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VIDEO and Report of Oscar Grant Tribunal - Oakland, CA Mar. 4, 2009
by Ronald Cruz (ronaldsf [at]
Monday Mar 9th, 2009 10:05 PM
Video of Oakland Independent Public Tribunal to Investigate the Killing of Oscar Grant


The video of March 4, 2009 independent public tribunal to investigate the killing of Oscar Grant should be seen by the new civil rights movement far and wide.

(Oscar Grant is the 22-year-old black man who was racistly murdered and shot in the back by a transit policeman in Oakland, California on CELLPHONE FOOTAGE that has been seen across the nation. This fight can have two possible outcomes. First, if Johannes Mehserle, the officer who shot Grant, gets away with murder, this would send a message to every police officer that it doesn't matter how the strong the evidence is—you can brutalize and kill get away with it. On the other hand, if we can win a murder conviction, we will not only win justice for Oscar Grant—we will establish to every police officer that there is a movement that will not let them get away with racist brutality and which knows how to win. We will take an important step in building the new civil rights movement and strengthening the power of our communities tremendously.

The March 4th tribunal:
• Established that THIS WAS MURDER: Johannes Mehserle intended to use his gun, not his taser. It also established some of Mehserle's racist and violent history. Tony Pirone and the other BART police were accomplices to murder.
• Systematically exposed the cover-up by Alameda County prosecutor Tom Orloff, who intends to let ex-BART Officer Johannes Mehserle go free. The movement for justice for Oscar Grant must independently organize and act if we are to win justice.
• Laid out a political analysis, perspective, and plan that can win justice for Oscar Grant and for other victims of police brutality. (Make sure to watch BAMN National Chair Shanta Driver's introductory speech.)
• Family and friends of Oscar Grant shared with movement supporters who Oscar really was, countering the racist demagogy that Mehserle's attorney and police supporters have promoted and will promote before and during the trial.

There is more to be accomplished at future public hearings, and we will hold more hearings in Oakland and in cities and colleges throughout California.

Forward this email and video link to others. This first hearing is an important and very effective tool for building and spreading the movement far and wide. Make Oscar Grant a household name throughout California and throughout the nation. Building a mass movement is the only way we can get a murder conviction of ex-BART Officer Mehserle and make an example out of him that police cannot and will not get away with racist brutality and murder.

CHAPTER LIST (time stamps):
0:31 - Introduction
4:35 - Opening Presentation by BAMN National Chair Shanta Driver
22:42 - Traci Cooper - Oscar Grant's aunt
32:38 - Slideshow of Oscar Grant
37:06 - Jack Bryson - Father of Oscar's friend Jackie who was on the BART platform
44:37 - Bobby Cephus Johnson - Oscar Grant's uncle
61:15 - Anatomy of a Coverup - The District Attorney's Brief
74:44 - Analysis of the Video
98:45 - 2nd Video: Mehserle reached for his gun, not his taser
102:37 - Kenneth Carrethers - Previous victim of Johannes Mehserle
108:32 - Stephanie Montoya - Sister of Jerry Amaro, murdered by Oakland Police's present head of internal affairs Edward Poulson
116:16 - Closing Remarks

Justice for Oscar Grant Action Page:

Sign and Circulate the Petition:

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