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California Mendocino County Under Medical Marijuana Seige Now
by Laurel Krause
Monday Feb 23rd, 2009 8:58 AM
On-going medical marijuana busts through-out Mendocino County have been arresting local residents daily. I was one of five busts made and charged with two felonies (cultivation and intent to sell/distribute) last Friday, February 20, 2009, even though I had my doctor recommendation and was growing with the guidelines published at the Mendocino county web site.
My name is Laurel Krause. Last Friday (2/20/09) as I looked out my kitchen window I was shocked to see 25 Mendocino County Sheriffs/Deputies coming through my gate very quickly. The lead man, Sheriff (don't know deputy, or what class) Jonathan Martin, showed me a search warrant, hand cuffed me and read me my rights. I was cooperative (I actually cried and begged for mercy, but that didn't work) as they searched my home, my grow area on my five acres (behind my locked gate--so no probable cause) and seized all grow equipment related to 24 medical marijuana plants in full bloom. They chopped down the plants and hauled them away as I was being grilled and bullied in my home. This number is significant because if you google the Mendocino County Sheriff's web page on MedMari guidelines it says 25 plants. You are probably aware of the 'fuzziness' of these guidelines. I have a recommendation from my doctor to allow me to grow med marijuana. They charged me with two felony counts, one for marijuana cultivation and another for intent to sell/distribute, carted me to Ukiah, CA to jail in handcuffs.

It gets worse. I was the #4 bust of 5 that day (Friday, Feb 20) and the guys let us know that they had five more for Saturday (yesterday) and five more on Sunday (TODAY!). Not individuals, but actual grows that might arrest multiple people. And most of the growers are women with kids (so now the children are possibly being taken away and bank accounts frozen). Real emotional and economic despair.

As I met others that were arrested in Ukiah, the county seat to jail (never before, first offense for everything for me) I learned they were my neighbors and not one had a 'commercial' size grow. So this Mendocino County Sheriff's dept sweep is coming up short as the take is not producing the kind of busts they claim they are after (i.e commercial, 500 plants & up), unenvironmental grows that scar the land (we all grow organic), we all have our recommendations that we paid for and actually care about the quality of medicine we are growing (it's in the past for me now).

I am in shock, but then I started getting mad yesterday. What is motivating this gestapo situation all of the sudden? DA Meredith Lintott or Sheriff Allman? NeoCons?

I keep to myself mostly so did not hear about this happening all over the county of Mendocino. Furthermore, most growers don't let others know their business so as not to get busted. I'm coming forth as I have nothing to loose and I'm not backing down. I am a little afraid that if this doesn't become a big story that I might be unsafe bust this story wide open. Help us in Mendo!!!

Since getting busted, I've learned that they were up and down my street (just outside Fort Bragg city limit, so in Mendocino County) busting and getting this sweep in order over the last month and logging on the computer even (wish I had known!). That they have also had busting sweeps in the towns of Covelo, Ukiah, Willits.......all within Mendocino county.

I'm sure you're asking what is motivating me to come to you. This is truly an American story of our time right now, a devestating economic massacre for us personally and it has county-wide ramifications as at least 70% of the Mendocino economy is based on growing marijuana. Maybe even California as it's the state's largest crop. During these times of extreme economic hardship and 10% unemployment in Ft. Bragg, it just doesn't make any sense to be busting and criminalizing tax-paying citizens, my neighbors and me operating within state and county guidelines.

We are considering moving forward with a class-action suit. I have calls out.

I am sounding this alarms as far and wide as I can. Please feel free to forward this to any of your interested colleagues. I hope to hear from you.


Laurel Krause
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by Guerrilla in the Midst
Monday Feb 23rd, 2009 12:23 PM
This is a direct result of Measure B being locally upheld as constitutional. Measure B sets the mature plant limit at six instead of twenty-five which has resulted in the increased arrests of people going by previous limits.

This relates to a lesson taught at the cannabis classes in Oakland: follow the law but always think like a criminal. In this case this means to keep within limits but also to take every measure to avoid detection. From your words it sounds like you did not follow changes in local ordinances nor maintain secrecy.

Free people are not limited in their pursuits nor are they required to hide their activities. Unfortunately, nobody is truly free due to the moral police.
by R.
Monday Feb 23rd, 2009 2:30 PM
My guess is that these law enforcement types have decided to go into bussiness for themselves after the laws are changed to allow legal sales of MJ. Arresting as many people as possible and thus leaving behind a criminal arrest record would make those individuals inelligible for a legal grow license in the future. They are locking everyone now capable of expanding thier grows into something commercial, out of future competition. Leaving the future profits to them...?

I think we have a new mafia.
by EPS
Monday Feb 23rd, 2009 5:43 PM

I would like to help you get the word out about the recent travesty in Mendocino County. Please contact me through MySpace or the email address I included privately. I am a severely disabled Medical Cannabis Patient living in Oregon, and am getting to know many wonderful, strong, and fearless folks within the Community who I am sure could help you fight this inexcusable violation of your rights!! Please hang in there, and know you are not alone!! I am so sorry this is happening to you, don't give up! You deserve the right to use your Doctor prescribed medication without fear of Prosecution!! You have done NOTHING wrong, and you have nothing to feel even the tiniest bit of shame for here!! You are doing what you can in a natural way to alleviate the symptoms from whatever condition you have that necessitates the use of Medical Cannabis as an alternative treatment method. Hold on a bit longer, and let's see what we can do to get you some help. Take Care, and until you speak with an Attorney make no additional statements to local Law Enforcement if you can help it. Warmest Blessings To You, Take Care ~EPS
by Richard P Steeb
Monday Feb 23rd, 2009 6:28 PM
Sue them. At least get in touch with ASA !!

This shall not stand. Reparations will be forthcoming.
by motozero
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 5:46 AM
I hope the cops that participate in this sort of thing choke on their beers.
by Paul Saurini
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 6:30 AM
It makes me sad to hear that this is continuing. Evidently the new administration does not seem to care. They were plenty happy to pander to folks for their votes. They have come out with superficial statements that they will stop but obviously not with the simple one paper executive order to stop. Please feel welcome to contact me about coming on our program to talk about this matter.

Here is a grave problem with our country. We have states totally not on the same page as the federal government, and the federal government doesn't care if it's wasteful or totally out of step.

Incidentally, what is a totally broke banana republic doing wasting their time and money on these matters? Aren't there bigger problems to solve? And isn't the problem of insolvency due to stupid spending like this a bigger issue?

I think you should try to get the local authorities who don't respect local laws and decisions REMOVED. They do not respect the voter or laws.

I am very sad for your situation and that it carries on and on. It is futile and meaningless to bust growers. They really have no effect, except to scare the hell out of others who avoid your situation.

Lastly, the inhumanity of busting grows really disturbs me. These facists think it's ok to bust down your door and dehumanize you because it's their job. It's not ok. These are not things to be proud of as americans. They love the action. They do not have the slightest respect or love for a just outcome.
by bineshi
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 9:57 AM
This is unbelievable! I'd like to know where Obama is in all of this...I thought that he said this wasn't going to happen anymore? And what about Arnold? As governer...and someone who says he wants cannabis'd think he'd have some kind of pull or say-so in all of this!

I'm really concerned...for all of you out there and for us here in Michigan (which became the 13th "legal" medical marijuana state). Are they going to be pulling the same b.s. on us here?

I'm the founder of MOMSLOM...Moms for the Legalization of Marijuana. We started out in and have over 1350 members there. We have a myspace page and a website. Can I post your writing in these places? Word travels fast in our group...and we reach people beyond us as well. People need to know what's going on out there...and Obama needs to step up to the plate and deal with it...NOW.

Good luck to you...our thoughts and prayers are with you all. And thank you for not taking this laying's time we all stood up for our RIGHTS.

Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 3:05 PM
Outrageous! This country needs to legalize and help the economy! Everyone knows alcohol is worse. It's time for a change on this subject. Stop wasting my taxpayer money by throwing fellow citizens in prison for marijuana! Let them open up shop and then tax it!!!
by lori
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 3:09 PM
This country needs to legalize hemp ( in all forms )to save this country and stop people being put in jail for having/growing a simple weed, when we allow alcohol and tobacco to be legal.STOP THE WAR
by Jimena Saravia
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 3:17 PM
you should sue.
by smith
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 3:17 PM
Just another concerned citizen throwing my thoughts out there
I just called the sheriffs department and had quite the extensive conversation regarding the policies of the department in cases like this
I was told that since there is no "datebase" of registered medical marijuana users, sheriffs and there officers must "investigate all claims of grow operations as if they were legitimate threats to the community"
bullshit. Fight there guys and get their policies changed.
You have the whole country behind you (at least those of us concerned enough to do something about it)
by Mr. A
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 3:22 PM
I am sorry that the Mendocino County Sheriff Department's made unjust forced entries on you and your friends. They should be reprimanded, and made to pay for your time and mis-troubles.

Sincerely, Mr. A
by CBLincoln
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 4:06 PM
I am filled with anger and hated of the current state of our government as I read this. I was under the impression that states themselves had the opportunity to decide what is right and what is wrong for its citizens. federal law (I refuse to capitalize federal, because they are certainly not my government) according to the constitution, has the right to oversee only in regard to matters that have direct effect to the security and prosperity of the nation as a whole. Why then, does a mob of poorly paid, chronically depressed, and continually defeated drug enforcement agents proceed to strip hard earning taxpayers of the very crop which allows them to pay the taxes that the federal government so requires? Absolute hypocrisy.
Have any of them ever had a relative, friend, or any other kind of loved one with such a terrible case of Cancer or Multiple Sclerosis that the only good feeling said person experiences that day are the faint minuets of relief from the everyday absolute agony delivered by the very medicinal substance these agents are destroying? I sure hope so! because immediate and personal encounters with these sorts of matters are the only way for people to realize just what kind of terror they are inflicting on the people this very nation should be protecting. This is a completely natural substance. And the only reason these agents are destroying it is because some political retard with family ties to the founders of the original legislation to ban marijuana can't imagine what will happen once his personal and legal policies are found to be completely erroneous.
It almost seems as if the federal government cannot admit the fact that they are WRONG. It also seems that someone is still having weekly showings of "Reefer Madness" during congressional lunch hours.
I am ashamed and embarrassed that people responsible for the very legislation that leads to the ban on something, have probably used it multiple times during their "teenage" years.

Why do the officials of the powers that be believe that we will sit back and just take it? I will tell you why! because we let them!!!!!

Only by the grace of the very "GOD" that our country holds so dear, will the vices of tyranny and oppression be lifted from our strangling naive necks.
by stranger in the light
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 4:15 PM
File the suit. call the aclu, americans for safe access, and get a good lawyer. They are in the wrong. rob them back. get rid of te DA and the sherif. there are people, conservatives, who are paying them off to do the dirty work. find the scandal and bust them. But sue sue sue! Tehy can't win. Take it to the supreme court of CA. The states DA is on your side.
by Hays00s
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 4:19 PM
This is a case of people being arrested for using doctor prescribed, legal medication. And for every one person they arrest that is using this legal medication, they are not arresting people that sell and use the highly destructive drug methamphetimine.

I think it's time for all patients prescribed medicinal marijuana to call out the national government to support the state legalization. Its now up to what, 7 states and growing?

The one problem that faces people who are SERIOUS about it's medicinal use are the nut jobs in california that want to wear it on their sleeve. Mostly, this is in california from what I have seen, but when was the last time people held a festival for the FDA approving a diabetic drug? What is the tone difference between a website dedicated to medicinal marijuana users and a website dedicated to anti-siezure medication or high blood pressure medication?

I understand there is a huge difference, that being that pot is natural and you can grow your own, but you also have to understand that this difference seperates medicial marijuana from MEDICINE in people subconcious (spelling?) minds. How many other medications can you grow on your own?

I think its a damn shame that the person who wrote htis article can't be taken seriously because people in san diego, san francisco, or LA want to celebrate getting high "legally". They want to take this medicinal marijuana thing and associate it with pot head culture, and thats just going to lead to the federal government not taking it seriously.

What is needed is public testimony, preferably video, like the news, of people who REALLY need marijuana as medicine and don't show any signs of "pot head culture". Show their hardships, maybe even their conflict with using something that has been considered an illicit substance.

This is a bit of a personal note for me, my uncle is dying of pancreatic cancer, he's having trouble keeping food down and his wieght up, but in KY, medicinal marijuana isn't legal. Also, he will not take an "illegal substance", so here is this wonderful MEDICINE that would help him keep food down, get through treatments, and have more time with his family. But no, because people that are perfectly healthly and aren't going to die think that preventing people getting "high" and watching teletubies is more important than improving the quality of life for people who are suffering in ways most of us will never understand.

Good luck laurel, i wish the best for you.
by stranger in the light
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 4:20 PM
read the article here:

Another Voice - Illegal Growers Won't Be Ignored

Tom Allman
February 16, 2009
Ukiah Daily Journal (CA)
by Gary Imnotsaying
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 4:21 PM
If its legal to arrest you for obeying the law, remember that these arresting officers were not federal officers.... federal agents are only real one who can legally arrest someone with a legal garden and a doctors recommendation... with this being said:
wouldn't it make more sense for you to strike them before they strike you start arson fires at every Mendocino police station ..... that's taking it a bit far but I'm tired of our police officers that say they are laying down their lives to protect us when the truth is much much farther than what they are telling us..... how many people have died because of their LEGAL medical marijuana raids?!? not a single officer... plenty of sick people have been shot and killed and their pets also. Why because these sick people are trying to improve their pathetic lives and that's what America was created for: To seek freedom and happiness!

So to sum this up are the police doing their jobs? To uphold the law, to serve and protect ..... No they are trying to fill up their oversized wallets .........they should protect themselves once we finally revolt!
by Anonymous
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 4:51 PM
Depending on who arrested you and how/for what, you may be legally alright. If you've been arrested by California ploice and are going to a California court, then you'll most likely have your case thrown out and your medicinal marijuana returned to you. If these are state-cops, then there are a LOT of laws that are within CA that will help you. if these are DEA, then you're probably boned.

Sersiously, if this IS all a result of federal agents, then we as a society need to stop and think about this...
these guys are hired by the people to protect us from drug cartels...and they're getting their day-to-day successes by attacking california medical dispensories? come on guys, that's about as difficult as robbing a bakery with a nevy-seal team.

If this is the DEA, then essentially they've established they're the biggest pussies on the planet for assaulting helpless ill people, taking away their medication. These people should have better thigns to be doing, and if they don't then we should all vote to dissolve their profession entirely.
by Evan Jeffresy Neumann
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 5:07 PM
I was busted too back in July of 2007 by a joint Santa Rosa Police Department and federal DEA taskforce. They did not bring a warrant and broke apart my antique door without ringing the doorbell. They held M-16's to my and my roommate's heads. Then they produced a press release claiming over 8 pounds of seized marijuana. The evidence has since been disposed of and the DEA lab results showed 1.5 NET pounds of marijauna. The police were counting things like the trunk it was stored in and the dirt in the plant pots. I had no plants over 8 inches high and my grow room was within Sonoma County legal limits and properly licensed and posted. The DA has offered me no punishment at all - no fines and no time - if I will plead guilty of one charge. I will not. I am going to fight this and perjure the police who lied in their affidavits. I have the paper trail evidence and their own labs refute their claims.

I will hurt the policemen who did this to me and I hope every single person who is pursued by these spineless post-high school bullies pushes back too. Fight back, fight back, fight back! There are more of us and if we all fight, we will cripple their corrupt and defunct drug enforcement system. It is already happening. The very laws we are being charged with are being challenged in the CA Supreme Court as to their constitutionality.

This is a Gestapo police state. It is totally unconscionable that we are allowing these "busts" to continue. How much money is this costing in police services, court costs and prison expenses? To say nothing of the destruction it is wreaking on the individuals these busts are being perpetrated against. We have productive, contributing members of our society that we are arbitrarily prosecuting and imprisoning.

Please stop the madness and ask your legislator to support Tom Ammiano's AB 390 in the CA legislature right now, February 24, 2009.
by Thomas
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 5:10 PM
We may be at the point where it's time to just start shooting the bastards. Illegal raids to steal a legal medicinal product. These "people" need to start paying a price for their brazen bullying. CA should join the states already reaffirming their allegiance to the 9th and 10th Amendments, warning the FedGov that their interference in state affairs will no longer be tolerated. And perhaps we should give a friendly warning to "neocons" (like we once did the Tories in 1783) that their continued presence is no longer desirable. I've had enough. Haven't you?
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 5:30 PM
Why would you mask your addiction as a medical one? If that is the case, why smoke it. Take it in Pill form the legal way if you insists its for medical purpose (cough cough).

Marijuana is a hard core drug, no if's or buts about it.

Quit smoking it before it quits you.
by Evan Jeffreys Neumann
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 5:33 PM
There seems to be some confusion in people's minds as to who needs marijuana as a medicine. Marijuana, alcohol and Meth all treat ADD, bipolar and similar mental disorders and chemical imbalances in the brain. Most *potheads* that you know are self-medicating to correct a chemical imbalance in their brain. That is why they seem to be addicted yet are able to lead productive lives. They may not speak or think like you, but that is a side-effect of the medication and the underlying condition being treated. Viva la diference!

Not every pothead falls into this category, but most do. It is up to the patient's prescriber to determine the difference between use and abuse, not this peanut gallery of bloggers.
by James
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 5:35 PM
I humbly submit that Thomas here is one of those "undercover" Federal agitators trying to incite peaceful groups and individuals to violence for his own tyrannical scapegoating ends. Sorry moron, we have the rule of law on our side and we are following it and you are nothing but a bully.
by JoanW
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 5:51 PM
The pills are not at all the same as smoking marijuana. There are a number of significant differences in how well they active ingredient works. Also the pills are generally cost-prohibitive for most - costing well over $500 for a month's supply.

Then there are the side effects - including but not limited to seizures, hallucinations, stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea..the list goes on. Again - very different from marijuana.

For what it is worth - I do not use drugs and I generally think that far more people have medical marijuana cards than actually need them medically. However, it is simply not rational to try and equate medical marijuana with Marinol - as anyone who has researched it at all will quickly see.
by Eric Bickford
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 5:52 PM
My best guess is CNBC's ongoing rebroadcast of Marijuana Inc., Inside America's Pot Industry, is the likely catalyst for these raids.
by 20-something anti-grow advocate
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 7:03 PM
There is a reason growing makes you so much money. It is because of the risk/reward ratio. Big risk = Big Reward. Because of Mendo's stance on Marijuana, people think there is no or low risk. But the reason people are willing to give you a lot of money for the stuff is because they don't want to take the obvious risk.
If you have children you SHOULD NOT GROW! I'm sorry for the children, but not for their parents. When you have a child, and are a responsible parent, you don't take risks that could destroy your family. Just because Mendo encourages growing, does not make it legal. I've no sympathy for these types of irresponsible persons.
by Drew
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 7:09 PM
I am with you on this. I can help. contact me directly. andrew92602 [at]
by Mike
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 7:10 PM

I challenge you to spend even 5 minutes doing something intelligent to learn about marijuana, instead of repeating whatever the TV tells you is true or what your precious DARE officer told you in 4th grade. If you can find me ANYTHING (rational scientific facts preferred) to support your uninformed absolutist views, I'll never use the internet for the rest of my life, I swear.

Ready? Go.

P.S. Marijuana does have quite significant medical potential. (I'm a nurse, dad's a doctor, due to start med school soon. I've done the research.)
by a. meyer
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 7:31 PM
I cannot believe you are calling yourself a taxpayer! So, you pay taxes on the money you make from your grow op? Because then maybe I could take you seriously. For people who don't grow this is a slap in the face, and I suggest you don't bring it up during your legal issues.
Also, most of the growers that I've known use it as an excuse to be terribly close-minded. Being open-minded means being understanding of all people. Even those who differ from your own experience and opinion. Mendo has become a one-sided, extreme, and close-minded place on the topic of Marijuana. Your utopia is falling, and until pot is completely legal you are reaping rewards from a very risky business.
by francis
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 7:58 PM
There are quite a few posts here that are advocating violence. See how extreme people get about their investment?

Pot is not a lovey-dovey, peace inciting industry - no matter how it makes you feel while you use it. The business is a business, and people will protect their investments with force.

This is why I loathe the growers who are obviously in it for money and not just as medicine. "just 24 plants" - that's way more than one person needs to help whatever ails them.

Our children in this county can't explore our forests and hills for fear they might stumble on an operation and get hurt. For those of us with more noble aspirations: family, safety, and responsibility to our neighbors, we ask that you consider the fact that your growing affects us all.
by me
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 8:04 PM
In response to "DRUG"
Marijuana is the safest substance known to man. Manufactured pills are not the same as they do not include the same chemical compounds. A manufacturing lab will never produce the chemical compound makeup that occurs in the plant naturally. Please educate yourself before spreading false information. Besides your clam is a moot point as this medicinal user was operating fully within his state/city law.
by Brad Lake
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 8:40 PM
I have recently discovered something about police depts. in my city of Tuscaloosa that really goes against everything we as a country represents, such as you have experienced in California. I would love to talk to you about things, please contact me my e-mail is cblake4 [at] and a phone conversation between us might be able to start a rolling ball within this country.
by John
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 8:42 PM

Please cite reports / scientific research by professionals on the addictive qualities of marijuana, as well as actual cases of individuals being addicted to marijuana.
by Mendo Man
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 9:15 PM
This has to be pressure from the Feds. You know, the DEA, who now take orders from Mr. Change himself, Barack Obama?

Frying pan into the fire...that's "change."
by Dale Toussaint
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 9:45 PM
You weenies need to get a life. Slavery ended because the federal government triumphed over immoral and self-serving state laws. African-Americans got the vote because state laws prohibiting them from doing so were overruled by federal law. Now you liberal weenies are screaming to have state laws supersede federal laws. You can't have it both ways.

One, narcotics experts say marijuana has five times the tar and nicotine of a regular cigarette. Sounds unhealthy to me. Two, violence follows drugs. Always has, always will.

Medicinal marijuana is a canard. Those who promote it just want to help legalize marijuana everywhere. Nobody except liberal weenies have said marijuana helps anything. The doctors who approve this probably smoked dope all through college and think it's okay anyhow.

The bigger argument is that you people think the rights of an individual to do what he wants (illegal or not) mean more than the laws and regulations that were enacted for the protection and benefit of all.

Did it occur to anyone that a judge had to sign the search warrant before it was served? Sounds to me like the court passed on the raid first. If, and it's a big if, it could be proved that the cops lied on the search warrant affidavit, they should be fired. If not, then, as someone else said, you're boned.
by dmstetson
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 9:45 PM
I feel for you. Hope it all turns out ok. Best advice: get the best attorney you can afford. Try NORML and the Civil Liberties Union if you haven't already. Best wishes to you and your family, no one deserves what the police are capable of putting you through for this victimless crime.
by Pills dont work
Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009 10:15 PM
In response to DRUGS,

Let me explain something about THC to those who obviously DONT understand its composition or chemical degradation properties.

The reason a pill DOESNT work is something called chemical decomposition. THC pills (drobinol/ marinol) have active THC in them, this is true, what is not true is the substance absorbed by the body. When ingested THC decomposes the THCa (THC acid) in the THC, turning it purple, just like when you expose pure THC to light or heat, it decomposes.

The only proper way of administering THC is through a spray that contains ethanol (sativex, not approved for USA market yet) or a number of small drug companies developing a sublingual pill or a transdermal patch with pure THC in them. When introduced via smoking you are degrading the THC through burning and are burning a lot of bad stuff as well (600 different chemical components in cannabis on average). The reason you feel high when smoking pot is the fact that you are inhaling a lot of THC that is not decomposed, its further from the flame and automatically vaporizes when you light a flame near it.

Vaporizers just use a tight temperature range to vaporize THC (as well as other cannabinoids/chemicals), the smoke comes from the plant matter, just not needed.

The introduction of delta 8 THC into the body will cause the pain relief effects that THC causes, HOWEVER it does not have the other effects that are sometimes desirable in Cannabis. These symptoms include muscle relaxation, hunger, and sleeping. Cannabis based medicines have a LONG way to go before they can be narrowed down to each field for the proper application. Currently everyone is medicating for a ton of conditions, which can be bad.

That is the layman's version of the reason why.

I have a M.S. in Biochemistry by the way.
by Pineapple
Wednesday Feb 25th, 2009 12:34 AM
Hard to believe it takes 25 cops to bust a lady with 24 plants...Maybe they're trying to keep their jobs....or...

There's been more articles on marijuana becoming legal in CA recently.. Maybe the cops think that legislation is actually going to pass...if they bust enough growers and keep the weed fresh they'll probably do pretty well selling it off legally down the road. Hopefully they inventory their evidence accurately so it can be tracked down later on.

Regardless of whether or not marijuana is an addictive drug, if you can drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes, weed shouldn't be a crime either...

by Michael S.
Wednesday Feb 25th, 2009 4:36 AM
You are very wrong. In the first place, marijuana contains NO NICOTINE WHATSOEVER. Yes, it does contain more tar than tobacco, but it's not addictive whatsoever.

Second, marijuana is a depressant. Although it does impair judgment, IT alone does not cause violence. Impaired judgment by already angry people who have the tendency to become violent are where you cite your information on it causing violence.

Marijuana was not prohibited to benefit or protect the citizens. Read the following link to find some of the real reasons:

I'm just going to end saying that you need to do your research before making claims that you have heard from the TV or wherever else you heard it.
by John Burnger
Wednesday Feb 25th, 2009 2:01 PM
Dale ur an idiot. and so is the person that said marijuana is a hard core drug. U obviously havent looked into this at all, so SHUT THE HEll UP until you do.
by James Richter (sparks029 [at]
Wednesday Feb 25th, 2009 3:29 PM
You law enforcement agencies that want to take a bite outta crime should be in southern cal busting up the dangerous dope like meth and cocaine. I'm sick of hearing about this all the way to Iowa .But I'm glad I heard it .It is ridicoulous .Leave these PEOPLE alone they aren't criminals and your propaganda about dangers to the enviroment are believable only by an idiot. The same fertilizers and pesticides are used here in Iowa for corn. So if you got a buzz off corn I spose that would be gone too ?
by Bunz
Wednesday Feb 25th, 2009 5:12 PM
The same thing happened to my wife and I late last year. These Nazi's are the ones that are breaking the law. The people of this great state voted more then 10 years ago to make medical marijuana legal. We are tax paying citizens who had our home raided and turned upside down for six pounds of marijuana. Both my wife and I are medical patients. Our doctor recomends that we both possess five pounds each per year. We had no plants, other drugs, guns, or excessive amounts of money. Yet we were raided by the major crimes task force (helmets, vests, and guns)about 15 officers and charged with 4 felonies each. I would venture a guess that it cost more money to conduct this raid then it netted( Our tax dollars hard at work). Not to mention the time and money it will cost the court system.This is a joke, this county has been at the fore front of medical marijuana and patients rights it also helps support this entire county. With out marijuana Mendocino would fall apart economically. Maybe that is what the Sheriff and the DA want. Seems they are taking a page out of ole' George W's. book. Those days are over it's time for change we the people run this county not a few thugs and dictators. WE need to get these hate mongers out of office and put people in office that have some common sense.
We repeatedly stated we were medical. The only thing they wanted to hear was where the 1)MONEY, 2) Marijuana, 3) Guns were. The head of this band of CRANKED UP Theives told us we were lucky that it was them and not robbers from the city. I replied ,"actually your worse we're getting robbed and busted". These people are not in the business of serving and protecting our rights. They are in the business of ripping medical patients off. The head of this task force continued to state how we were going into the city and selling "dope"(ie,Herb) for white drugs, acting like we were some kind of cartel. I feel as if he told on himself. These Sherlock assholes have no clue.To further add to the ignorance of this jackass, he claimed that my wife's TOMATO garden was an outdoor marijuana grow. It seems that the Sheriff and the DA are taking the path of least resistance by going after medical patients and not the real criminals.
The truth will be reviled, and these people will soon fade. We are in charge not them!!!!
by DAS
Wednesday Feb 25th, 2009 5:59 PM
As the parent of a special needs child I find your usage of the term "retard" totally offensive. Comparing my child and others who suffer from the same disability to elected officials is reprehensible. shame on you !
by stranger in the light
Thursday Feb 26th, 2009 2:39 AM
Proposition 215, the California Compassionate Use Act, was enacted by the voters and took effect on November 6, 1996. This law fundamentally changed who can be arrested for possessing marijuana in this state.
Some people, even though they are patients who possess marijuana, can be arrested. There is nothing in Proposition 215 to compel police to accept a patient's medical claim as being valid. Many legal patients have been raided or arrested for having dubious or outdated recommendations, for growing amounts that cops deem excessive, or on account of neighbors' complaints. An essential aim of the state ID card system will be to help avoid undue arrests. Once patients have been charged, it is up to the courts to determine the validity of their medical claim.
A landmark State Supreme Court decision, People vs. Mower, holds that patients have the same legal right to marijuana as to any legally prescribed drug. Under Mower, patients who have been arrested can request dismissal of charges at a pre-trial hearing. If the defendant convinces the court that the prosecution hasn't established probable cause that it was for other than medical purposes, criminal charges are dismissed. If not, the patient goes on to trial, and the burden is on the prosecution to prove "beyond a reasonable doubt" that the defendant was guilty. Those who have had their charges dropped may file to have their property returned, and possibly claim damages.
In many cases, police raid patients and take their medical marijuana without filing criminal charges. In order to reclaim their marijuana, patients must then file a court suit on their own.
Under the federal Controlled Substances Act, possession of any marijuana is a misdemeanor and cultivation is a felony. In addition, premises used to sell or cultivate marijuana for sale are subject to forfeiture.
Who qualifies as a physician? Proposition 215 applies to physicians, osteopaths and surgeons who are licensed to practice in California. It does not apply to chiropractors, herbal therapists, etc. Under Proposition 215, physicians are required to state that they "approve" or "recommend" marijuana. Physicians are not allowed to "prescribe" marijuana, as federal law restricts "prescriptions" to drugs licensed for sale in pharmacies.
What illnesses can marijuana be recommended for? Proposition 215 lists "cancer, anorexia, AIDS, chronic pain, spasticity, glaucoma, arthritis, migraine, or any other illness for which marijuana provides relief." It qualifies this by stating that its purpose is "to ensure that seriously ill Californians have the right to obtain and use marijuana." A recent appellate court decision in People v. Spark ruled that the question of whether the patient's medical condition is "serious" is to be made by a physician only. Physicians have recommended marijuana for hundreds of indications, including such common complaints as insomnia, post-traumatic stress, PMS, depression, and substance abuse.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Marc Komer is a legal document assistant and can be reached at 459-2775 or

by outthere somewhere
Thursday Feb 26th, 2009 1:01 PM
You weenies need to get a life. Slavery ended because the federal government triumphed over immoral and self-serving state laws. African-Americans got the vote because state laws prohibiting them from doing so were overruled by federal law. Now you liberal weenies are screaming to have state laws supersede federal laws. You can't have it both ways.

One, narcotics experts say marijuana has five times the tar and nicotine of a regular cigarette. Sounds unhealthy to me. Two, violence follows drugs. Always has, always will.

Medicinal marijuana is a canard. Those who promote it just want to help legalize marijuana everywhere. Nobody except liberal weenies have said marijuana helps anything. The doctors who approve this probably smoked dope all through college and think it's okay anyhow.

The bigger argument is that you people think the rights of an individual to do what he wants (illegal or not) mean more than the laws and regulations that were enacted for the protection and benefit of all.

Did it occur to anyone that a judge had to sign the search warrant before it was served? Sounds to me like the court passed on the raid first. If, and it's a big if, it could be proved that the cops lied on the search warrant affidavit, they should be fired. If not, then, as someone else said, you're boned.

Oh you ingnorant fool. Only until the day bone cancer steals only peices of your life day by day, slowly and painfully until its all over. The only relief you can get that doesnt make you sick or zonked out is marjijuana. And to bring slavery into a marijuana discussion? what? I dont understand how you were making any sort of a point there. Yes, a long, long time ago our govt. actually did something to honestly better the lives of it's residents. Now, were pushing for the same thing. Who cares how bad it is, that is up to the individual to decide. Marjiuna harms yours lungs and such the same as alcohol to your liver. What about the methadone clinics all over this country? How bad is methadone for the body? How many people A DAY die from misuse or o.d. on methadone? And further more on the health issue, I personally do not need the govt to tell me what is "too bad" for my health and what they deem isn't. If the Dr. says this is a possible treatment that will work for you, then the govt. has no place stepping in. What about all the medications out there? You want to make marjiuna the greater evil.... We hand out ritalin like candy to our children who in turn crush them and abuse them. But, we turn a blind eye. Listen to the new med comercials. By the time your done, your not sure what the med is exactly gonna treat, but you know about all the side effects from vomitting and diahrea to congestive heart failure. Gee... I think I'll go with a cough vs. my ticker giving out. We have known that ciggarettes were horrible long before we continued to allow them to be smoked by teachers in schools and clerks at the super market. In my opinion, the health aspect of this argument is completly bogus. Now, on to the violence? This actually made me laugh out loud a little. Im still smiling even. Have you ever met someone who smokes? And I dont mean your gangster wannabe doing whatever illicit substance they can, toting guns and what not all. I mean your average american folk who go to work, pay the morgage, take the kids to the zoo, and smoke a bit of herb before bed. I don't even know where to go with that one, you're just wrong. people dont shoot, stab, or rob people for marjiuna cuz theyre crazed addicted and out to get their fix. And on that note, drugs or not, bad people will do bad things. This is about medicinal marjiuna only, not the thugs and drug lords and mass productions. This is about the people who need fast instant relief, and cannot afford the crazy high prices of other perscription drugs. You can pay a one time cost for a few minimal growing supplies and a few seeds to start with. Yes, a lot of people view medicinal marijuana as a start in overall leagalization, but where is the harm in that? Instead of spending billions of dollars ( since were in such a great economic situation as it is ) on raiding homes for pot, we could be utilizing that money so that one day, my still young, but already tired body can retire. Social Securtiy, Healthcare, the homeless problem, are a few that come to mind as far as better spending of that money that would benefit that "all" your talking about. I would like to know where you live, or why it is that you express such faith in our more than ever corrupt government to make the best choices for us? I dont know about yours, but my government has shown no real intrest in the people at all. The only concern of theirs is their pocket book. I for one, will continue to enjoy the benefits of my marijuana, as i continue to work, and go to school, pay my bills, and live otherwise as a decent, socially accepted citizen of this country. On an ending note, why are you afraid of change? Why not give legal marjiuna a try? They could tax the shit out of it and start working out our national debt with the revenue. Marijuana is this counrties number one cash crop, and no matter how many millions and how many men, that is not going to change. Lets put it to use for our benefit. I'm down for new schools with updated books paid for by the marijuana growers down the street, and we could easily make that happen. Also, did you know that as a crop, marijuana is very forgiving to the land it is grown on? People have grown on the same few patches of land year after year after year, without depleting the soil. There is just so much i could go on and on about here.... and i dont care what your defensive argument will be, because you are wrong. plain and simple. And to all of those in california living in fear, wondering if you will be next, i pray for you, and in every way, i hope justice, thats right, justice, will be granted, and your freedoms will no longer be inhibited by big brother.
by Former Ukiahan
Thursday Feb 26th, 2009 11:11 PM
A lot of information being stated and some of it totally wrong. From both sides. Some seem to think that having a MM card protects them from arrest. That is totally wrong. It gives you a legal defense in court but it does not stop cops from being able to arrest you. If the cop feels your doing something wrong then it's his choice to arrest you or to accept your recommendation as real and let you be. Your option is to defend yourself in court. Mosdt likely if everything was truly legal then no charges will be filed by the DA.
The one major question I have is how was it known you were growing? Tact is everything and keeping things not 100% accepted under the rug or out of sight is "always" a better option than being a in your face grower who thinks because they have a semi legal permit and can do what they want and no one can say anything. Another thing...knowing the law is your responsibility and measure B which repealed the old 25 plant law was voted in with a huge amount of press in november. I can't fathom you didn't know you were over the limit. your only grace may be if your recommendation has a minimum amount recommended by your doctor that allows 25 plants. my recommendation states right on that I may need to grow 25 plants and have 5 lb.s of processed bud at any time because of my method of use and illnesses. Your doctor might need to verify and testify to that amount too though.
I really question how LEO knew about processed cannabis without plants in the area like another poster above reported about? There is 'NO" way a cop can tell if you have 6 pounds of processed cannabis without something or someone alerting them to it. Either you bragged to the wrong person or you sold to the wrong person. And if you sold cannabis while using a med card as a excuse for using/growing you deserve everything you get.
A lot of the anti cannabis crowd have no idea of what they speak. they take a narcotics experts word on the medical uses and chemical make up of cannabis. That's like asking the car wash dude how to take out a apppendix. Yes burning "anything" and inhaling that smoke is not the best. The same poisonous chems are in all burning plant matter really. Even But there are other methods of use...vaporizers, edibles, tinctures and even suppositories. All safe methods of ingestion that require no combustion. Nicotene isn't even a chem in cannabis. That was ridiculous to say it was.
Cannabis has huge medical benefits and treats a lot of various ailments. From asthma to stomache disorders to pain to wasteing syndrome and that only scratches the surface. It's known to halt and even reverse some cancers and has a anti-inflamatory effect. It helps lower blood pressure too.
It's psychologically addictive to some but the physical addictivnesss can be argued. If it is addictive the biggest withdrawl effect is crabbiness for a day or two.
Cannabis is safe! In over 4000 years of use there is not 1 reported overdose. It's physically impossible to overdose. Some do have panick attacks from using some strains though. The treament after admitting is to send the person home to sleep it off. Once again...safer than sugar and less addictive!
by Bob Guinn
Friday Feb 27th, 2009 9:48 AM
I am glad to be reading articles about those who are being arrested and held to answer for something that the goverment has listed as OK to do. This is going on all over the united states and people who are tax paying people with familys are getting a raw deal and the local goverments are cashing in big time. When will this goverment we have elected get it right and stop busting those who are only following the guide lines set forth , i think it's about time that us americans stand up and fight and stand together , in one state it's ok but be careful because you will get busted and in other states they will throw you under the bus , our prisons are full of normal people smoking weed ,; isnt it time that america understands that by smoking marijuana isnt a crime , when was the last time you heard that people on our highways are being killed by the use of marijuana and when has anyone heard that the crime rate has gone up because of smoking marijuana ? If you are one that drinks instead of smoking marijuana , you are the ones that are killing our people in large numbers either on our highways or by causing trouble to those who are not drunk. I think we can all agree that drinking and driving is certain a choice and smoking marijuana is also a choice and doing nothing is also a choice , people have been smoking marijuana for years , what do you think was in those peace pipes that the indians had and do you know that our very first president not only smoked marijuana but grew it and Thomas Jeffterson also had a crop , so where do the founding fathers of our nation think we would go with is , im thinking it wasnt meant to lock us up and cause trouble with-in our system ,; its time , way past time for america to wake up and understand that this is not going away and for those who smoke marijuana will always do so. The next time you hear that marijuana killed people , please let us know as i have never found in any book or any court report that people have died from smoking marijuana. We are people that are to be free in this country as long as we follow the laws , im thinking that all the laws that we have would fill up a huge room.
Here is what happenend to me on the 23rd of feb. , i went to the VA to meet my new Dr. , i am taking pain medication for things that happenend to me in Vietnam , i seen him and then a nurse and got my prescribition and then was told to go to the lab , i went and to my surprise they didnt draw blood , i had to give a urine sample , well of couse i was dirty with marijuana , i had signed a policy that day about the use of this drug im taken for pain and it also stated that you cant be using marijuana , the very next day i get this letter in the mail from the Va telling me i had violated the agreement , how can this be , i just signed it and just given the sample , they are holding me accountable BEFORE i signed this agreement , thats just not right , i had no knowlege of such a agreement until the 23rd. of feb. , its like given me a sentence for a crime that hasnt happenend yet , im so mad about this , maybe its time to move to amsterdam where you are REALLY FREE.
I think it is a shame that sick people all over the usa, all states!!!!!! Like Tennessee if you attend a pain clinic and get caught with it in your urine you're thrown out,it does not matter that it helps better than there so caled pills some times but most the time together, It does make you wonder why most of who's who smokes or have smoked at some time in there life,God grew it for a reason,Just like the poppy and the coca plant and all the other so called plants that they make these so called addictive pils that he whole nation is dopers (LOL) I was on my meds prescribed by my doctor and was arrested for public intixication..I think Cannibis is not only a beautiful plant to grow but is most definately needs to be distributed to all the goverment workers who have never smoked and watch the arthiritis, the backache, I could go on and on but us ha ha dopers we know better
by Mad Toker
Saturday Feb 28th, 2009 3:00 AM
Ahem! Slavery is alive and well in this country as thousands of citizens guilty of "consensual" crimes are locked in little slave boxes for years and forced to do hard labor for pennies per hour if they want access to toothpaste, paper, stamps, and enough calories to live on.

No wonder we can't get it legalized; the vested financial interests are massive. Billions of dollars in prison labor cartel profits. Billions of dollars in pharmaceutical cartel profits. Billions of dollars in energy cartel profits. Billions of dollars in drug cartel profits.

Unfortunately there are no billions of dollars in profits to motivate would-be legalizers. Only trillions in savings...
by irene's garden
Sunday Mar 1st, 2009 11:59 AM
Have no fear Laurel. Holder, the new Attorney General will be treating medical marijuana as a health issue and not the past of fear and intimidation. Go Obama and GO Laurel!
by indica ( repost)
Sunday Mar 1st, 2009 2:31 PM
Listen now:
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Sunday Sedition with Andrea Lewis, for March 1, 2009
by alison
Sunday Mar 1st, 2009 7:05 PM
For many years, I have said that pot should be legal, and taxed. All the tax revenue would do so much good; care for the elderly, especially elder veterans who are neglected; children, schools.
It would relieve our government of all the police action and free our police up for real crime, and it would drive street drug dealers/gangs out of business.(After all, who needs a dealer when one could bop down to the corner pharmacy and get what you need.) It could still be illegal to drive or fly under the influence, of course. Plus, the quality can be regulated.
I dont understand these silly busts you endured; they were a blatant waste of tax money.
by (imr [at]
Sunday Mar 1st, 2009 7:27 PM
All we be ok for all of you, certainly print out the county web pages and all relevant info you have obtained to substiantiate your med reasons for and why, and also the refences you used to validate your endeavor, your license dr notes etc etc..
you will win this..
my reason for emailing you is I live in Hawaii, I am a 30 yr veteran of growing , I am a master, I currently grow white widoe, blueberry, bulldozer, death and sev others producing 88 ozs of bubble has per mo easy and 30 lbs on ave,, we sell 1/2 lb per day via our ministry and we all have licenses as well.. with our ministry we are allowed and recognized to have as much as needed to support our ministry..

I am very interested in moving there and starting a marij business.. thought id see if you had any info on where to look to live and about the area etc..
good luck, stay strong, remember the police are not your frinds, they are your enemy and are only concerned about their own agendas and promitions they are %$#@kers liers, thieves and whos side are they on, hell at least the mafia has a code... corruption I could go on.. and now the politicians are all getting paid big money from this bs stimulous, I wonder if the good people of the main land are going to wake up to gov doing whatever the hell they want, changing the ruls disregarding our desires/winning votes on laws passed and then taking trillions from you all.. they laff at all americans over on this side of the world, you all are humilated sheep, I feel terrible for all of you and this poor girls senario is a prime example of wth I am ranting about..
God Bless all,, got to go see if the last batch of bubble is dry!!
dave 2 (site under const) clones for sale, ozs under 300 for widow so sticky you cannot roll it!!
by Kathrine Sweeney
Sunday Mar 1st, 2009 9:46 PM
I don't live in California but I did check out your story re legal use of medical marijuana. There seems to be some discrepancy
in the number of plants a 'registered' grower can have for medical use. Did you and/or your fellow growers arrested for
medical marijuana contact a lawyer for a class action suit? Is/are the lawyers aware of any discrepancies in the number of
plants allowed by law for medical marijuana? Apparently, there are 'growers' distributing marijuana from Mendocino County
to other States via 'common carrier' and other shippers who are not aware of the contents they are shipping; the DEA is
investigating. Mendocino County Public Officials have contacted to DEA for this investigation. Could this be why the Mendocino County Sheriff/Police are 'rounding up' all growers?

I don't approve of any illegal drug use but it is disconcerting that States have different laws and penalties that are vast regarding marijuana. It is disconcerting that our Prison System is filled with inmates convicted for possession of paraphenilia
and/or small amounts; i.e. under 1 oz of marijuana. I don't believe taxpayers should be paying for incarcerating this type of
non violant offense particularly as it is putting so many young people/juveniles into the criminal justice system when we KNOW
this is detrimental to their emotional development, future job prospects and increased recividism vs treatment and rehabilitative programs.

As a hospice nurse in the VA system seven years ago, I like the rest of the healthcare practitioners were surprised by the Viet Nam vets who were prescribed cannibus via capsule as compared to the Vets who opted for the 'standard practice' opiod w/adjunts to control pain. Those who were taking marijuana didn't require titration as did the opiod users to manage their pain nor did they require the adjuncts typically given to maximize pain control and curb titrations of opiods. The Vets using marijuana for pain control also had a higher quality of life, longer life span, and decreased cost of medical care as their mobility wasn't impaired by titrating opiods and adjunct use. It was an interesting observation for me but at the time, myself and others, wrote this unusual observation off as a 'placebo' effect since most of the Viet Nam vets were users of marijuana previous to their terminal diagnoses. Also there was no data at the time supporting this observation.

I would like to see someone invent a device to 'test' drivers for marijuana use and if positive, the car would not be driveable
by the impaired similar to what we have for ETOH users once convicted of DUI. Should this be possible, why don't we have
every young person up to the age of 21 required by law to have these devices in the car? This would save lives while
allowing marijuana for personal medical use to be legalized in all States.

by ian
Tuesday Mar 3rd, 2009 11:49 AM
You must have missed the new guidelines, it is now 6 plants per hosuehold that is considered legal. Previous to this new guideline it was 20 plants. It would seem that you did not do enough research as to what was considered ok and what was not, you only cite one source of information. I can relate to the grief you are now feeling, but you and I both got ourselves arrested, nobody else did this to you. I am not a lawyer but I suggest you find out ALOT of information before proceeding with forking out money for a lawsuit. Talk to several lawyers, consultations are normally free, etc.. Good luck!

P.S. Look into the "Drug Court" intervention program if CA has one, many do. Usually it is 1 year and upon completion all charges are dropped. I went through it, its not that bad if your drug is marijuana. If you are truly physically dependant on a substance however these programs may become a nightmare.
Tuesday Mar 3rd, 2009 1:33 PM
This is an outrage for them destroying a poor family, and families, who really need this to survive their pain or whatever, and I feel for the poor woman out there. This is really a tradgedy in this country, because these people are not going after the real criminals. This is how the county is getting their revenue, and an excuse to go after these family growers. Cmon, it sounds like they're a bunch of bullies.
by benny
Thursday Mar 5th, 2009 10:12 AM
Actually 25 plants is legal in Mendo. Each county sets its own regulations, so how much you can grow depends on the county you are in. In mendo they did amend the grow regulations about a year or more ago, from 25 plants per patient to 25 plants per grow operation. This women was well within her rights. Maybe you should do some real research before you criticize others. By the way dont you think she would know her rights and what is legal if she is taking the risk of growing?
by Dinoglide
Saturday Mar 7th, 2009 11:06 PM
Get the facts. 1st ) Why do people w/out the truth always insult the issue at hand? A recent AMA report shows that even with the tar and nicotine, marijuana does not cause cancer and surprisingly the THC may be the countering that causes it. I'm not going to cite the entire article. Please do some research first unless you just want to be ignorant of facts. If you are open minded, look up marijuana/cancer/tobacco. 2nd) Talk with someone who is afflicted with a disease that marijuana can bring relief. Do you ever listen to the side effects of those chemicals that pharmaceuticals produce? They collect more money than the people making money from growing a natural substance. Also marijuana has only been illegal for a short time. Check it out. It's people who live by greed, ignorance and are without compassion that brings many injurious things to mankind.
by jersy
Sunday Mar 8th, 2009 11:10 PM
i live in nevada county california and am completly mortified that this happened to you. i just read that the new attorny general vowed to stop raids on medicinal marijuana growers nationwide, as per obama's campaign promise, so i believe that you should be in the clear. however i am not a lawyer, and admittedly dont know shit. but if i am right you probably have grounds for some sort of harrassment/class action suite, because this was just anounced recently. Especially the persons who's children and family members are drasticly affected by unlawful arrests.
please feel free to contact me as a like minded person who wishes to help. not sure what i can do other than spread the work to my freinds in Mendo who vote, or othe california citizens.
sorry this happened to you

Just a thought, though i hope it isn't the case... its possible that they were trying to squeeze in as many raids as possible, knowing that the attorny general was going to make good on Barak's promise, which may complicate things.

good luck
my e-mail is cushonconvector [at]
by jersy
Sunday Mar 8th, 2009 11:58 PM
what exactly abot marijauna is hard core? do you even know anything about drugs....have you ever met a pothead? a crackhead? If you did you would know that marijauna isn't even in the same class, exept as far as the government in some states, and federal law is concerned. but if you had a clue you would realize that its about the cash not the substance. Marijuana use is a personal choice that affects no one but the user. (trust me.. any argument you have on this one is refutable. post it and i will refute it). Just to illustrate the federal governments hypocracy on the issue, i bring the topic of "marinol" (you know the pill you spoke of), and by the way, your right, there are many healthier ways to injest Marijuana, which many, many patients utilize. Well... the FDA and the previous government (which i am sure you voted for) claims that there is no medicinal use to marijuana, however it HAS approved marinol, a capsule form of thc and other "canibinoids" found in Marijuana for safe use and sale by whatever the company that produces it. why, i ask would they approve it in sythisized pill form but not in its natural state? Lobbyists, from pharmacutical companies is one possible answer. the answer, however, is irrelivant. The federal government, even during the bush years (w), recognized the brenifits of marijuana indirectly through its approval of marinol. Sadly, it also illustrated the motivations thatdrive the gvernment... cash. Pharmacutical companies can pay to have thier drugs tested by the FDA, and get approval if enoug cash is behind it. To be clear the FDA recognizes a medicinal value of THC and Varous other compounds in Marijuana, through their aproval of marinol, yet growers of the substance that lead to this type of medication is viewed as illegal and stigmatized. STUPID. you cant have it both ways. The government is making thier stance clear with its actions: we get to decide who has the rights to grow and use, and its only going to be the pharmacutical companies who are willing to pay.
Conservative ideas stagnate the energy pool. if your a voter, do us a favor... stop. Your the reason the rest of the world hates us, and your not educated enough to weild such a power. If you are elderly, i apologize, you are entitled to your opinion, and i don't expect to change your mind; much respect to those older and wiser....but you maybe a bit out of touch.
thanx for reading...
by ric
Sunday Mar 22nd, 2009 7:56 PM
thats bull all should be able to grow how can i help
by Prof
Tuesday Mar 31st, 2009 9:45 AM
I could be wrong but I thought I read an article a month or 2 after Measure B passed that it was taken to the state supreme court which demeed the ruling illegal. I know the article is on look in the Ukahi, CA news. Good luck!!!
I had two immature plants. I have been to court 12 times. NO one wants to hear that the officer broke the law to obtain the search warrant. They say my case will be dismissed so what does it matter. It is against the law PC code section 118 - 129 chapter 5. At the time of the search they took my life savings of $12000.00, but have only returned $6000.00. I want in on the civil suit. I am not stopping till the officer is held accountable for breaking the law he was hired to uphold. Contact me. There is a lot more that goes with this story. Contact me I have done a lot of research.
by tyron
Monday Apr 6th, 2009 4:08 AM
I had two immature plants. I have been to court 12 times. NO one wants to hear that the officer broke the law to obtain the search warrant. They say my case will be dismissed so what does it matter. It is against the law PC code section 118 - 129 chapter 5. At the time of the search they took my life savings of $12000.00, but have only returned $6000.00. I want in on the civil suit. I am not stopping till the officer is held accountable for breaking the law he was hired to uphold. Contact me. There is a lot more that goes with this story. Contact me I have done a lot of research.
by RazorEdge Juice
Monday Apr 6th, 2009 9:07 AM
that's the twisted mob like goverment that has control, when the leader can't lead the people, the need to lead the leader,i was think of moving there and starting my own operation, but I'm a little freaked out about the things going on, let me know what I can do to help, LOL Patrick

by in mendo
Friday Apr 10th, 2009 7:21 PM
i dont agree with what happen to you in any way but after reading your incident report it looks like you just talked your way right into jail. the police are not your friends, dont talk to them, ever.
by Mr. Sherrill
Saturday Apr 11th, 2009 8:15 AM
Hope you sue the people who did this and get all your plants back.
by Pike
Thursday Apr 30th, 2009 10:15 AM
In regards to this comment and others:
First of all, Laurel I am terribly sorry for your pain.

Next, I am and have been a 'conservative' most of my life. Pro Regan and Bush.
I do believe that our current government and the Democrats, especially the 'life long politicians' on both side are doing things that are setting up the beginning of the end for us all and America is in serious trouble.

With that said, in regards to marijuana, it is my opinion that it should be legalized nationwide.
I find it very hypocritical that our government doesn't think so. Alcohol and Cigarettes are perfectly legal and have very bad effects. Some moderation of Alcohol can have medicinal effects however the drug (man made) is extremely addictive. Marijuana has been clinically proving to not be and has numerous scientific reports to back such claims as being a possible cure for cancer by reducing tumors and helping in 'lung cancer' patients.

Bottom line, can we all just agree that this isn't a Democrat or Republican view point any longer?
It seems to be it's all about education. Myself, I have become more informed on many 'political' issues and no longer consider my self an 'party' member. I am simply an American. An American who still very strongly believes in We the People, By the People, For the People and the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

I believe it is high time that all those in favor of being American stand up and scream at the top of our lungs that we just aren't going to take it anymore. Marijuana or it's negative labels, (pot, weed, ganja, etc...) should be as legal as corn, wheat, barley, grapes, etc.. and it should be your right to decide to purchase, grow or otherwise open our own store or whatever you desire.

If you can't see that, then perhaps you need to look deeper into your own soul and research your own thoughts. I myself don't even smoke it. I did once but opt to not now. Being in Texas I have absolutely nothing to gain here other than voicing my opinion and maybe, just maybe bringing out the best in someone to stop yelling at the parties and start yelling at the government.

Marijuana is just one small example. Lets legalize this harmless little plant and move on already.
We have much bigger fish to fry. Like our economy and poor victims of Justice like Laurel, how about 'the formerly named "War on Terror", the talibans getting nukes and so on.

It's time to stand up America. Stand up and do something already before it's too late.

Texan Response
by Laurel Krause (theairboater [at]
Friday May 8th, 2009 1:04 AM
Laurel,I really feel for you and the others have had to suffer through,and will still suffer through.These lawmen are sick people to a scary point.Fell free to email me.I can be a shoulder to lean on,or some sort of help?
I was arrested in September for transportation and possesion for sale of Marijuana. I also have my medical 215 and have had it for years. Unfortunately I was way over the limit for Mendocino. I was not trying to sell Marijuana. The economy went to crap and I couldn't pay for my medication where I live in San Diego because it was getting to expensive. So I decided to take my saving and buy what I could to save money. I Purchased well over my limit but decided it wouldn't be so bad if caught because of my medical recommendation. It was bad ...... 3 years probation, 60 days jail time, who knows what fines, and registering as a narcotics offender for 5 years. All because I need medication. I do have a legitimate medical problem. Now our Governor wants to legalize marijuana while the non-violent criminals due time and have there lived ruined.
by JW
Monday May 18th, 2009 2:52 PM
Surprised? Really? Must not watch msnbc...
by cheech
Wednesday May 20th, 2009 10:14 PM
I hope nothing but the best for you and your family, Its time to put and end to that bullshit, nobody should have to mess with police busting your door down if its not legally warranted.
Tobacco and alcohol does real damage to one but pot when consumed with responsible discretion does no harm!
by Rthomas
Friday May 29th, 2009 2:39 PM
Pot vs. alcohol? I am 51 years old. I remain baffled how pot is illegal and alcohol is not. You grow a plant. You tax and regulate. You take money away from the bad guys.

It makes rope, clothes, . It's organic. I just don't get it. It is not a gateway drug . I should know.

To criminalize millions over a plant that's been smoked for millenia is just dumb and a disappointment.
by potter vlalley friend
Monday Jun 1st, 2009 9:10 AM
hi laurel, lots to say and dont know where exactly to start, my main mission here is to offer you friendship and compassion to you in this matter if you need? I have a similar story....the sherriff coming over and having their way with soorry to hear that happening to others, at the same time i feel consoled for the fact that it is not just me that this is happening to.....I can relate on a lot of the things you mentioned in your offering support to you and the community in Mendo!!!!! I wasnt arrested Sep 30, 2008, no citation even, I was within 25, transition to the inside, 20 inside, only a couple still standing.....3 felonies, no trouble ever extra for having loaded shotgun, we both no the rate of home invasion, I am a 160 lb hippie...vegetarian...I think it is our right to defend ourselves,,,,,,so sad that Mendo has turned into a playground for the wicked, selfish and greedy people......anyway I took a plea on 1/27/09, they dropped #1 for sale, #3 posession of an assault weapon, (whats the charge for having ak-47 with 50 round banana clip?) I had a singl shot Mossberg that had never been fired.....these sherriff and da lintott are acting very innappropriate, going after the wronng they dropped the two and left me with #2 cultivation.....PC 1000 is the name of light drug program for 2 months then 36 months probation, very light, I am actually in phoenix right now, as my life became dissheveled after all very light terms of probation. they really try and scare us ,that is their main tactic, and disregard for human life...I have lived in PV since 02 when things were very different with da and sherriff,,it is sad that there are alot of people living in Mendo that ruin it for everyone...I believe in the organics,always have, being positive in community, and beleive in Family 100%, i didnt have enough for a lawyer(10-20000) so I settled in this way with the public defender, they dont really help you they are just an advanced form of a secretary for the da so dont be fooled....I wish you the best of luck and my positive thought s and support are with you during these me thru email anytime if I can help out in any way........ peace and much love,,,Brett Scott
by chase
Thursday Jun 4th, 2009 2:25 PM
thanks 4 the wonderful article and we are all disturbed by what is happening in the growing capital of the world 4 so many years. try outdorrs next time!!
by Klamathman
Friday Jun 12th, 2009 9:20 AM
The medical use of pot for healing and comfort is a wonderful thing, but for a lot of growers, it is an excuse to make money and somehow treat pot as though it were completely legal. It is not legal (though I believe it should be) It is not. The so-called medical marijuana crowd is a blend of ill people that really need it, and lots of doped-up hippie types that use med pot as a cover for their own addictions. Separate the two, make pot legal, get the guns and growers out of our public lands, and move on to more important things.
by T. Ackreman (t.ackerman [at]
Thursday Jun 25th, 2009 4:07 PM
I'm having difficulty understanding why??? Wouldn't this actually be the best possible job for a stay home mom? Moms are very caring about their children. They also want the means to provide for their children. Most mom's have good judgement and will take care and will follow all guidelines set forth by the law.
Permit Fees to the town. Fee's to the State. The new revunue to the State's lessens the impact on the federal govornment which helps keep taxes low or pays for health insurance.
I'm not saying this is a "cure all" for the economy or the farming of marijuanna. What I am saying is it's rediculous to keep marijuanna illegal. Personally if my kids had to pick a drug to be addicted to I would much prefer marijuanna to cigarettes. Ever seen someone try to kick their addiction to cigarettes?!
Food for Thought.
by lenny
Friday Jun 26th, 2009 10:00 PM
living in the next county over....yes crazy Lake County :):) However, politically we continue to make progress. Please look at #4 for the Lake County Democratic Central Committee's solution for saving California

Next, your Sheriff is an elected official. Get rid of him. Empower yourself and find someone who will work for and with the people. We have. His name is Francisco Rivero. He throws his hat into the ring on Monday. And I do believe he stands a VERY GOOD chance of winning.

We all need to remember that elected officials are just that. If you don't like his or her platform/policies find someone new. The Sheriff serves the people and upholds the laws. Marijuana laws are a mess today. It will be through public pressure and our legislative processes that changes manifest.

Good luck
by Kay McHugh
Sunday Jun 28th, 2009 6:39 PM
I had no idea this had gone on to such an extent.

Back In the mid to later part of Feb. I was cleaning a friends house in Hopland while he was at work. I saw an unmarked truck pull up and two plane dressed "good old boys" got out. I figured they were friends of my friends. How wrong I was.

They asked me if I knew anything about my friend growing pot. He HAD grown 13 plants, with a 215 card, but there was none currently growing or drying. I plead dumb, as I am on probation (not related to MJ) and stated that I had been out of the country for the past few months (truth). They grilled me, threatened me, and my friend, looked all around the property and through the open windows of the house. They asked me If I was trimming for him when I said I had been cleaning and commented on a mound of dirt that was in front of a fenced in tomato garden.

Unfortunately, I had just smoked some of my own personal weed, which they could smell and they took that from me and made me pour it out, or face a ticket. I had way less than 1/8th.

I'm sorry that happened to you and I hope that you did take it to court. Otherwise, what is the point of us voting if what we vote for can be so easily over ruled.

They need to just legalize and tax it and stop harassing the people that are following the state guidelines.
by Jackie Kulp
Sunday Jul 5th, 2009 4:27 PM
Hi Laurell,
If you have your tax papers, and your canceled checks for tax payment, your attorney may be able to help you stay out of prison. One strategy for your defense may go like this; Your activity is completly legal as can be proven by the fact that the fed, state, and local governments have accepted your legal tender as payment for taxes on legal business profits. If they insist on prosecuting you, then you have a legal avenue for attaching them in a RICO lawsuit because they have demanded ongoing payment/profit in a criminal enterprise. The people who signed your permits, and accepted your money can all go to federal prison for very serious time. I believe the US Constituiton will help back you up, under the "equal protection under the law" clause. This is a very interesting case of selective prosecution and the rest of us in the USA are watching how California and the prison industrial complex are at odds with the American people and the American Medical Community. Good luck to you.
by Coltrain
Monday Jul 13th, 2009 11:15 PM
Up front, I like to burn one now and then. And if weed was legal I would buy it from a grower also. I'm too lazy to grow my own. But what I don't understand about what is going on in Mendocino County is this. You state that 70% of the economy there comes from growing weed. How is that possible? I understand someone will profit from the sale of grow lights, fertilizer and such but unless I am not reading the law right. Medical growers are not to sell what they grow. So in my eye's any single mother of 3 children would be doing her family harm by growing because her investment in growing would come from the money that she should be using to support her family. With no return on the investment because she is not suppose to sell what she grows. Please help me to understand and I wish all of the growers in your county good luck. Because of your efforts, maybe some day the laws will change.
by Michael Kearns (rasimike666 [at]
Sunday Jul 19th, 2009 2:18 AM
greetings Laurel ,
I am in NJ and looking to move to Calif for the laws .

could you possibly e-mail me ,
rasimike666 [at]

Blessings Michael
by Mike McMahon
Wednesday Aug 5th, 2009 10:12 AM
That is such a sad story, and I hope people will be motivated to fight for their/our rights and just get it legal like alcohol. The penalties are the problem, not the pot!!!
by phunk
Friday Aug 14th, 2009 9:23 AM
the cops in mendo seem to be real scumbags, I know recentley a sheriff had been found with meth and child pornography in their home

I know some medical mendo growers and their door was kicked in one night and men in black with shotguns to their heads stole all of their medicine and money home invasion style, it turns out they heard through the grape vine it was sherriffs who were carrying out these home invasion robberies... absolute power corrupts absolutely, every time.
by Jack Boots
Wednesday Aug 19th, 2009 9:35 PM
The Drug War Concentration Labor Camps are full to the brim with courageous Freedom Fighters. Please remember...All wars have an eventual winner, Then the tribunals are formed to prosecute The Losers.... The Drug War Narco-Cop Criminals. We will set new rules, and militia-style justice forums. The peace-loving grow people and consumers will eventually win this war, the people now incarcerated will judge and serve as jurists in testimony against The Narco-Cops. The governments prisons will become they're prisons, the functionaries (narco-cops) will forfeit all government pension benefits, and be sentenced to the same prisons they built for us...forced to labor in the same Unicor Factories for pennies, and turned out onto the roadsides as chain-gangs to pick up trash and do menial labor. They are documenting they're own crimes with every bust. The leaders will be prosecuted as Traitors to America. Traitors may still be hung by the neck untill dead. Swing on you Stasi Pigs...we are taking notes...You cannot fight on forever, we will auction everything you ever owned for reparations, your families will be declared collaborators and shunned by free society worlwide. Keep it up...we will keep taking's coming sooner than later. Stasi swine with no spine! Your trials will be sooooo fair. See you in lockup sooon!
by Onlooker
Wednesday Sep 16th, 2009 2:28 PM
Sheriff of Mendocino was on T.V. about 3 days ago talking about the 60% economic reliance Mendocino had on Marijuana and how disgusted by it he was. I believe it aired on msnbc (comcast). I am almost positive this madness is going down to catapult him and his division into getting more money. Marijuana is not the problem! The Government will have to decide once and for all is Marijuana in or out! In my humble opinion, with all the drug lords and mexican cartel coming into California to seize the cash and destroying our last remaining native lands in which I can't even go for a hike in now, and California's Economic problems which is something to be laughed at since I always heard California could be its own country, california NEEDS TO LEGALIZE THE "PLANT!" and stop the economic turmoil in California, along with taking the illegal criminal depiction of it out. NO MORE BLOOD SHED OVER A PLANT THAT MAKES YOU FEEL CALM, RELAXED, and not to mention HAPPY!
by Leon Hall
Saturday Sep 19th, 2009 5:45 PM
When I was young a long time ago (54 now) I was a constant user of weed. There was no medical debate then. But now I'm catching up on pertinent events on this subject and they are deeply troubling to me. For my government to STILL find it "necessary" to bother with busting patients is inexcusable. The classification for weed needs to be changed TODAY! Not to sound like a radical but I have to wonder what would happen if all the people that find the situation ridiculous just stopped buying alcohol. Seems to me that I'd be happy to go without drinking (and no, I don't smoke weed anymore) for quite some time if it would hurt our dear Uncle Sam where it seems to, the wallet.
Everyone that has studied the numbers, the incarcerations, the lives destroyed, the homes confiscated etc.. add up to insanity.
One aspect of this change in the law out there is that every SOB with a pen has brought so much attention to the area that I'm sure the DEA has been made to look like a laughing stock which is unfortunate. They do a lot of good in so many other areas of the "drug war". But the government putting pressure on your cops out there to bust sick folks is just wrong. It's interesting to note that other countries don't have this problem over this plant or it's use! They didn't turn into mindless crazed people!
by Dutch-American
Sunday Sep 20th, 2009 3:32 PM
I have a somewhat unique perspective of having lived in Amsterdam, Netherlands for many months. In the 1800's my ancestors immigrated from Holland to seek prosperity in America.
I wanted to experience life in Amsterdam, not as a wide-eyed tourist, but as a regular guy who stood in line at the grocery store, did laundry in the wash-mat, frequented regular hang-outs with Dutch friends, working, paying bills, etc. etc. If you fly to Amsterdam just for a week of indulging in the finest buds the city has to offer that's really cool, but...the impact of being a day-to-day resident in a city that has TRULY decriminalized the sale, distribution, & consumption of marijuana won't be fully understood.
In a nutshell, there are black & white distinctions between "hard drugs" and "soft drugs". Hard drugs are explicitly illegal and the soft drugs are allowed in designated areas (coffee houses). I had many interesting and enlightening interactions with people from all over the world in those coffee houses...while on the other hand, you can't walk 3 city blocks (in the red light district) without a crackhead or junkie trying to proposition you, beg for money, or mug you (as what happened to me). The dirty, greasy packs of street junkies are looming in the shadows to prey upon the goofy-grinned, red-eyed tourists wearing a GAP t-shirt and Birkenstocks. The difference between "hard drug" users and cannabis users was nothing short of astonishing. No where on Earth do you get to see such a high concentration of both groups interacting but who are so violently different. Hard drugs are the destruction of every decent human quality...whereas cannabis makes one appreciate the wonder and splendor of the world around you, enjoy a hearty meal, and have a peaceful night's rest. All we are trying to do is legalize another peaceful form of joy. Let's do it in America...
by Wayne (wayne [at]
Monday Oct 5th, 2009 6:05 PM
I saw a TV show last night which brought me to the web to look at Mendocino County, I was looking to see whats up!
I would expect more of what I have read on this server because of the documentry suggesting Medical Marijuana was legal in your county, It appears it is and it isn't!. I would guess the recent busts are due to presure applied because of media attention. Please keep the outside world informed, it's the only way you will gain support, to continue what is and isn't legal of supposed ot be.
by Adam M. Mueller
Tuesday Oct 6th, 2009 2:45 PM

My name is Adam and I'm currently involved with a project called Motorhome Diaries. ( Basically it puts me and two of my friends in a RV traveling the country in search of freedom. I am very interested by your story and we are thinking of coming through your county. I was wondering if you would be interested in speaking with us and showing us around your community? If this is possible or you would like to have a more direct conversation please contact me at mail [at]

In Liberty,

Adam M. Mueller
by rhino (rhinohowl [at]
Tuesday Oct 6th, 2009 4:05 PM
ms. krause, what has been the outcome of your arrest? this article was written in early 2009. have you been to court yet, and if so, were you offered a plea agreement? you may email me privately, or respond here. thanks, and best of luck to you.
by northcoast for life
Friday Oct 16th, 2009 12:23 PM
The DA+Sheriff's office have their own agenda based on "field discretion"+ not training the officers so they can play "we haven't been trained on collectives" both r types of power people w/ guns should not have w/out a camera and mic inside their badges.U don't want 2 b badgered +then they claim otherwise--not 2 mention the threats. We had 27 flowering and some in growth with all guidlines being met by STATE LAWS(which supercede county ordinances) w/collective agreements and 7 members. The cops WILL do what they want until lawsuits stop them--(they like bonuses CEO style). Hopefully the Butte case is a wake up 2 officers hiding behind courts not ruling in lawsuits surrounding law enforcement. BTW: I do know of many gardens they come to and leave but what makes them choose is a mystery. Also since your reading here's 2 tidbits. 1) the number of arrests and prosections in mendo has increased over 400% since the change of guard: DA Lintott and Sheriff Allman in roughly 4 years and the forfitures went from about 75K to over 2.5 million. What the F***
2) The DA's office had a leak to the ukiah daily journal that they were not going after 200 plants/20 pound cases only bigger--LIES. Well the office denied that it was a memo then weeks later(after 2 million federal grant)hired 3 or 4 attorneys and said that the old postion 200/20 is no longer the case and things will NOW be handled case by case. Something is very fishy in mendo and its not Fort Bragg. Peace from the North coast lifer
by Barny L
Thursday Oct 22nd, 2009 12:09 PM
Ms. Krause
You don't seem to have a grasp of this situation. To play on our economic woes to feed your habit is thoughtless and on the verge of despair. Marijuana is a drug! plain and simple. It leads to other drugs. Instead of being stoned why don't you take corrective measures that are proven effective for your condition. Maybe strengthen your core through a rigid exercise program. Don't start to blame the crackdown on drugs for your and the communities troubles. 70% of the economy? It sounds like the Colombian cocaine cartels. Is that where our country is headed? Get off the drugmobile and do yourself and our children a favor straighten up!
by K Forsythe
Thursday Nov 12th, 2009 5:12 PM
Barny L - do you know the history behind how marijuana came to be illegal? Do you know that it's NOT an addicting drug? Tell me, how does marijuana lead to other drug use? I am a former "pothead", was one for almost 15 years, and never got involved with any other drug on a regular basis. I experimented in college, as do most college students, with methamphetamines and cocaine and did not become addicted to them. In fact, it wasn't until after I tried them that I became a "pothead." Do yourself a favor and check into how marijuana became an illegal drug and you might be suprised!!!
by nancy (nancyc [at]
Friday Nov 13th, 2009 10:30 AM
my story is this my boyfriend had a small grow 20 plants hydro in our basement he had put off being llegal at my urging. he had a real problem with a herniated disk so he would qualify. i work as a nurse and we have no children just our beloved dogs. we rent a house outside denver and are loved by our neighbors we have been there for 4 yrs moving there after we lost our house in hurricane ivan. we moved to co to start over. the problem stared at work with a coworker a 60 yr old gay woman who fell in love with me and i did not return these feelings i tried to be just a friend to her. one day she begged to come to our house and use my internet connection to send items to her son in jail she smelled the plants and she was a pot smoker so we gave her a little. she also is a oxycodone user along with alcholol. i think you know where this is going she turned us in to the police on july 9th they knocked down our front door and arrested my boyfriend and i. we spent the who weekend in jail. they left our dogs loose in our house and destroyed everything nailing our front door shut when they left. when i got home monday i broke a window to get in my house and thank god my dogs were ok. 1 hr later the police show up and arrest me again they say i called this coworker and threatned her life so i go back to jail and i get out by posting $550 bond. then 1 day later the police show up and evict me from my home. i have 15 days to move or they will move me and take all my possesions. so now they start making me pee test 2x a month and from the begnining i test negative for all drugs. you see i never have smoked pot or taken any drugs i dont even drink. we both plead guility to marijuana cultivation a felony with a 2 yr deffered sentence with fines of $3200 and 100 hrs community service and probation including drug rehab and pee testing. i cannot work as a nurse with a drug charge. my boyfriend is able to work because he has his own business. but now my only choice is to legally grow marijuana and sell to the dispensary thanks to this bust the world has lost one of the few nurses who does not steal drugs .
by s.p.d (crazy_white_boi_25 [at]
Thursday Dec 3rd, 2009 4:38 PM
i was thinkin about make plans to move that way but now im not sure what ever happened to you over the 24 plants?
Saturday Jan 9th, 2010 6:02 PM
Of course they used 25 cops!!! That is why the State of California is broke and can't pay their bills. The State Medi-Cal program puts providers payments on hold every time you turn around because they are using State fund to pay BONEHEAD COPS to humiliate THEN arrest one woman like she is public enemy #1!!!!!!!!! While they were doing that I wonder who got murdered, robbed or raped because the BONEHEADS were busy giving that poor woman a heart attack. I'm prayin for you dear!!
by Patty (1958patty [at]
Saturday Jan 9th, 2010 6:29 PM
I feel so awful for you. I actually found your artical because I was looking for a place to live in an area that was a bit more "M" friendly. WOW! Listen to husband found out I, well you know......He called CPS and reported me for child endangerment. Then he had me arrested. AND he is using all of that to bully me out of my home and take away my kids!
I wish you the best as I am facing criminal charges myself now. I'm heartbroken and alone in the world now. I'll pray for you.
by jeff smiths
Wednesday Jan 27th, 2010 10:50 PM
you mention in this post that this is medical marijuana and note that you have a recommendation from your doctor. you haven't mentioned whether you sell to dispensaries or are able to smoke 24 plants worth a year. later, you state that your motivation for bringing this issue out is because it is " a devastating economic massacre for us personally and it has countywide ramifications..." this answers my question as to whether you are smoking 24 plants. no. you also mention that it "doesn't make sense to be busting and criminalizing tax paying citizens." something tells me that you are selling this illegally and i doubt you're paying taxes on it. it is a messed up situation. I will not condemn you for making a living. it would be nice if the laws were clear and who knows the other facts in this you didn't mention in your post. I'm fairly certain that you are not smoking 24 plants worth of marijuana per harvest. You are probably abusing the law and got caught. that sucks. I doubt if you deserve to spend time for this and hopefully you will not. if i were you i would have been squirreling away money for when this happened.
the hard part i'm sure is that you've probably been getting away with it for awhile and you thought you were in the clear and your guard was down. surprise! I've not been to mendecino county and i know very little about what's going down there. I do know that you've had the priveledge of making money in a market where there is comparatively less competition than you would experience in a market that is legal. An ounce of good marijuana sold as an ounce sells for $300 to $400 in Minnesota. It is illegal to grow, sell, or possess it though. I doubt it would cost this much if it was legal though. Without complete legalization there will be people transporting marijuana from people like you, who have been getting a free pass, to places like Minnesota. Some of these people have probably gone to prison. From your point of view, I'm sure you would love it if people like you could get a free pass on being able to legally grow, and illegally traffic at artificially high prices due to lack of competition. But there are people out there who also just want to make some money and bring a seemingly harmless herb to market that are sitting in prisons. There is a bigger picture than just what happens to you in Mendecino county. If you didn't have the rest of the country to sell to, you wouldn't be getting $2500 a pound. I just wanted to bitch about something. I do wish you luck though.
by JOEY (hjoey54 [at]
Friday Mar 5th, 2010 8:45 AM
by USA come on Snap Out Of It (proserv123 [at]
Saturday Mar 6th, 2010 5:28 PM
This is an Outrage,you make a law that permits the ability to grow legal medical marijuana. Then you do as always! You Break The Same Laws which are in place and are being abided by ! Go figure " For The Government, By The Gov.. For the money to and for the Gov." I SAY "LET'S FIRE THE GOVERNMENT" OUR TIME IS NOW, ITS TIME!!! BEFORE OBAMA TURNS US THE AMERICAN'S INTO A SOCIALIST COUNTRY...THIS IS BULLSHIT !!!
by ed l
Tuesday Mar 9th, 2010 4:25 AM
Federal Law out weigh,s any state mandate or such law allowing pot to be grown a DOCTOR allows You through a SCRIPT for Medical Mar to which it allows you to GROW 25 PLANTS a single plant can yield 475 to 850 grams thats 40 to 50 pounds per yield are you high you can,t smoke that much alone in 1 year
by ed l
Tuesday Mar 9th, 2010 4:41 AM
very good well written article and I must agree or at least state the Common Denominator to which involves our Government is always and will always be MONEY without it how could they live the way they do Kennedy 21 years on health care reform how,s this reach in their back pocket and give us what they have or at least decriminalize pot so it can be used with out consequences for an alternitive medicine affordable by all
by ed l
Tuesday Mar 9th, 2010 4:45 AM
you fell for there lies and his lies plain as day but you still voted for him you jumped on the we can change bandwagon and now we all pay the price
by Semyon
Wednesday Mar 17th, 2010 8:40 PM
If anybody is being mistreated by the Sheriff's department or District Attorney, we want to hear about it on our blog! If anybody wants to volunteer their vigilance, we want to talk to you.

Email mendosheriffwatch [at] or go to
by Semyon
Wednesday Mar 17th, 2010 8:43 PM
phunk, if you know details (the officer's name, badge number, etc) then please email me.
by mxchange75
Sunday Apr 18th, 2010 8:36 PM
We the people dont matter anymore I am ebarresed of this country in its current state and want to move back to canada.
by kansas family
Saturday Apr 24th, 2010 7:19 AM
I do feel sorry for you . You have the right now t to be mad! We have the story from hell!!! We are going threw court . But i can tell you they entered or house with a bull shit reason to come to or house they searched our house and what they say was the lagest bust in KS but they lie (inside grow op) they are counted every steam they dot it up to 457 plants and they say it was worth $5oo,ooo bull shit. They took my kids that had never been away from mom put me and my husband in jail we on a 500,ooo bond spent 30 days in jail BUT attorney billy is the best I still do not have my kids with met we are waiting for a suppression hearing on the affidavit was all lies I hope soon it will all be over and they will pay for what they did we will file suit the problem is we live in a little town and as or attorney says judges can do what they want. The feds did not even want this case because the affidavit was so bad. MAD to see it is happening all over.Iam very sick and need my meds not pills
Tuesday Apr 27th, 2010 1:51 PM
by Bob Green
Sunday May 16th, 2010 3:25 PM
No No No....Pot is for dupe heads, period.

We have all seem some of these [alleged] medical pot heads and many are just dope dealers. It's a fact.

Furthermore, if you look closely you will see that many of these medical pot heads are also METH freaks as well. And there's no phony medical cards for that dope. And that's NOT very pretty, nor "cool".

Wake up, dope is for dopers.
by WickedHaze916
Monday May 17th, 2010 9:37 PM
Wow it makes me sad to read this, Im 26 born and raised in Sacramento California , Growing is California, I just want to ask why? (to the law)What did you do to deserve this? 24 plants......thats all? I mean you are probably someone who helps everyone, loves her family and does everything you can to be an a "american" . Im very sorry for this to happen to you, keep fighting and you have support !
by tommy thumb
Saturday May 29th, 2010 5:35 PM
bro sorry but when u gonna realize nobody in america cares..not even all the pot heads.U think any stoner in Cali gives a heck what the man does to you or anyone else.Your all alone.I told everyone I knew that grows so called legally out there should watch themselves.As soon as Obama is gone the growers are gone.I feel sorry for you but really nobody cares in the long run.Life goes on for veryone else..
by jordan
Sunday Oct 31st, 2010 8:24 PM
gestapo,that is the correct application,in this situation. you'd think that the powers that be would have gotten the message by now .we just like the shit already. tell me a thirty year cigarette smoker that tobacco is not a gateway, or that booze /beers and football games aren't another gateway.regardless after meddling in our lives and destroying our economy;lying about every war you try to get us to participate in,I FOR ONE REALLY WISH THEY'D JUST F' FREAKIN' OFF FOR ONCE IN MY FREAKIN' ALL TOO SHORT GOD DAMNED LIFE. and if you are so concerned about laboratory conditions for the species. remove alcohol and cigerettes from the menu ,swine.
by KEITH... (seeker581 [at]
Sunday Nov 21st, 2010 12:40 PM
Please read, First things first, There are many truth's to every subject, and all the facts need to be evadent. If you have a one sided point of view on the page you should delite it now and start over! as for the other half of you people, we have something to talk about. There are many positive and negative pionts to medical marijuna,

The first thing to keep in mind is that the plant will and does grow in all fifty one states, so total eradication will never happen, it is a war that will never be won. Marijuna is considered a class one felony, while cocane is considered a class two felony, when you think in terms of research and dirriatives, what is the message we are sending to our citizens and children. Were did these laws origanate and why ? In 1924 marijuna was assoiated with black violence and was out lawed for medical use, In 1937, A man with the last name of Anslinger was the start and head of the dea, he promoted the idea and assoiation with murder's and deivet groups, In the 1920-1930 there was a problem with Mexican's being here illegaly that were used for or labor force, the south west did not want them here and did not know how to deal with it so they left it to congress..

In 1931 a law was passed for marijuna to be illeagle in the south west, to migrate Mexicans that smoked or found using marijuna were deported or jailed, witch in return intangled with the imgrataion problem of the 1930... Wake up people and go figure we still have this problem.

It really became out lawed by the tax act in 1937 by not haveing a stamp for having just bud not even a plant at that point and the law stemed for a michine gun law, were is the comparision I say. in 1970 Timothy Lery first fought for the right and won, but it was also baned in 1970 by congress as a controlled substance....

One theroy on the view point, if weed were leagle in the land of the free, I dont know of to many people that would want the Mexican seedy ditch, so I return thier sales plunder less illeagles and cartell activity due to suply and demand and less money spent for or fight to keep them out, not saying it will resolve the problem or ishues, but shure it will cut them in half,

Also I was watching a city councle meeting in a Mendinco county, town and it was said with concern of the the youth from the area and smoking weed morning, noon and night. with good consern im shure, I'm from the Midwest, the news is the only real diffrence here is that it cost us parents triple the money and our kids risk jail time.

THIER DOING IT EVERYWERE, not just in Calforina, there should be a 18 yr or older atleast policy for this isshue, and if people think this is gate way drug, the truth is not at all ask any one witch has been tried first Ciggrets , Alclhol or Marijuna 95 percent will say one of the first two. the leagle but ileagle to them drugs, and keep in mind carrots have chemicals in them, so put the junk food down please, ask your doctor if you had to chose one of the three Alclhol, Ciggrets, Coffie or Marijuna witch would be the better choice?
Marijuna does not, cause millons of death due to auto acidents, morph your blood cells, make you want to rob a gass station for anthor hit, has not caused a third scourge and devistated famileis across the country.. and also we did not make weed any diffrent then what it is, it is a plant that was made in the same seven days there are no exceptions there..

and by the way ask someone? when the last time they heard of someone oding on weed and are now dead

But will cause when not using loss of apitite, sleeplessness... SO PLEASE BEFORE YOU SPEEK CONSIDER ALL THE FACTS AND TRUTH'S....

Not saying Marijuna is the best thing but is certianly not the worst....
by Gail Grancsay (gailgrancsay [at]
Tuesday Jan 11th, 2011 7:40 PM
EVERYONE living in Mendo knows that ALL the cops whether city cops or sheriffs are a bunch of morans that make up the law as they go along. I heard they were doing all these busts because the feds were pissed because weed is a federal crime and not a state one and that local cops let the proliferation continue. The cops and sheriff are hired and paid for by us IN THE STATE OF CA, and they should thumb their noses at the feds. They can't possibly have enough ATF, FBI, or any other people to actually stop something that is 80% of the income of a county that is 357 square miles. And that's only ONE county in the Emerald Triangle! They can't even guard the southwest border and there's not even one tree for the illegals to hide behind while they sneak in. Can our government handle that? Nooooooooo! Our Federal government says states can not uphold fed immigration laws so why then are states expected to carry out and enforce federal marijuana laws? SOUNDS LIKE A DOUBLE STANDARD TO ME! I WANT TO KNOW THE ANSWER TO THIS, BECAUSE THIS IS A VERY RELEVANT ARGUMENT REGARDING MARIJUANA GROWS and the reach and responsibility of our Federal Government.
But you think its ok to sell legal approved medication that helps your artheritis and the side affects are life threatning and its takes 5 minutes to tell you what else the drug side afects will do to threaten your health. Thats what drugs do to you,but you don't know the difference in a drug or a natural herb thats 100% natural with no side affects and it wont make you kill yo mama for it! Boy, common sense don't always come common!
by Lwaze Grumpy (lwazegrumpy [at]
Tuesday Sep 27th, 2011 11:23 AM
I agree they are going too far and using unfair practices. OK, do a sweep, take down the guys you are after but check first, we are trying to abide with the laws, have general permission from YOU the STATE. If we are within the general letter of the laws, (even close?) tell us what we are doing wrong, HELP US GET IT RIGHT and bust the obvious ones!! Since you are out there anyway, it seems to me that this approach would be beneficial to all. Y'all know the difference between the types within a few minutes. If we weren't afraid that this exact type of thing would happen, WE would be more willing and less afraid to ask YOU questions that would help US abide by the convoluted rules and make it easier for all to "police" the system to the benefit of all.
by Lwaze Grumpy (lwazegrumpy [at]
Tuesday Sep 27th, 2011 11:37 AM
What kind of amuses me is you always see these huge plants when they advertise a bust, Mine never get anywhere close to that! I do good to get a few OUNCES of quality material from each plant. 24 plants means 6 adult, producing, and 6 more in 3 month stages so you have a steady supply, not 24 harvestable plants at a time. Looked at that way is how most of us medi users do it.
by lwaze Grumpy
Tuesday Sep 27th, 2011 12:17 PM
OOps, shouldn't have said most, many can grow a bit year round but because of that harvests are small. Some can only grow one crop a year and need to compensate for it. The laws are so complicated and plant production varies so much that there has to be some "OFFICER/COURT" discretion. A little compassion, maybe a mediator instead of blunt force?? What is my history? Have I been on your radar for any other reason? Selling?? Buying?? Whooo boy!!! that is another can of worms! No thank you, that is why I GROW MY OWN so I don't have to get mixed up in 'that world' but still get the benefits of an affordable {It's a plant, like a tomato!} natural [I know exactly what's in it.], SAFE (in terms of side effects compared to some chemicals they push!!) form of medication that I use for specific problems. Is it generally enjoyable? Yup,so what? Dosage!!! Even with 'legal' meds. I am not trying to "Alter reality"....well I guess I am, the REALITY of my body betraying me and wanting to live a somewhat NORMAL life. You would rather I took something that makes me puke my innards up daily?? If I miss a dose of your miracle drug, the side effects of missing it are devestating, or the alarming side effects of TAKING it?? I don't discuss and share my other meds with the world, why would I do it with something so much more in need of privacy?
by too shy
Sunday Nov 20th, 2011 1:48 PM
You are a Stupid and missinformed little man. Lets see if you get cancer and your stomac feels all tore up from radiation treatment, and you feel like you have the worst case of flu you've ever had. but it never stops. its hard to eat because your sick!. Using pot makes it just a little better. and to use pot you are still aware of whats going on. and not out of it like the doctor prescribed drugs. I have never used meth dumb ass! but not pot just means a painfull death!
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