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Monday, March 16, 2009
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Event Type:
Friends of Tristan and Palestine
Location Details:
MON MARCH 16, 4pm
456 Montgomery St, SF
(@ Calif. St./Montgomery BART. 4 blocks
North of Market St. on Montgomery)

Tristan Anderson was critically injured Friday March 13 in village of Ni’lin, near the central West Bank city of Ramallah, after Israeli forces shot him in the head with a tear-gas canister. US-funded Israeli military forces attacked a demonstration against the construction of the annexation wall through the village of Ni’lin’s, encroaching on the land, livelihood and dignity of the local residents. Another resident from Ni’lin was shot in the leg with live ammunition. Israeli military continued to fire teargas directly at clearly marked paramedics as the wounded. The ambulance was detained outside the village by the IDF, but finally allowed to pass and tend to Tristan.

In 2004, the International Court of Justice found all parts of the wall being built on Palestinian land illegal and that these portions should be removed. Last month Israeli bulldozers uprooted the villages olive trees and militarily invaded the village. Four Ni’lin residents have been killed during demonstrations against the confiscation of their land, including ten year-old Ahmed Mousa.

Monday is also the 6th anniversary of the death of Rachel Corrie. Tristan is a well-loved Bay Area community member, independent journalist and longtime frontline human rights, global justice/anti-capitalist, antiwar and environmental activist.

Friends of Tristan and Palestine
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by Gary Rumor (GaryCy [at]
This is sad. The Israeli government acts with impunity because the United States lets them. Time for a boycott of Israel.
by Judo Nim
As an Israeli I say first, condolences to the family. Second it was a freak 10000 to 1 accident, a wrong place at the wrong time thing. The Israeli cops use this same tear gas against Jewish religious fanatic protesters all the time, not just Palestinians, because tear gas is a recognized non-violent crowd control measure used by every western democratic police force to PREVENT loss of life, not cause it. Without tear gas, the Israeli police would have to go in on foot every time and confront stone throwers face to face. Many more on both sides would die all the time. This fellow just had very very bad luck to get hit exactly smack in the forehead with what is normally a non-violent crowd control measure intended in almost all cases to reduce the loss of life. As I understand it, if he had been hit, say, in the shoulder instead of the head, all he would have suffered would be a bad bruise. In fact if you read the news reports, another foreigner participating in the demonstration was also hit with a tear gas canister in the stomach that same day, and apparently was uninjured. Yup, very bad luck and best wishes for a speedy recovery.
by really
they shot it straight at him. it's a high powered device they use to launch the canisters. as I understand it, you are not supposed to shoot them straight at people, but rather within a certain number of yards from people. it's not like they have no control over the direction they shoot it and it's not like the canister turned in flight. there are rules for deploying these weapons... just like with so-called non-lethal projectiles (rubber bullets, wooden dowels, etc), you are not supposed to aim for the head

in my mind this isn't too much different than hearing BART cops say that the killing of Oscar Grant was an accident. you aim a device that can kill at someone at somebody and they get killed, it's not an accident
by @
God forbid the pigs have to face their targets on a level playing field instead of covered in armor and carrying State-sanctioned murder contraptions.

It's been said: If you point something that kills people at somebody and that somebody gets killed, it isn't a fucking accident. Don't try and make excuses for the swine, please.
by Midnight Matt

Judo, you're a budding Zionist media spin artist. So tell me this: Do the Israeli police display this same model of teargas 'use' - firing the canisters, as though they were rubber bullets - directly at protest participants and continuing to fire as paramedics in clearly marked bright orange vests as they rushed to Tristan's aid, as they did in Ni'lin? Has even 1 Jewish religious fanatic received one in the head, stomach, or anyplace else on their body? I doubt it. And it's OK if someone is only hit in the stomach and suffers no serious injury. As long as that individual is not an Israeli Jew, it's all good, the Israeli police can fire as many tear gas canisters as they want, all in the interest of peace.

And but for tear gas, the Israeli police would have to go as lambs to slaughter into raging crowd of Palestinian stone throwers? That's a laugh. They go in, not only armed to the teeth, but behind a wall of plexiglass sheilds, and often behind bulldozers, at least in the Palestinian communities. And a 10,000 to 1 freak accident? When someone else was hit in the stomach that same day? And lately there has been video footage posted about the Internet showing this has been a pretty regular occurrence around Ni'lin. And speaking of Ni'lin, let's not mention that the Jewish religious fanatic state known as Israel is doing their bald-faced land grab for the sake of their "peace wall", which is only a part of the Israeli state's plan to create what amount to Warsaw ghettoes in the Palestinian lands.

And you wonder why the Palestinians are pissed. Judo's so-called message of condolence to Tristan Anderson's loved ones is yet another manifestation of the unconscionable arrogance which is an essential part of Zionism. "Land without a people" was what the Zionists called the pre-Israel Middle East. Funny, it seems as if THERE WERE PEOPLE THERE, both Jewish and Arab, co-existing no less peacefully than any other 2 groups of human beings ever has. So to me, the Palestinian resistance is a brave, noble resistance to an imperialist action motivated by perceived racial\ethnic supremacy, and I support it wholeheartedly.

The Third Reich had its spin artists, too. Remember the film, "Triumph of the Will," and the propoganda films they made portraying how wonderful life was in the concentration camps.
And you'll never hear any of THIS from the Zionist spin artists.

by Doremus Jessup
This new projectile has a much higher velocity, much longer range and is quieter than the older variety
by Fireball
What's this I hear of Israel practicing genocide? What's this I hear of Israel siding with people like the Bushes who are known to be Nazis? What's this I hear of Israel shooting an unarmed, peaceful man, namely Tristan Anderson, who was only standing at an annexation wall?

Tristan was a colleague of mine at the tree sit in Berkeley, California, a friend not only to me, but many others here, to humanity and most of all to this Earth. What kind of godless nation has Israel become?

We all love Tristan. We all love the Palestinians. Live and let live, Israel! Love conquers all... even warmongers!

by a-feminist
First and foremost: land belongs to all the inhabitants of the earth. Borders are made to oppress, not to empower.
Know this: where you are few, we are many.
Where you speak for the rights of some members (not all members) of the Jewish community, we welcome all who want to see a better world and an end to tyranny.
We are not afraid of you when you come in the night.
We are not afraid when you Oscar Grant us or Almadou Diallo us or Elanor Bumpers us or Marcus Garvey us. We have seen a better way than what you promise.
We have seen what the fear does to us - what it makes us become.
And we are not afraid of you anymore.

by me
"the Arabs are thieves". um it's the Israels confiscating Palestinian Arabs land not vice versa.

The International Court of Justice ruled this wall building into the West Bank was illegal:
by jes me
as anyone can see, there is no humanity; only the greed for possession.
"OUR land"
no reason or appeal will be heard as we are dealing with programed psychopaths.
The pain and horror the people of Palestine endure is nothing to these creatures.
Sanction is the only response.
by McZionist
why would any of the violated 'peace plans' hold water when the israeli state choses to disregard any promise or law?
We have a world of paper promises and a world of blood and soil.
One is supported by mountains of duplicity and denial and the other is a world people. And justice.
This poor little country is an American principle replete with nuclear arms which; with the SAMSON OPTION, threatens the entire world.
And has proxims of panic when its neighbors reach for nuclear power.
This poor little country has a cadre of dual citizens running the levers of American policy.
This little country is commiting a pogrom of genocide as defined by the Geneva Convention
Somehow the people of Palestine resist. A they have for many decades since Eichmann worked with the zionist founders to sieze this land.
Isaish 2--4 "and they shall beat their swords into plowhares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more", Israel Imperialist violence is not living up to the scriptures of the Holy Bible that envisions the worlds Holyland as a place of 'milk and honey, plowshares and pruning hooks'. Its vulgar interpretation is they must make holes in the land for the cradle of civilization and in the peace camps heads if they defend the farmers and workers. Then when they kill sufficient of the peoples abiding there (thousands of years) as indegenous peoples they will be given holes in the bodies and holes in the land with blood dripping from the edges. No the justice remains with the Arab peoples claims to the land (seniority) and the green ecological organic ways of non-pollution solution. The United Nations resolutions formulated by the majority of the worlds peoples meeting in collective assembly have passed world laws from the Court of the Hague that the Israeli Apartheid Wall is an illegal Israeli Land grab and completely illegal by the anti-fascst covenants such as the world court of the hague, the United Nations Charter which legalizes the General Assembly, that Israel must get behind the 1967 invasion line and return the land and tear down the Apartheid Wall. That is defacto international law. Further the modern version of the Ancient Quote from that area is the Nuremburg Trials, (1945) chaired by U.S. Judge Jackson who says that the planning and doing of aggressive war is the supreme international crime on the planet earth, as it acctuates all other crimes high, low, big, and small. He further says that it is the supreme interanational crime whether Germany does it or the U.S.A. does it and that includes the Israeli Zionist Imperial Euro-centric aggressive military state. In fact it is world international law. Israel is committing war crimes in the middle east in alliance with Canada, Britain, and the United States of America as against the sovereign nationa of Palestine. World courts from the anti-fascist side in the world class struggle have found them guilty and justice will be meted out to them on the time of the world people and not on Israels' time. The anti-fascist side says clearly that Israel can exist on condition that it dismantle its war machine and its manufactury land allow by compensation the right to return out of the refugee camps it has forced the people to flee to. Then the conditional UN agreement with it will be met and the international anti-fascist justice upheld, that set the liberation of the worlds people as the dismantling of the worlds war machine and its manufactury and upholding the new foreign policy of the world as Workers of the world, unite, and negotiation and democracy as collective aggreements will proceed as relations between nationa thusly the anti-fascist side will be honoured. Well wishes to Tristan Anderson, your cause is just and will be honoured globally.
by Anonymous
This is on the same day as a march in Oakland for Oscar Grant? Would that hurt the turnout?
by Hal Womack (hal.womack [at]
1.) 1401 + URL* [ During the Gaza Massacre from 27 December to 18 January, the Israelis murdered 1400 Palestinians, rounding to the nearest hundred. Here the last digit stands for our brave & talented comrade who now hovers near death. The bare number may puzzle many on-lookers but a significant fraction of those present should recognize the reference. The sign could be partnered with a leaflet bearing that headline. * All signs and leaflets should, of course, have URLs. ] 2.) WANTED FOR MURDER: F B & P ? [ The three initials stand for Feinstein, Boxer and Pelosi. The rest of their names should be in small print legible to a viewer on foot from ~10' away. We have the duty to hold them accountable for their complicity in the murders in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Colombia and numerous other places. The slightly cryptic short form on the sign should stimulate curiosity and encourage viewers to pass the word of explanation among themselves. We use a hook (question mark) rather than a bang (exclamation point) in order to the stimulate the viewer to answer for herself. ] 3.) Fly the U.S. flag upside down, in the traditional position of the distress signal for ships at sea in conditions of urgent danger to life or property. [ We should soon propose a city-wide referendum to the end that the C & C of SF shall so fly the flag on all of our vehicles and real property until such time as war criminals such as the Bushes, Clintons & Pelosi have been brought to justice. Since Speaker of the House Pelosi got ~80 % of the vote here last November, we would have to win a serious educational campaign in order to pass this measure. OTOH we have a bunch of pictures of murdered children to use to help turn the masses in the direction of justice.] 4.) ISRAEL = MASS MURDER? [ We need an historical leaflet summarizing the main facts behind this slogan --including references such as Lord Moyne, the annihilated village of Deir Yassin, Count Folke Bernadotte, the assassination of JFK and Robert, the USS LIBERTY, Princess Diana, 9/11, Rachel Corrie and the devastation of the countries of Iraq and Afghanistan. Although all nations have been established violently, only Israel was created by aggression three years after the International Military Tribunal @ Nuremberg had made binding law specifically outlawing this bloody practice.] 5.) 9/11 (in red on the left), star of David (center in blue), JFK (also in red on right, with cross in black after initials). The link for my Usenet post = My previous attempt to post to Indymedia apparently failed to display for some reason.
by gottabekiddin'
Even if those canisters never hit anyone ever, gassing people is hardly non-violent...

Tear GAS.

What do you think is in those things? Onion juice? Pepper? These are chemical weapons!
I found this article to give a clear, fuller and more just account of the Israeli attack on Tristan.
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