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OSC: Cheragh: Obama Plan for Afghanistan Flawed
by juan cole (reposted)
Sunday Mar 29th, 2009 8:58 AM
From a Sunday, March 29, 2009 entry on Informed Comment a blog run by Juan Cole
The USG Open Source Center translates an Afghan editorial criticizing elements of President Obama's new plan for Afghanistan. It displays the gravest doubts that he will find any moderate Taliban with whom to negotiate, but also rejects the idea of an influx of further Western troops. It also decries the tendency of Western politicians to exaggerate the threat to their societies from Afghanistan.

Afghan paper criticizes US plan of talks with 'imaginary' moderate Taleban
Cheragh (Light)
Saturday, March 28, 2009
Document Type: OSC Translated Text

Afghan paper criticizes US plan of talks with "imaginary" moderate Taleban

Text of editorial headlined "USA's tribute to moderate Taleban?" by independent Afghan newspaper Cheragh on 25 March

New scenario, old methods

Nowadays the Americans and their European allies are speaking of peace and reconciliation with an invisible and imaginary thing called the moderate Taleban, and their diplomats are knocking on different doors, even of enemies and the opponents, for the victory of this mission so that if possible meet the lost or self-created creature (Moderate Taleban) and involve them in their new strategy and thereby be immune to their harm and revenge. One of these tributes is opening of a political office for the Taleban and encouraging them to ensure the security of military establishments and logistical convoys in return for a considerable amount (of money).
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For many years Afghanistan, because of its sensitive geopolitical location, has been the ground of strategic competition of occupying and hegemonic countries, and has paid a big cost for the realization of their objectives and wishes. The Americans have newly noticed the fact that they cannot make Afghans surrender through force and intimidation, and the new administration of the country (USA) wants to turn a new chapter of cooperation but still it is on the wrong path. Because the events during the past seven years in our country have shown that boosting troops and looking at Afghanistan from a military point of view not only did not help the international community reach their goals, but has also made them face the opposition of the neighbours and the countries in the region to their presence and the reluctance and distrust of the Afghan people towards cooperation with the forces.

On the other hand, the US government is wandering after an imaginary thing like moderate Taleban to end the violence. Although the will to end violence and ensure security is praiseworthy, but for many years the Afghan people and government, in the thought that they could find the ones among the Taleban whose reason dominate their emotions and distinguish the good from the bad, and even for a moment think about the interests of the people and the good of the country, are wandering in the mirage of their imaginations in search of the unfounded thing.

But why the US, despite the fact that the Taleban have always reacted violently, and their spokesman has stated that in contrast to the conception of the western leaders, the Taleban are unified and cannot be classified, still wishes something that cannot be found? It is a suspicious issue.

Since a long time now, western military and strategic studies institutions, by employing experts and releasing their commentaries through the relevant media in an attempt to reverse the facts of war and the existing crisis in Afghanistan, and to exaggerate the country's threat to the world, are engaged in presenting negative and disappointing views; and by magnifying the threat of the Taleban to the government and security (forces), show them uncontrollable and invincible, and justify their wrong acts.

Our advice to the friends (Americans) is that instead of idealism and wasting time, they should turn to realism and do not sum up this mission with killing extremist Taleban and tribute to the moderate ones. The westerners, instead of making peace with the terrorists and human rights violators, should base their strategy on the realities of the international community and the changes in the region and play no more with the fate and emotions of our people.

(Description of Source: Kabul Cheragh (Light) in Dari -- Eight-page independent daily, publishes political, social and cultural articles; critical of the transitional government)