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Bash Back!: Solidarity With All Cop Killers
by BB! News
Saturday Mar 28th, 2009 11:45 AM
On March 21st, Lovelle Mixon shot five police officers, killing four before dying in the gunfire. In Oakland we see the fabric of capitalist normalcy being ripped to shreds. Daily instances of racist police violence are transformed into rupture and thrown back in the faces of our oppressors. In January, days of rioting followed the police-murder of Oscar Grant.

This week, people danced in the streets as cops were shot. At the hospital, others snuck into the emergency room to chant that the shooting was vengeance made actual upon the police. People rallied to honor the memory of Oakland’s newest folk-hero. Oakland, reterritorialized as a terrain of war against the social order.

In 1959, we fought the street-battles with the police as they harassed queers at a donut shop in Los Angeles. In 1966, police brutality against street queens in the Tenderloin mutated into queens beating cops with their purses. In 1969, a seemingly-ordinary police raid on a queer bar in new york, erupted into four days of sustained rioting. In 1979 we burnt cop cars in the streets of San Francisco. We meet queerbashers with bricks, mace and batons.

To bash back, is to reverse the flows of power and violence; to explode the hyper-normal into situations of previously-unthinkable revolt. We thus find the deepest affinity with all who fight back against the affective poverty and oppression of this world.

As the police and media work to defame and slander Lovelle Mixon, we express our total solidarity.

Until every queerbasher is beaten to a pulp and police are but a memory.

Yours for the social war,

-an unknowable cell of Bash Back!


On March 26th, Bash Back! operatives dropped a banner from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Union. The banner read only: “We (heart) Lovelle Mixon”.

R.I.P. Lovelle Mixon