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Oscar Grant Town Hall meetings keep the fire alight as everyone seeks for JUSTICE.
by Francisco Da Costa
Sunday Mar 22nd, 2009 8:45 AM
Every Saturday at 4pm the Oscar Grant Town Hall meetings are held without fail in Oakland. Those staunch supporters that want Justice for Oscar Grant - are fully aware that Law Enforcement - will use all the resources they have at their finger tips - to keep the Rogue Oakland Police Officers - involved with the Oscar Grant blatant shooting and killing - at bay. However, it is not impossible with a MOVEMENT on our side, careful planning, tons of UNITY - to bring about results that will shock the Bay Area, the Nation, and the world - be positive in favor of Oscar Grant. All the ingredients are there to make this - happen.
There is no doubt in the mind of those that can discern and comprehend complicated issues that the Bart Police and their Standard Operating Procedures - need a drastic change for the better. Far from protecting the customers - many a time their rude behavior and actions - have cause trauma and havoc. Instead of keeping the peace - some Rogue Bart Officers - have destroyed the peace.

There are many that see no need for the Bart Police - a transit entity - to carry weapons that when fired can kill and maim.

There are many that want legislation on the State Level that can address the need for a body - much like the Office of Citizens Complaints to address but more to monitor the dubious ploys - that are found at every level - within the Bart Police and its related Law Enforcement - organizations.

Yesterday, while we had come in peace to recollect and plan for the future.

Suddenly, some on had to break the news that three Oakland policeman has been shot and killed and one was badly injured and attended to in hospital.

The relative of Oscar Grant was quick to address those gathered and requested all to pray for the Oakland Police Officers families. When such an incident happens - the family suffers and is in pain - she said. Now, that says a lot for the Oscar Grant - family.

While it is very true that many are very angry at the Oakland Police Department.

Many are angry at the Bart Board.

Many decent folks are very angry at Mayor Ron Dellums - he has not apologized - he has not made a statement - against the police officers that behaved like "thugs" - on that fateful day - in the wee hours of the New Year - 2009.

The Police Officers' Bill of Rights is backed by millions of dollars and resources.

Just reading the Peace Officers' Bill of Rights - is baffling - this organization has with intent - put in place polices that safe guard - their well being - even if a crime in committed - even if a law is broken - even if several laws are infringed upon.

Here is one clause that should make everyone ponder:

In the event you are required to write a report, letter, memo, and or answer questions concerning an investigation which could POSSIBLY lead to punitive action against you, and you do not have time to contact your chosen representative, you should read aloud the following Non-Waiver Statement or write the statement and give it to the person requesting you to report:

" I object to any questioning or request for response until I have had an opportunity to meet with my chosen representative. However, I understand that I am being ordered to make a report or answer questions and that if I do not comply with the order, I may be disciplined for insubordination. Therefore, I have no alternative but to abide by the order. By so doing, I do not waive my rights under the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution, the protections of the California Constitution, or the protections afforded me under case law "

The above is just one of many articles that the Peace Officers' Bill of Rights offers. Law Enforcement have lawyers on stand by and they come to the rescue of many Rogue Officers - at a moment's notice.

On the other hand - the victim and the victim's family go into shock and then anger. It takes weeks before things become normal. Time and time again the victims do not have the resources that Law Enforcement has. Time and time again - the victims suffer - while Law Enforcement brim with joy. Can change the Incident Reports- falsify facts - and make it hell for the victim. In most cases there is no video. In the case of Oscar Grant - we do have a video. This could be a blessing in disguise. Time will tell.

Way back in 1919 the Police Organization came to be. Since then ONLY one Police Officer has been charged with murder - and this case took place on the East Coast. The main reason the Officer was charged - was because the Mayor of the City - proclaimed that the Officer had indeed committed a crime. There was also a Movement to back the Mayor.

If in the year 2009 or 2010 charges can be brought against a Rogue Officer who with intent shot and killed a man who was handcuffed and pleading for his life - and the charges sustained - some solace and peace will reign in the hearts - of the thousands of victims that are looking - very carefully at the Oscar Grant murder by a Police Officer from the Oakland Police Department (OPD):

Here are some photographs:

Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy

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Not exactly reliable reporter, are youSimpletonSunday Mar 22nd, 2009 11:57 AM