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Judge Postponing BART cop's 3/23 hearing
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Sunday Mar 22nd, 2009 7:42 PM
Here it comes: First, a strange shooting of Oakland police, who are usually wearing lots of armor and are heavily armed, by a "deranged" man who was recently let out of prison. Now, a judge says the preliminary hearing of 3/23/09 of Johannes Mehserle, the BART cop who killed Oscar Grant, will be postponed because of the killings of cops on 3/21/09. No TV show can beat this staging.
Here it comes: First, a strange shooting of Oakland police, who are usually wearing lots of armor and are heavily armed, by a "deranged" man who was recently let out of prison. Now, a judge says the preliminary hearing of 3/23/09 of Johannes Mehserle, the BART cop who killed Oscar Grant, will be postponed because of the killings of cops on 3/21/09. No TV show can beat this staging.

With apologies, this story is in the SF Chronicle, 3/22/09 at:

The 3/23 preliminary hearing, where lots of BART cops were to testify during the week, is now a hearing for postponement to 5/18/09, the week before the first vacation weekend of summer, Memorial Day weekend. It is also the end or practically the end of the school semester, depending on your school. By then, the excuses for postponement will be that the witnesses are on vacation or otherwise not available. Meanwhile, Mehserle is out on bail. Maybe his excuse will be he has to visit his sick grandmother in his native Germany. Then, of course, judges and lawyers have family problems too. After 5 years of postponements, a motion to dismiss for failure to prosecute in a timely manner might be brought. That's American democracy, the stench of hypocrisy and the profound waste of our tax dollars. Let's just abolish all police departments and use the money to take care of the problems in our communities ourselves with job training for decent paying jobs.

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by Mario
Monday Mar 23rd, 2009 10:14 AM
Some right wing supporters of Mehserle think that there shouldn't be a delay , that the sooner the trial occurs the more likely the jury would be swayed by the shootings of those cops and find him innoccent . As if he was some ''Centurian '' at the Gates fighting the ''Barbarians '' (Ie Blacks and Latinos )
I don't think so . I think the longer the delay the more likely is that , sadly, the outrage over Oscar Grant's murder will diminish . The attention span of even the'' progressive ''public is so short in this country . But i sure hope i'm proven wrong . i think the courtroom should be packed every day of any hearing and trial . I fear that the DA's office will accept or even propose a deal where if Mehserle pleads guilty to Manslaughter he in return will only get a couple of years prison time . A couple of years ! I know people who have done more time than that for mere Possesion of Pot .
One more comment. Read the comments under the online SF Chron article . I don't label people ''racist '' easily but some of these rants are raw apologys for the Murder of Oscar Grant .
by amanda
Monday Mar 23rd, 2009 10:44 AM
I think that it is absolutely insane that you think that the 4 cops that were killed were staged. How dare you! Of course it is a awful thing that the Bart cop did, but think before you write that they are staging killings to postpone his hearing. There are five families right now that are grieving loved ones and all you can think about is a conspiracy? You are sick! I know many officers out that way that now have to go out there to cover for those fallen officers and for the others that were there. They have to give up time with their families to keep the peace. Get off your high horse.
by +
Monday Mar 23rd, 2009 11:35 AM
Is Mehserle originally from Germany? I thought he was an Afrikaaner originally from South Africa. Anyone have any conclusive knowledge about this?

Also, this posting was not well written - leading to comments such as Amanda's. I'm not even sure what you mean by "staging" in this instance.
by a-feminist
Monday Mar 23rd, 2009 1:17 PM
Part of playing the political game is playing the cards you're dealt; as such, if there's any collusion here, the most likely culprit is using the situation at hand to further an agenda, not some grand conspiracy for ??? (cops, bankers, illuminati, NWO, whatever) to take down cops to create a situation because of what happened to Oscar Grant. Shit like that does happen, but not as near as often as reacting to what is happening at present. Besides, in the US, manufacture of consent is a much more powerful tool than clandestine ops - read your Chomsky, peeps.

Consider this, though: which is more likely a speculative scenario:

- Katrina happened because of a plot involving the Federal Reserve, FEMA, and the Federal Weather Service to destroy the Black community and institute martial law;

- Katrina happened because the idiots in the White House at the time (who weren't exactly friends of the Black community overall, not to mention poor people in general) dragged their feet, and *maybe* messed with the levies, which would have collapsed anyway on their own, given the crap job the Corps of Engineers did on them. The resulting shitstorm of deaths, shootings, displacement and general ineptitude was a result of asshatery (including white supremacist asshatery by definition), resulting in widespread embarrassment for not just the Bush administration, but for the GOP as a whole; which in turn, gave rise in part to the Democratic Party gaining seats in 2006 and the White House in 2008. None of which negates the possibility that Katrina was yet another training ground for martial law, but does instead assert what is known to have occurred, and lets the Bush Administration's totalitarian tendencies speak for themselves, as a matter of public record.

By the way, Occam's razor works wonders in situations like this. Look it up sometime.
by =
Monday Mar 23rd, 2009 10:05 PM
If you will read the Copwatch statement at
you will see that most of the lives of the cops and the life of the alleged perpetrator could have been saved if the cops had followed their own protocol in negotiating to facilitate a non-violent outcome. Then, you will also recall that in the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal, Officer Faulkner was a whistle-blowing cop killed by a Mafia hit man hired by the cops engaging in illegal activities, proving that cops will kill other cops, and if you keep up with such things or ar simply old enough to have heard about such actions, you would know that cops often kill each other as they are very oriented toward violence.

In this case, we have someone who was an ex-convict on parole, and therefore not supposed to have guns. Yet he somehow has guns and a car and is somehow able to kill an armored and fully armed cop at a traffic stop in broad daylight and then run away. And this all just happens to occur the Saturday before the very important preliminary hearing of Johannes Mehserle, a case that has provoked widespread outrage because it was on BART, a transit system widely used. This police story smells. We have not and will never hear the story of the African-American man who allegedly killed the first cop becaues the police killed him. Experience tells us that the police usually lie and the truth is usually at least the opposite of what they say and very often very far removed from what they say. We heard and saw the lies of the police all in 1 week with their false arrests of people in front of the Israeli Consultate on March 16 and at the peace demonstration on March 21 who did absolutely nothing illegal at all; they were openly and viciously attacked by the police who were clearly acting at the behest of the political powers in this country who support Israel, the American military base in the Middle East.

Back to Oakland, the Mehserle case has now sufficiently been exposed thanks to the efforts of the people around Revolutionary Worker. It is now sufficiently widely known that the killing of Oscar Grant was some kind of set up as the BART train operator had no idea who was involved in the minor fight that had ended before the train stopped at Fruitvale. The cops were heard to be laughing and glad they finally got one (African-American man, Oscar Grant) by the friends of Oscar Grant who were detained at the BART police station for 5 hours, for no good reason whatsoever. The Mehserle case cannot go to trial as there is now sufifcient evidence to show that this was a completely racist murder by white cops who routinely attack blacks, especially workingclass blacks, and workingclass Latinos. One friend of the Oscar Grant family described how her 13 year old son was tasered by the police and suffered severe burns, causing hospitalization. The police terror in the workingclass communities is daily and horrific, and it is all based on racism. It is hard for those of us who do not live in such communities and have never experienced daily police state terror to imagine it, but if you keep up with what is going on, as this website helps us do, then you can understand the depths of the horror of fascism in this country.

This Mafia hit was a staging to gain sympathy for the police and to get the hearing postponed, which it was, at the behest of the attorney for Mehserle, who is from Germany; this came out at the time of his arrest. It does not really matter; there are lots of Germans who abhor fascism and there are lots of Americans who support it.

The moniker for the district attorney's office is "sending poor people to jail." They work together with the judges and the police to attack the workingclass to keep our wages down and profits up. The district attorney and the judge fully cooperated with Mehserle's attorney's request to postpone the preliminary hearing.

For those whites who find all of this difficult to comprehend, this writer who is white, will provide you this story so you understand the depths of racism in this society. I was standing in an office watching a fire in Bayview, an African-American community in San Francisco, some years ago. The otherwise very nice white woman with whom I worked stood there with me and then said, "we don't care about those people." I was shocked and walked away. The depth of racism in this scoiety is very deep, as is the corruption, especially in the police departments.

Further, whenever you see a strange, outrageous incident like a shooting of police, you must ask, who benefits? In this incident, it is clearly the police, Johannes Mehserle, the state, the racists. Any lawyer or legal investigator of any kind will question such an incident in the same way. Never take the police story as the truth. Always be skeptical, ask questions. The police story on this shooting clearly does not pass the smell test at all.
by a-feminist
Monday Mar 23rd, 2009 11:38 PM
You're actually pointing to something is known, rather than speculating in the absence of information. To make it plain:

speculating - the NWO did it
fact - the cops did it, and the system controls the cops, via salaries and cop "culture"

I have no doubt that the cops were at least on a tear to find black or brown and bring 'em down, and as always, something more calculated than just being the Klan In Blue is possible. The trick is in establishing that, which you did a fairly good job of doing, rather than going for the theory machine. Clear? Hope so.