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San Jose "Tea Party" Brings out the Worst of the Right Wing

by Wilson Roberts
The FOX-News heavily promoted anti- tax "tea parties" meant party-time for some of the worst of the right wing in San Jose, California today. Their signs signaled everything from racism, to homophobia, to misogyny. From noon about 100 gathered in front of the IRS building in downtown San Jose. They were countered by a smaller contingent of anti-war/anti-racism seasoned activists. But the tea party participants weren't listening.
San Jose, California in front of the IRS building around 1 PM...the displaced anger and undisguised racism and, well, ignorance were palpable.

Right wingers whined "this is our demonstration" and "we knew some of you people would show up to ruin it for us, why don't you go to another corner" when seasoned anti-war activists tried to engage them in discussion. One left-wing activist commented, "I was waiting for the hoods to be handed was that bad."

A favorite argument levied at anti-war activists, who tried to point out that taxes are high because of endless military spending, went like this: "We work for a living---not like you who can just be called up on a moment's notice."

Such was the Tax Day Tea Party in San Jose.

§Sign up here for Racism
by Wilson Roberts
Right Winger in this photo seems to be saying: "Just say no to education for immigrants" as he signs up people to oppose the Dream Act.

The Dream Act is a piece of proposed federal legislation that was introduced in the US senate and the US house of representatives in March 26, 2009. This bill would provide certain immigrant students who graduate from US High Schools, are of good moral character, arrived in the US as children, and have been in the country continuously for at least five years prior to the bill's enactment, the opportunity to earn conditional permanent residency. It is largely seen by anti-immigrant forces as unfair spending of US taxpayer money to help undocumented immigrants reside in the US. HOWEVER, there is reason to consider the current version this proposed legislation carefully from an anti-war viewpoint as well. Military service is written into the Act as a path to citizenship in an apparent attempt to press latinos/latinas into jobs that would require them to kill.

See anti-war activist David Ledesma on why we should NOT support the Dream Act in its current form at:
Religion was big with these Tea Party participants. Only their brand of course.
§Pro-war sign in the middle
by Wilson Roberts
"You only have the rights you are willing to fight for"
§Misogyny was big
by Wilson Roberts
§The guy on left holds a "get straight" card
by Wilson Roberts
He and his buddy offered up Jesus' help for homosexuals with their "Get Straight" cards
§She thinks her sign is really clever
by Wilson Roberts
Tongue waggin' woman explained that it is a message to Obama with anti-homosexual bias she didn't bother to hide
§These guys challenged homophobic right wing
by Wilson Roberts
Good Guys wear Black!
§Don't teach racism, teach tolerance!
by Wilson Roberts
Guy at left Challenging the right wing. Alas, many tea party racist homophobes brought their kids!
§Guy on right has word for young activist on left
by Wilson Roberts
"Come back and talk to me when you are married and have a couple of kids". Such an inspiring example of fatherhood, not!
§On the left
by Wilson Roberts
§Las Abuelitas Enojadas Presente
by Wilson Roberts
With irony the Raging Grannies noted: The IRS building is next to Cesar Chavez Park in downtown San Jose.
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fox noise thinks these things are the way out of the wilderness for republicans, a way to artificially build a movement that would implicitly back the greedy wing of the repug party

from what I've seen, taxes had almost nothing to do with these events across the nation

it was just an opportunity for the right-wing nutters to come out and express their dismay that an african american is president and that their political party only has a stronghold on the american south, and even that may not last forever

also, I think the right wing has protest envy, jealous of 100-plus years of left wing activism. remember the protest warriors in the early years of the iraq war?

the guy is a complete scumfuck war criminal.
by .:.
the answer is no, of course. but these idiots are freaked out by him for totally different reasons than thinking leftists are
by Che
Isn't it entertaining to see these people on the street? They only feel that it's OK for them to be there because Fox News told them to come out.
by Anarchist
The tea-party movement is being energized by fox because fox said it was okay and suggested all the rightwing republican people come out. Think if MSNBC told everybody to attend the next anti-war protest we would have 50 million all across the nation because the far right is way out numbered as shown in recent polls.

American soldiers die for the expansion of the American empire and world domination for money and power. It's all about profit. Soldiers don't die for freedom. While marines die in the Middle East the American police are becoming more and more militarized and hostile toward all figures from with in the anti-establishment community. People are being spied on and harassed and the centralization of power by the creation of homeland security. The patriot act! The torture! and profits made by Halliburton, KBR, Carylal Group, Bechtel, and Lockheed Martin all at the expense of tax payer money. Soldiers die so these groups these war profiteers can get even more fat n filthy rich. That’s greedy crony capitalism there for you. And people such as dick Chaney had nothing to do with it oh no! not at all. lol BRING THE TROOPS HOME FROM THE MIDDLE EAST IF YOU CARE ABOUT THEM. I know why 4,000 troops are dead. Nothing to do with liberation for Americans or Iraqis.

The only true socialist-communist-anarchist nation that i know of that ever existed was spain after the Spanish revolution. Anarchists organized the labor unions and they fought hard in battle to have their victory. To anybody who say's that it had never been done before I say they don't know their history. I look back at that as a success. The only reason why it failed was due to sabotage and the victors we're not willing to execute former members of the old regime. They didn't want to stoop to the level of killing those that remained in execution style and for this they paid the cost of losing their perfect world that lasted about few years.

"Amendment 1: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble; and to petition the government for a redress of grievance." end quote

As an anarchist i reject the state and it's laws and it's even it's boundaries that being the north and south boarder. Nobody is illegal and we are all human. Everybody has a right to speak their mind no matter what. Whether it is allowed by the law or not doesn't concern me and never will. Just because a law is a law doesn't necessarily make it right. What is right and what is wrong? It's very easy for me to answer that question. All I do is turn the tables and put my self in the other person’s shoes like an Iraqi mother who wants American out of Iraq or an Iraqi father who lost his son and straps a bomb to his chest to kill our men to avenge his son’s death. I understand why people do the things they do and America is the aggressor and that's why I’ll never side my self with it and I don't think I’ll ever leave this place because that would abandoning those who are exploited, oppressed over here by capitalism. We have to bring this system down and start over.

Footnote: I fully expect this posting to be deleted as it does not jive with the author(s) agenda. Thus limiting my RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH, again teh VERY first Amendment. You know they do that in every Communist country? Interesting, isn't it?
Add a Comment end quote:

I do not agree with censorship on any website be it leftwing or right wing. I believe in fairness except if it's racist sexist homophobia then that's where the line get's drawn because fascism in the new democratic society will never be given a platform, EVER! The rise of fascism always starts out small that way. All under the guise of free speech until people are all of a sudden becoming under attack by far right Nazi fascist extremists.

While I am an Anarchist I do not believe in using violence to achieve the maximization of profit. Only Anarcho Capitalists believe in that. Anarchist anti-capitalist is what i am indeed. We can have socialism with out government but we will need some minimum government just until everybody is equally accommodated then we can break down the barriers of government even more until there is nothing left of it. People can then govern them selves and work in teams to survive much like and army of ants working only to survive rather that filthy money.

The American Flag has Native American blood all over it.
The American Flag has African American blood all over it.

And for this I can wipe my ass clean w/ the American Flag and not lose any sleep over it : )>

by JBC
I just saw this in Google and had to respond. I was at the tea party in San Jose and everything written here is a complete distortion and lies. I know you want to push your agenda and make it look like people were all homophobes and racist, but that is not true at all. I am a gay hispanic woman and I witnessed the entire gathering. People were from all walks of life and all colors. They were mostly respectful and peaceful. There were a few at the rally who were irritated because the outside group that was coming in to protest in favor of undocumented immigrants was purposely being loud so we could not hear the people speaking on stage. They came in to crash the tea party and make it so we couldn't hear what people were saying. Other than that, nobody was rude and certainly nobody was racist. But there are people out there who will say anything to try to "prove" that the those of us who love this country as it was founded and who do not want our economy destroyed by socialist policies are somehow all "evil white racist homophobes". Nothing could be further from the truth.
by See photos
I'd ask the writer who calls the article LIES to consider that even mainstream media sources report that "tea party" people are overwhelmingly white and anti-gay.

See photo here of t-shirt worn by a not-so-unusual participant at a tea party in San Jose. The date was July 5.

If you are gay please keep in mind. These people are NOT your friends.
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