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MOI JR Interviews Andrew Louis About Felony Arrest During Unrest of January 7th in Oakland
by block report radio
Tuesday Apr 14th, 2009 11:57 AM
The POCC's Minister of Information JR interviews one of the Oakland 100 who is facing a felony charge after being arrested at the first of the Oakland Rebellions in the aftermath of protesting the police murder of Oscar Grant.
(audio 12:40)

Minister of Information JR from the Prisoners of Conscience Committee interviews Drew Louis on Block Report Radio. JR and Drew are two of the three people still facing felony charges related to the Oscar Grant Rebellion of January 7th. They talk about how the protesters were condemned by many but that it was those who stood up in the streets that forced city government to deal with the situation and not sweep it under the rug. JR and Drew go on talk about the interracial nature of the demonstrations on January 7th. A surprising statement Drew made to the news media is discussed.

JR's upcoming court dates are Thursday, April 23rd, at 9am in Courtroom 115, and Tuesday the 28th of April at 2pm in Courtroom 115.

Drew goes back to court on Wednesday, April 22nd at 9am in Courtroom 112 or 115.

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by corp report
Tuesday Apr 14th, 2009 12:11 PM
BART's general manager, Dorothy Dugger, held a news conference late Friday afternoon, responding to a plea by the Bay Area Council to police and sheriffs in the nine biggest cities in the Bay Area. This came in the wake of Wednesday's violent demonstrations.


About a half-dozen protesters who were arrested Wednesday night were arraigned at the Alameda County Courthouse on Friday, some for misdemeanors and some for felonies.

One of those arraigned was 20-year-old Andrew Louis who was charged with felony vandalism. He said he feels his actions were justified.

"(He) got his life took, he can never fight again. I feel I have to fight for him," said Louis.

Louis says windows can be replaced but not the life of Oscar Grant.
by reality check
Wednesday Apr 15th, 2009 2:51 PM
Just what was accomplished through the venting of anger at downtown Oakland merchants - who had nothing to do with the BART cop's murder of Oscar Grant? Did it win sympathy or support from the business owners? Did it force BART to fire Mershele? Did stomping on cars force BART to establish a Citizen Police Review Board? Maybe a few participants felt better after expressing their anger but what has changed? Peaceful protest will win more support than unorganized celebrations of violence. What is the point? To expose the OPD as reactionary, violence prone thugs? Didn't we already know that?