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Anarchists Against Right Wing Tea Party in San Jose
by Supporter
Wednesday Apr 15th, 2009 7:42 PM
Anarchists presente in Cesar Chavez Park!

Cesar Chavez Park is within a block of the downtown San Jose IRS building. It was the starting point for anti-racist action to counter the right-wing Tea Party.

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by wondering
Wednesday Apr 15th, 2009 7:56 PM
They were in and near Cesar Chavez Park, sheesh!
by (a)narchista
Wednesday Apr 15th, 2009 9:20 PM
woot!woot! represent south bay anarchists! much love from S.F.
by (A)aaronlove
Thursday Apr 16th, 2009 12:10 AM
around 5 is when every one showed up

there was a few hundred of the racist scum, and about50 of us we tottaly disrupted every thing they did succesfuly we brought out that riots cops and i got clubbed and pushed to the floor but that was the only vilince that occurred
by SJ anti-antiracist
Thursday Apr 16th, 2009 12:19 AM
4 things:
-I am proud that there are enough anti-racists in San Jose that are fearless enough to confront the minutemen and their allies, even when we are outnumbered.
-That was the most white supremacist hate I have seen in this city so far and I expect that with the economy in the crapper more people who are losing their jobs/homes/savings there will be more attacks on convenient scapegoats like immigrant workers, black and brown people, and queer folks since most americans are too cowardly to address the real thieves: politicians and capitalists.
-There were several organizations that organized the anti-minutemen protest today at 5p including student, anti-war, immigrants rights, Chicano groups, and community groups, and although I'm an anarchist and I am glad to have helped organize for the protest, the majority were socialists, progressives, and unaligned folks who marched right up to a frenzied reactionary crowd to defend immigrants rights.
-I hope that the energy brought to bear against the reactionary anti-immigrant and fascist minutemen translates into people coming to the May Day Immigrants Rights marches in two weeks.

See you on May First, International Workers Day!

Incidentally, heres what the San Jose Mercury News says about our anti-minutemen action:
"But the protest turned tense when a competing group of about 40 people began circling the tax protesters, banging drums, shouting epithets, screaming about immigrant rights and promoting anarchy."
by Patrick AA
Thursday Apr 16th, 2009 11:05 AM
This is just an analysis of the SJ counter-protest from the perspective of someone who lives in San Jose, is a former anarcho-sydicalist (now a socialist), white, heterosexual, middle-class full-time student (looking for a job however):

I listed all my privileges to give everyone a sense of where I'm coming from. Go ahead and defame me for what I'm about to say about the anarchists that came to the counter protest. I have put my email because I organize out in the open so as to create community support, not alienate it.

First off, the coalition of community organizations that put together the counter-protest yesterday in San Jose were locally based, community organizations that organize mostly around Latin@ and/or immigrant rights issues. Mostly everyone has someone dear in their life who is or has been affected by ICE, AB-540, or the scapegoating by xenophobic conservatives, such as the ones at "TEA party" protests yesterday.

As for the "anarchists": all three none of us in San Jose have organized with nor collaborated with previously. (Just so you know, the hawk won't work in real bloc.) One even admitted to just coming down to SJ from SF since SJ doesn't have enough help. Haha, thanks! Not. Okay, to be serious, let me list the stream of things wrong with this picture posted above, this article, no doubt written by one of you who seek glory, the people, and the comments to this article.

The "anarchists":
- Although most anarchists work on a base of consensus, these here anarchists showed up with their sign and marched in front of the SJ community who organized the event. They had not asked whether this was okay before hand, nor did it seem they really cared that by marching in front with the banner the perception of the public, and the media as well, was that the whole crowd were anarchists. This method is not anarchist, it is authoritarian. You few anarchists who were at the protest, co-opted a community effort and gave us all a bad image by the actions I will later discuss.
- They provoked the officers by blowing cigarette smoke in their faces. First off, there were members of our community marching with babies. Secondly, the majority of the counter-protesters were more vulnerable to police oppression and intimidation because they weren't as light skinned as the "anarchists." That's right, they were white, made obvious with the self-glorifying photo. If you think this isn't a race issue, the minutemen and police would surely prove you otherwise. WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING!?!?! You endangered people who were already weary of attending the protest due to their undocumented status! I know you "anarchists" might have done some reading on class privilege, but maybe you can do some reading, talking, discussing, analyzing about white privilege.

The picture:
- Of course you don't take pictures of the racist people we were protesting against! Apparently, this whole co-optation of yours was to make yourselves look like hardcore "anarchists"! Don't you two look so cute holding the sign in front of NO ONE! Look, if you really cared about the issue, you would have not been so stupid in your tactics, you wouldn't have tried to provoke the cops, and you would have taken pictures of the racist conservatives to show how much of monsters they really are!
- Again, the fro-hawk, mohawk, or whatever privileged cut you have there that shows you don't really have a job that's not white, is not bloc. Cut it, or cover it up if you want to be so hardcore. Obviously you want people to recognize you. This vanity of "anarchists," devoid of taking into account privilege, community support/consensus, and tactics, is probably the main reason I stopped believing that most people who call themselves "anarchists" really are anarchists. Durruti would certainly frown upon you.

The article:
- The lie here is in the words, "It was the starting point for anti-racist action to counter the right-wing Tea Party." If you had been honest, you would have put up that the anti-racist action started in San Jose State University, at Cesar Chavez memorial arc. This location was chosen by the community organizations' coalition that you, self proclaimed "anarchists", didn't have a part in. This isn't because we're exclusive, but more because you prefer to organize exclusively among your own, so you didn't seek out organizations that were already or might have been organizing for the protest the whole time.

The comments:
- I, personally, am in full agreement with SJ anti-antiracist (?, think you just meant anti-racist). I would call myself an anarchist like ze(she/he), but with the way most "anarchists" are on the west coast, well, at least Cali, I'd rather not. Thank you for recognizing that this was a locally, community organized counter protest.
- I also appreciate the irony brought up by wondering, and I'd like to add that the purpose of the right-wingers for choosing such a location was most likely a provocation directed toward everyone who will most likely participate in MayDay.
- The other two = self-glorification. (A)aaronlove, you're better than this, and I know you are. (a)narchista, don't get in your head that the few of you there represent all the anarchists here. I've met some way more socially conscious anarchists here than you.

So, that's my analysis of the anarchist co-optation of a community effort. I hate to do such a thing, and be so critical, but it must be done for us to live in a more conscious, just, fair society.

My suggestions (don't take this as I know everything, but this is what I've picked up along the way):
- Study tactics = different forms of actions are good for different occasions. For this one, cop-provoking served no purpose and put peoples' status in jeopardy.
- Study privilege = white people in masks definitely shouldn't be leaders of an anti-racist march/protest. Same as how boys shouldn't try to lead a feminist march, "breeders" shouldn't lead an LGBTQ march, etc. Each variety of people have their own worries, needs, and wants, so if you don't understand that, back off and show your support in other ways.
- Study consensus = this is even more important for when the actions occur than when people plan for it, mostly because people show up to actions without having consented to whatever militant plans many radicals scheme behind closed doors. This can be very dangerous, both in terms of injuries and arrests. If you have too, try to get consensus from people even while on the street. I've had to, with cops telling us to move to the sidewalk. We all had to consent to it first. Otherwise, make your own faction visibly separate from the faction that hasn't consented. So for instance, you could have approached the crowd from another angle with the three of you holding the Antifa sign. By the way, I've been hoping for an Antifa group for a while, just not like this. : (
- Study history = this is great for tactics, embracing a radical heritage, and so we don't repeat the same mistakes.

Please don't be reactionary to these criticisms and throw a bunch of slanders my way. I made this critique with the knowledge you will learn from it. No one is perfect. Besides, we fight for the same thing. You have nothing to lose but your chains, and a world to win. ; )

In Solidarity,
by (A)Aaronlove
Thursday Apr 16th, 2009 11:42 AM
im from san jose i lived here my whole life i organized a few people spur of the moment when i found out about the minuet men comeing to san jose,

we did not provoke anything nor antagonize anyone and who the hell do you think brouth the bull horn and did really use it and gave it to your organizer to use since it was your protest, if you wana make up a bunch of bull shit like that go for it, i brought banners and signs that i used earlier in that day and i have a friend thats part of the organizing committee for your groups and he ran into me earlier inthe day as we were protesting just the 4 of us against a few hundred of them constantly harassed and the cops actually came to protect us because they were ganging up on us but we stood our ground and marched in solidarity with the latino naborhood in peace not anything else like you say

yea i get very vocal during protests because it means the whole world to me, when i got clubbed bythat cop for "getting to close" i dident throw shit at him i slipped him the finger and went on with my day then one of your organizer came up and tryed bitching me out for getting hit like it was my fault. i was clapping my hand and shouting human rights chants along with every one else,

we did nothing to provoke you to write something so insulting like we were a bunch of kids trying to fuck shit up, we kept it very fucking peaceful and had fun while doing it hints dancing.

its pretty fuck of you guys to start talking shit like that and act like we provoking the cops

and as for you students for justice!!!!

i rember about 1 year ago i came up to you with my high school group i founded students agienst war we needed help organising a protest at the fed building down town so you helped alittle promased to show up instead never came bailed out on us at the last moment cus "it wouldent be affective" so i question still are you down for what you say you are or are you just anouther answer, wcw wanabe group

i was in san jose food not bombs for two years iv had a long history of working with south bay mobilization and san jose peace center i know san jose and the people in it, this is my community to just as much as it is yours and the republican fascist.

and btw i showed you guys the banner and asked if i could use it every one was like yup, i did my best to help out and not interfere with what your groups were doing, and we never fucked anything up it went peaceful and successful.

by a comrade
Thursday Apr 16th, 2009 11:47 AM
Thanks for speaking up Patrick. I hope the "guilty" parties actually hear this critique.

I was once at an immigrant rights rally in Chicago were a bunch of anarcho-snot noses were screaming "fuck the pigs" and trying to provoke the police, while immigrant families with their kids, some of whom were no doubt illegal, were trying to have a peaceful march. Needless to say the immigrants completely separated themselves from their so-called "allies". Same thing happened at last years mayday protest in LA.

by Patrick AA
Thursday Apr 16th, 2009 12:24 PM
My comrade "bitched" at you did so with all intention of keeping others safe, whereas your comments, directed at the pigs who weren't even the focus of the action, were likely to endanger them.

Either way, I addressed some fundamental problems of anarchist factions that pretend to ally with community concerns when really they just want the spotlight. There was already a post up about the protest that actually put a face to what/who was being protested by the time you put up your own. I realize you knew this, because you even used the photo from that post to glorify yourself in your own post. Not only did you not focus on the people being protested against, but you romanticized your anarchism, like so many "anarchists" with no history and no true dissection of what makes one more oppressed than another. If you were a true anarchist, one that really fights against all forms of oppression, you would recognize it in your co-optation, your self-congratulations, and your provocation.

I have strong feelings for these issues too, and I don't doubt you do as well. I feel that you're a little misguided. Punk bands and romantic ideals of transient free lovers might play a part. But when it comes to community organizing, you have to get real. Strip the mask, like you do at FNB, and expose your vulnerabilities like any other member of the community has to do on a daily basis, especially when marching. We are strongest and most adaptive when we are most bare, because then we have the strength of knowing ourselves and sharing that knowing.

I wish you the best of luck with your self-discovery.
by sj anti-racist
Thursday Apr 16th, 2009 4:18 PM
(yeah, I meant sj anti-racist in the other post... hehe)

Wow. Well, I agree with much of what Patrick says about white privilege and how it plays out among anarchists which I think about a lot as a white person and an anarchist that wants big democratic vibrant movements that are welcoming and address peoples issues.

When U.S. anarchists gather for actions, there is a tendency for those actions to be:
-majority white
-poorly organized (unless there is a spokescouncil or other face to face planning prior to the action)
-unsafe for people with immigration issues or probation/parole issues and for people of color in general in that they get profiled by the cops

The political community that gets built by disorganized confrontations is temporary and exclusive to those who can afford a lawyer, have no legal issues, are super quick on their feet and can "blend into a crowd" when they need to, or who "don't give a fuck" and are willing to risk all right at that moment.

That is not the political community I want to foster and is not what will make anarchism and anti-authoritarianism grow and resonate with people. That would require trust and recognition that anarchists have something useful to contribute on a consistent basis. And I cannot think of a spontaneous direct action so militant and awesome that it makes bad process okay or excuses acting entitled to lead or not listen to the people in the rest of the movement, or put people of color out of the decision making in our collective liberation.

The righteous anger and rage of all oppressed people, as well as the visions for the way they want to define their relationships with each other, their work, and the planet must be shared. Political movements can only achieve goals that are truly shared by their participants, and if the agreements among the participants aren't very deep ("Ok, lets all vote for the lesser of two evils", or "Ok, I'll join this union even though it is exclusive, undemocratic, and I have to promise not to strike so maybe I'll get some benefits and better pay some day", or "Ok, lets all go chant at the minutemen because they are racist fascists and none of us like that" etc) the movements are doomed because there is no shared vision for how to proceed after that one project is finished and then people go back to whatever community they had if they have one at all (most folks in the U.S. right now have NO political community). As an anarchist that organizes in the South Bay, I really want to change that.

Here's to respectful cooperation among movements for liberation.
by (A)aaronlove
Thursday Apr 16th, 2009 9:24 PM
the only thing i did to a cop that day was give him the finger he whacked me in the chest with his button that's it left it at that.

im tired of you liberal socialist with such a huge ass ego who try and control protest and what happens at them, we respected your guys protest and GAVE YOU MY BULLHORN TO USE THE WHOLE DAM TIME!!! if that's not showing respect for your guys event, now if i used it and added other crap into the protest maybe you could talk i kept it on the issue the whole time the whole day.

where were you guys at 12 when we were standing alone with a few hundred minute men and almost got jumped several times but didn't back down, do u know how Meany times i got pushed around by huge ass racist did i fight back no, did i antagonize no!

i have to question how down are you for what you say you are?

ask david ladesma, san jose peace center, food not bombs sj, south bay mobilization, world cant wait, even the rcp they all know who i am and what i have done for the things i have done, i have organised, i have helped with or been a part of

i dident see any of you in Denver for the dnc, i haven't seen any of you in Berkeley at the recruiting stations, didn't see any of you in oakland for oscar grant, dident see any of you in sf to protest the banks, didn't see you at any of the court solidarity's for the animal enterprise act supposed eco terrorist, not even one of the anti war protest run by david ladesma at the corner of Stevens creek, not at any of the no on 8 protest, whys that cus your the type that only fights something if it affects you directly.

dont ever fucking tell me i dont know what im talking about, or i need new strategies, cus you obviously haven't been around haven't been tear gassed clubbed by police pepper sprayed, arrested a dozen times, and im still here on the front lines of the protest, i organise them, go to every single one because like i said i believe in it and im willing to fight for my beliefs and rights even if im beat to the ground for it i stand up for the human race, and my animal comrades

oh and just so you know im still only 17 with the balls to stand up to any one and ill make sure as fuck i wont be talked shit about and told i dont know what im talking about by some liberal whos acting just like the republicans and said some of the same things they did about the anarchist

maybe u should pick up a book or two and see were the hell us anarchist are coming from and why

it really pisses me off how full of shit you are and how much you just plain out dont like the anarchist

oh and for listing to punk bands.. naw i listen to grateful dead, and alot of folk but ill admit leftover crack, and star fucking hipsters are on my top

for being masked its to protect our selves from police harassment after the protest, and our identities. do i really give a fuck if you know who i am or if the cops do, no

google my name see what pops up....


dont talk about solidarity because you know nothing about what it means

hay and you know what you guys still have my bull horn cus hmm i kinda donated it to you guys because you didn't have one,

go to sf, Berkley or oakland and see if any of the activist tolerate your attitude

-fuck party politics

by (A)
Thursday Apr 16th, 2009 10:17 PM
wtf are you talking about

most anarchist are poor or homeless travelers not even close to being all white

and so you know only 2 of the anarchist there were actually activist
the others were first time protesters

and we were there way before you guys even thought about showing up!

by (A)aaronlove
Thursday Apr 16th, 2009 10:32 PM
does the color of my skin have to do with any thing?

sounds like your a bit racist too
by sj anti-racist
Friday Apr 17th, 2009 12:00 AM
This is a white supremacist society, where all major institutions (schools, economy, history) are structured to channel resources and power toward the big-time capitalists who are almost all white by making people of color invisible and disposable. Along with patriarchy, heterosexism, and capitalism, white-supremacy is what holds our oppressive society in check so people in movements for social and economic justice have to pay extra close attention to how we treat each other, particularly how white activists relate to activists of color. Organizers and activists of color have a deep distrust of white activists and movements that tend to be dominated by white people because historically, white leftists have risen to power in the institutions that movements build to move forward.

Look at the U.S. labor movement and the presidents of the international unions that claim to organize the unorganized (especially SEIU and HERE) for how the labor, dues, and political labor of people of color is exploited to advance an agenda that is decided by the highest echelons to give money to politicians to buy access to the cesspool that is congress.
Check out

Women's Liberation
Look at how white careerist feminists assumed the positions of power in the women's liberation movement and how women of color were unable to shape the agenda and the methods of the movement and were alienated from those institutions.

Global Justice
Betita Martinez, elder Chicana feminist, wrote the article "Where was the color in Seattle" after the WTO protests in Seattle that most definitely were beautiful, but left those of us who were there wondering how the left could have such a huge hole in its heart and not have noticed.

This one is not as specifically about movements, but I like it: "White privilege: Unpacking the invisible knapsack" by Peggy McIntosh.

I think it is hard as hell to find a principled way to work in multiracial settings where you don't silence yourself as a white person, since your ideas are just as valid as anyone elses, but because of white privilege (or male privilege, or hetero privilege or class privilege) your voice and your actions can shut others down or take up the space that is needed for people of color whose experience has been that they need to "shut the hell up so their teacher/boss/union-official/cop who was white" doesn't attack them for speaking out of turn or call them dumb or ignore them. Taking up more than your share of group space in multiracial movement settings (especially around racial justice), or assuming that a group of protesters are not themselves organized and capable of self-organization without checking in to see who is present and what they think (and waiting................................. as long as it takes to find out) will put people of color on edge and make them lose trust and respect for you.

On the other hand, having offended comrades of color and burned bridges that did not need to be burned with people that I respected but could not or would not take orders from, I wish I could go back and tell myself to wait and stay and listen and tell them what I needed and hear what they needed so that we could have kept on organizing together or at least talked about things outside of organizing if that was what we needed to do. But I can't go back in time, so I just have to try to re-engage with those folks and if we respected each other in the first place, we can re-build the relationships if we are both patient and stay aimed at injustice for the long haul. There are not enough of us to abuse each other, and I know you are overflowing with the spirit of justice, and since I'm the one you gave the bullhorn to which I really appreciate, I want you to know that I respect you for your work and courage and that I want to see you succeed in your projects, which I hope will include us all, but on terms closer to what I have been describing.

In solidarity.
by Anarchist
Friday Apr 17th, 2009 1:57 AM
Yo y'all look tight in your photo. Don't take any trash talk from the Marxist scum seriously. Y'all organized on the spur of the moment and got a presence out. Fuckin' rad. It's even better 'cos y'all look young, and it's great to see younger folks organizing themselves. Cover your face next time you post a picture. Keep it real. Much love.
by Anarchist
Friday Apr 17th, 2009 1:58 AM
Hope your bruises heal quick. ;)
by jose
Friday Apr 17th, 2009 2:12 AM
i just wanted to clear that i'm jose the guy who used the bullhorn most of the time, idk who patrick is...
by Patrick AA
(sXeMunk [at] Friday Apr 17th, 2009 7:57 AM
Hey, didn't get a real chance to read anything, but I apologize for saying Aaron wasn't involved in the community. I didn't recognize him until remembering his name online, and the mask skews everything. Aaron, my bad. Email me if you want to talk. I didn't have time yet to read the rest of the comments, but now I have to go again. I'm more likely to keep checking my email than this page because there are better things to stay informed about than seeing a page set up to glorify a few, select individuals.
by a-feminist
Friday Apr 17th, 2009 10:09 AM
erm, what now?

"I'm more likely to keep checking my email than this page because there are better things to stay informed about than seeing a page set up to glorify a few, select individuals."

With such an ability for throwing out snide comments as you walk out the door, I'm sure you have a bright future as a crypto-yuppie working for some well-financed non-profit. Go team solidarity!

Other than that, I'm glad to see the turnout, and people working to find constructive ways to overcome differences, even in an environment for "a few, select individuals" (which paradoxically is also open to the public).
by a-feminist
Friday Apr 17th, 2009 10:43 AM
Not to veer off topic, but since this always comes up...

Look. Historically or otherwise, we're organized left radicals in the US in 2009. We're ALL small in formation, and it really sets my teeth on edge when I see socialists blame anarchists for being "elitist" or whatever -- it shows a total lack of understanding of left history, and a rather snarky attempt at using what is at best a half-truth against a self-declared opponent, when in fact that not only is the exact way to keep us divided and our numbers small, it also inevitably ends up in tragedy and failure.

As for citing Benita: I love Benita, and the work that she's done and continues to do. I also think hauling out a 10 year old essay doesn't really do much to overcome what divides us, and if anything, is a way to use color to keep us separate from each other, which in case you haven't noticed, is already happening. Hello - SEATTLE WAS 10 YEARS AGO! If you want to go there, I suggest digging up Naomi Klein's lecture on Democracy Now which was aired shortly after her most recent book came out -- one of the things that she addresses is that we in the "western" part of the anti-globalization movement failed post-Seattle, which imo is more along the lines of what we should be doing. Soul-searching is more in order than some pre-packaged debriefing.

We need to talk with each other, not at each other, myself included.
by e
Friday Apr 17th, 2009 1:09 PM
"Don't take any trash talk from the Marxist scum seriously."

I'm an Anarchist. What's wrong with Carl Marx.... seriously?
by a-feminist
Friday Apr 17th, 2009 4:08 PM

I wish people would clarify what they mean when they attack Marxists. As in:

Separating out Marx and Marxists, as well as what kind of Marxist you're criticizing;
Separating out Marxist economics from Marxist authoritarianism.

I happen to agree with Marx a great deal about economics, to some degree about labor (more of a result of a vastly changed labor landscape than his being wrong, imo) and hardly at all when it comes to the state. That squarely makes me an anarchist in the left anarchist tradition.
by lefty
Friday Apr 17th, 2009 5:10 PM
Search "San Jose Tea Party" on if you want to see the action. Crazy...