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Police Abuse: It's More Than Just A Few Bad Apples
by G
Monday Mar 2nd, 2009 12:42 AM
This story was inspired by the recent beating of a teenage girl in Washington state.
I know there are many heroic and admirable policemen out there....(and I'm not saying every police officer is guilty of this!) but...

A few years ago, I was also assaulted by a man enrolled in the police academy. I was working at Shoreline Amphitheater (Mountain View, CA) at the BFD ("big fucking deal") concert. He was drunk and pushing his girlfriend around. I had a flashlight. I pointed it at him and yelled at him to stop. His reaction was to lunge at me, and punch me in the face twice. His records show that he was 6'3 and 230 lbs and well on his way to be a Fresno County police officer. I'm a 5'2 female. I got 8 stitches on my lip in the little clinic room at the venue because I was bleeding so much that they had to do it right away. Luckily, part of his sentence was to be expelled from the academy. But it shouldn't take an incident like this to stop aggressive, ignorant maniacs from becoming cops. Unfortunately, it is a career that appeals to bullies.

State lawmakers need to step it up and start finding effective ways to keep these monsters out of the policy academy and encourage more intelligent and understanding people who want to keep people safe and enable peaceful conflict resolution. This happens way too much. There should be no tolerance of this whatsoever.

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