her where she sits, because it is the seat of the General Manager, and that position of power should of never be abused in the way that she has. It is a message that such unscrupulous behavior from those who head BART, will NOT be tolerated by the people and the community, and we will fight back by any means necessary!

I have decided to take full responsibility for my actions and I want people to know that I had acted on my own accord. I know that some people are upset with me because what I did was not in consensus with the rest of the group. For this I am sorry, but I want people to realize that what I wanted to do, I could not share with the entire group, and I could best carry out and execute my action, without risk of detection, by myself. I have accepted the consequences and am willing to do the time, and I understand that by making statements like these, I increase that chance. If I go to jail, I want people to understand that while I sit locked-up, people like: Officer Tony Pirone, who are guilty of far more serious crimes than throwing child’s washable paint on the desk of a corrupt bureaucrat, and disrupting a “public” meeting, are still free and roaming our streets. Tony Pirone committed a crime, he must do the time!

Some people may say what I did is violent or unacceptable, but the true violence in this case has come from the BART Police when Oscar Grant was murdered. And what is truly unacceptable, is when that violence is protected and condoned by a system such as BART. A situation of injustice and unregulated wrongdoing has evolved in the aftermath of the shooting death and murder of Oscar Grant III. I believe that it is my duty as a human being, and before G-D, to commit myself and encourage others, to keep resisting and fighting against this ongoing miscarriage of justice. It is truly a violation of basic: equity, fairness, and respect for the rights of not just Oscar Grant, but all who are effected by repression in our society. It is only when we make a stand together and in unity, will the powers that hold us down, be no longer able to do so. It is only until then, will we be free.

In solidarity with justice,
Gabriel Mark Meyers
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