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Unwanted Raid yet again on Medical Marijuana
by Matt Roth
Friday Feb 27th, 2009 1:22 PM
Update on Roger Mentch and the Hemporium
So Roger Mentch and the Hemporium was raidied for the third time by the state. Not just the state but Santa Clara County. Any one that know Roger know that he would do anything within legal guidelines to assist anyone that needs help. He is absolutely selflesss. Which is weird as Roger lives in Santa Cruz County. Roger was approached by a person that needed medicine in Santa Clara. Roger took this persons medical recommendation and made a call to verify it. When it came back valid, he sold medicine to this person. Turns out that this person was an under cover officer who then went and obtained a search warrant based out of Santa Clara to raid Roger in Santa Cruz. This, in my mind, is entrapment. He is now held in Elmwood Jail pending a court date under a $100,000 bail. This is ridiculous as he is operating under the guidelines of the state of California. Roger would love to hear from people. He can be written to at the following address...

Roger Mentch
Santa Clara County Department of Correction
Elmwood Complex M-8
Roger Mentch/09009688/DZC974
701 South Abel Street
Milpitas, CA 95035

We have also started a defense fund for him through PayPal. If you would like to donate to his defense fund, please send money through PayPal to roger [at] All donations are completely appreciated no matter how large or small and will be kept completely anonymous. This is an injustice to those of us that require this medicine to lead a healthier, happier life. Anything will help as his legal fees are going to be huge. Thanks you from the bottom of our heart for any donations that help him.

If you would like to assist by sending money on the books for him to spend at the jail store, please send a cashiers check or money order to the address above. Make sure that you put Roger Mentch/09009688/DZC974 on the money order or check so it goes to him. Anything will help. We need to rally around Roger and stop this harrassment of legal vendors. Any questions can be sent to roger [at] and I will answer them as soon as they come in. Thanks you and God Bless!!! Just goes to show that no good dead goes unpunished.

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by Robert Norse
(rnorse3 [at] ) Saturday Feb 28th, 2009 9:13 PM
Matt is visiting Roger Mentch in jail over in Santa Clara County tomorrow, but will call into Free Radio on Sunday around noon.

On Thursday March 5th Matt will give a full in-studio interview on the Mentch case sometime between 6 and 8 PM on Free Radio Santa Cruz at 101.1 FM, streaming at .

Med-Ex marijuana distributer and caretaker Anita Henri will be an in-studio guest updating us on recent local and state attacks on marijuana clubs such as the recent attack up in Mendicino:

Thank Prosecutor Bob Lee's relentless harassment of Mentch for the bad California Supreme Court decision that has put in danger all marijuana clubs. It was his repeated prosecution of Mentch that led there. Proposition 215 now, apparently, does not protect retail clubs unless they are direct caregivers or patient collectives. So Greenway and Ken Sampson's club, as well as scores of others around the state are illegal under the medieval Marijuana Prohibition Laws.

Thanks, Bob. Now the California Supreme Court has adopted your position that ALL marijuana clubs are illegal. Oh, yeah, except for the ones your politically-connected Santa Cruz-city friends on the City Council back.

If anyone wants to research the number of people in the Santa Cruz County Jail for marijuana "crimes", I'd love to see the results.

The crippling of Measure K, the Lowest Enforcement Priority for Marijuana in the City of Santa Cruz, is another scandal. Santa Cruz City Councilmembers Madrigal and Coonerty have still not appointed their members after many many months. The Council has killed all meetings of the Measure K Committee until June and stacked the Committee with "police don't need to be overseen" members like Candi Jackson and chair Mary Beth Goeke.

Rump Measure K Committee Excludes Public Comment, Loses Audio Tape

Earlier articles on the Mentch case include the following; follow the links in these articles for more details of the earlier LOCAL war on marijuana that rages in spite of favorable Sentinel editorials, mellow statements by Vice-Mayor Rotkin, and (at the moment) operational over-priced marijuana clubs in Harvey West:

California Mendocino County Under Medical Marijuana Seige Now

Cal Supreme Court Rules Prop 215 Caregivers Must Do More Than Just Supply Marijuana

Local Harassment of Medical Marijuana Suppliers and Jury Nullification

The Hemporium, LLC... Medical Marijuana Conviction Overturned

by Shadow
Tuesday Mar 3rd, 2009 3:26 PM
Robert says "If anyone wants to research the number of people in the Santa Cruz County Jail for marijuana "crimes", I'd love to see the results. "

Which boils down to "I really don;t care to put out the effort, but if you do the work I'll look at it"

When will people wake up and realize that all this man does is push buttons? He does none of the work and gets nothing accomplished.

If this poor guy, Roger Mentch, wants some real legal help to get himself out of this mess he should not be looking to Robert for any assistance. The whole compassionate club issue needs to be addressed, and quick. Too many patients rely on the assistance they receive from these clubs and clinics.

It is beyond Robert's scope to get anything surrounding this issue achieved.
by Robert Norse
Wednesday Mar 4th, 2009 9:50 PM
The articles below reflect some of the history of the fight to break the five-year ban on medical marijuana clubs in Santa Cruz (2000-2005). We're still stuck with a crippled Measure K Committee, a rising rate of marijuana arrests, and an inactive City Office of Compassionate Use. Time for a second round of activism.

Symbolic Posturing by Politicians Is Not Enough

Conflict Heightening in California Medical Marijuana Battle

Good Times Story Ignores Local Political Scandal

Oppose Local Repression on Medical Marijuana Users!

Designed Out of Existance: or why the Santa Cruz Medical Marijuana ordinance doesn't work

Grass Busts Downtown Criminalize Young and Poor

Medical Marijuana Giveaway Coming in June

Make Three Calls To Help Stop Drug Prohibition

HUFF 'n PUFF is back: Help a sidewalk medical marijuana distribution May 13th

New Provider Struggling to Open A Distribution Center in Santa Cruz

City Bureaucrats Shut Down Only Medical Marijuana Club Under Rotkin's Law

May 2 - Rally For Roger Mentch at County Courthouse
by Bazong Hitor
Tuesday Apr 28th, 2009 4:12 PM
Just wondering if there are updates with regards to Roger Mentch. I know he's in jail, but don't know when he's getting out or what. I don't see any updates on the internet.

Today is April 29th.


by Bazong Hitor
Wednesday Aug 19th, 2009 4:13 PM
Roger is no longer at Elmwood. He was there until about a week ago, but after I checked again, it says he is no longer in custody?

Has anyone heard from him or know about his circumstances? Would love to hear from him, he's a cool dude.

Hello Everyone !!
I am a free man right now. :-)) Thanks too my friend Allen for posting bail for me. Many THANKS!!
I want to THANK everyone that has helped me and Laurie and I am very appreciative for that.
Our lives have changed drastically. I'm not growing, we moved to a smaller cabin, they repoed my BMW and fucked me up financially. THEY HAVEN'T KILLED MY SPIRIT .... instead it just makes me stronger.
It's been very difficult on Laurie emotionally. She suffers from PTSD and this just adds to it. They KNOW Laurie did NO sales ...but they figured they would really try and distroy us so they arrested her too. Trial in Santa Clara county to start sometime in the future. Next court date is Oct 5th Dept 24 Judge Cena. I will update for trial.