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Young People Anticipate the Aftermath of Mixons Rampage
by NAM (reposted)
Wednesday Mar 25th, 2009 8:03 AM
Originally From New America Media

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 : No one will be more affected by the fallout of the shooting-deaths of four Oakland Police Department officers at the hands of Lovelle Mixon than young people living in his neighborhood and places like this all over the Bay Area.
YO! Youth Outlook Multimedia asked young people how they thought their lives would change in the wake of the massacre. Authors are interns at YO! and The Beat Within.

Police Will Be More Nervous

Well, what happened with the four police officers in Oakland getting killed is terrible, but its also just life stuff happens. I think the police are really going to be cracking down on youth, not just in Oakland its gonna happen all over. Even if you just look like youre gangbanging or you just look like youre in the street, you are going to be harassed by the police. The police are going to try and make an example of anyone else in the street life.

The other thing is that the police might be kind of nervous, and when they pull people over, I think that any move the person makes can cost them their life. I think the whole city is going to get cracked down on just because of one persons stupidity.

This whole thing is not going to affect me because I dont be in the streets like that. But in a situation with me and the police, I will be kind of scared. If I get pulled over, the police wont know that Im not in the streets just by the way I look especially with my gold ones and clothes they gonna think that Im a gangster when Im not even close to that. So, in that situation I will be very nervous and uncomfortable.

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