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Tucson H.A.A.N.D. Attacks Vivsectors' home and Mining Scumbag

by Tucson H.A.A.N.D.
Tucson Vivisector Katalin Gothard and Rosemont mining scumbag Kathy Arnold get a special home visit from Tucson H.A.A.N.D! (Hooligans Attack At Night Duh!) agents of change. Solidarity dedication with those four recently arrested
Beneath a security blanket of darkness during the early morning hours of Friday, February 20, Tucson H.A.A.N.D. (Hooligans Attack At Night Duh!) visited the homes of University of Arizona Vivisector Katalin M. Gothard and Rosemont Copper (RC) Director of Environmental & Regulatory Affairs Kathy Arnold.
We chose Kathy Arnold because of all her work she does with RC as their Director of Environmental & Regulatory Affairs. RC is attempting to mine in the beautiful Santa Rita Mountains for copper. We say no mine thank you! Mining in the Santa Ritas would threaten numerous species, plants and sensitive wild areas. Mining for copper to build solar panels is a false solution and unacceptable. The Santa Ritas are part of the Sky Island Region a Biological Hotspot home to 404 bird species,117 reptile species, 26 amphibian species, thousands of plant species. A number of these species are endemic to this region. The Santa Ritas should never be home to a mine.

Dear Kathy destroying the land of wild animals and plants for more ingredients of a larger Infrastructure nightmare is no way to live. You should know that our environment is no place for you to hold your twisted affairs! We slashed your tire so that maybe you will think of the Mountain Lions and Black Bears that live where you want to build a mine. We bet the etching cream on the window of your house will leave a lasting impression of our visit. Maybe the cost of replacing it will make you think twice about the lasting irreplaceable costs your companies proposed mine would inflict on the Santa Ritas.
Katalin Gothard is an assistant Professor Vivisector) within the Department of Physiology College of Medicine Life Sciences in North Room 327 of the University of Arizona Tucson, her Phone # is (520) 626-1448. Her Email is kgothard [at] Her home addy is [REMOVED BY INDYBAY]. Her home # is [REMOVED BY INDYBAY].
Katalin makes a living by performing research on rhesus monkeys. Her research procedures involve screwing metal plates into the monkey’s skulls and affixing magnetic search coils to thier eyes. After these medical procedures are performed she then the trains the monkeys to to tolerate head immobilization and to fixate on objects presented on a computer monitor.
What the fuck type of demented mind could do such a thing? Apparently, Katalin Gothard and her cohorts.
To the sound of Coyotes howling in the mountains we lifted the utility cover to your water in front of your house, turned the water off and the poured in cement to make sure it stayed off for a damn long time! We bet it's a little harder to wash the blood off your hands and scrub away all those thoughts of torturing monkeys all day long huh Katalin. If you insist on working, get a real job!

Kathy, stay the fuck away from our mountains you sick fuck! Katalin, Leave the monkeys alone (your a sick fuck too)!

We dedicate this action to our four CA comrades in the fight against vivisection that were arrested the same day. Y'all fools can keep trying to stop us by throwing us in jail. Cause you can't lock up Revolutionary Solidarity for the land and Animals, duh!
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by ..
there are places that have kitty cats with little plastic boxes screwed into their skull! or cool little cats locked in some romm and when you look in the room you see a very wild scared cat that has no idea whats going on.its an animal with a completely out there pace agitated.why afe they torturing kitty cats??
by C. Moore
What about AZ Cal Portland Mining in the Empire Mountains (off Old Sonoita Hwy) and want a haul road across the Davidson Canyon right through the important IRA.

once AZ Cal Portland gets use through the IRA/Davidson Canyon than Charles Seel Mining Co. will also open, needing crossing of the Canyon also.

This is going to be really bad for the wildlife and the Water. There are springs (3) right in the area that run 90 % of the time/year for the wildlife to have fresh water year around.

These mine also need to be stopped. If they open these mines, it will be easier for Rosemont to pass.
by stephanie
These people are being charged on TERRORISM ENHANCEMENT charges for home demos!
They have NOT gone to court yet.

The FBI has stated in the report that they are going to use these 4 to set an example. Any actions done "in solidarity" can be used to enhance these 4's sentencing. Look at the case of Free Luers.

Please- do actions. Lots of them! But wait until after they are charged to dedicate them so they don't interfere.

Actions taken in real solidarity would be prisoner support right now.

by Mining Environmentalist
I am a mining engineer and an environmentalist. These actions are horrible, criminal, and foolish. Acts of terror like this will not help you accomplish your goals, it only makes you into villains and the people you are protesting into victims. Rational debate and protest will have a much better result. It is necessary to mine copper in the world to sustain our standards of living. Without it these criminals would not have been able to drive to these people's houses to commit these crimes because their cars would not run, they could not post their views because their computers would not work. I'm sure they're not willing to give up everything they use that requires mining in order to stop the world from mining. Everything we use in this world is grown or mined. If we work together we can mine in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.
by Fuzz
You folks are real morons.

I had to clean up an act of demonstration at a Univeristy Animal Lab in the 80's. Thanks to the idiots who set the blaze (and accidentally killed many animals) I spent days going through the charred rubble looking for hazmats, putting an innocent person in the middle.

Find another non-damaging way to deal with your frustration. While you are at it, why dont you do it in open and not be COWARDS! Remember, that ring in your nose and the bike that you ride came from a mine! I think that Mining Enviro said it best.

Directing your frustrations at Kathy was idiotic and wrong. She did not pay for the mine, she works for it! Learn to read a 10K report.
by Jim Davies, PhD
It's as simple as the title. Try expressing your platform in the open. You obviously felt that you needed to post their contact information, why not yours? Why not ask them to sit down and talk, to express your side.

The answer, because you are a coward. You are no different than they are.

I posted my name, I live in Tucson, I teach at UA.

Cowards, plain and simple.
by Hooligan
What do you teach at the UA?
I've certainly never heard of you, and can't find you any where in the records.
by same
Thank you guys for fighting the true terrorists: the vivisectors and strip-miners.

Anything goes and will continue to go.

Take heed fuckers.
by Daylight
Animal Testing
Animal Testing: What’s it really for?
I can’t tell you enough about this gore
Is it about saving the human race?
If this is humanity; it’s left not a trace
Our friends the monkeys are subjected to pain
Many are tested then slain for our gain
Not enough is said about their horrendous plight
We see day; they only feel fright
These disasters take place all over the world
Many times I have wept at this secret that’s kept
Too ugly to speak of in its true depth
If god put these good creatures on our beautiful land
Tis not for abuse at our torturous hand
In the name of mankind let man be kind
For what kind of man tortures innocent beings
From another realm called the animal kingdom

Daylight 1 2-2O-O4

Never call protectors of animals and the environment cowards for they are the ones fighting to save this planet so we can all live peacefully without agony pain and cancer and causing cancer to humans and making animals pay the price for our stupidity for maligning the beautiful planet that god provided us.
You and others who test and support testing are playing god by using the animals he put there for our appreciation and use them and toss them.
Brave Jim, go in those cages and get your brain massacred. I will personally film your agony.
Maybe you are too cowardly a teacher to take their places. Leave the comfort of your calssroom and go crawl into the testing cages and await your fate.
by meg
how dare you! do you honnestly think what you are doing is changing anything? you look like fools, children and low life losers. you have no idea what kati does with those monkeys! she loves those animals, and anyone who actually knows her and what she does in her work will tell you the exact same thing. she has a job, a real job, an important job where she helps people. which is obviously more than any of you can say about yourselfs. shame on you all.
by hagbard
Of all the researchers to attack in the country this is quite possibly
the least appropriate choice one could have made, given the great
care and concern Dr. Gothard takes with her animals. Just a thought,
why not go after the rat catchers and exterminators, which arguably
use more cruel methods. Better yet, why not form a coalition and do
research and present other viable options.
by Greengenes
In my opine,
you show little spine,
to attack homes of women at night.

If your irate,
join the debate,
to affect the outcome is your right.

Hope this poem,
offered as constructive,
stops future actions,
that may be destructive.

by laura
how do people like you live with yourselves? You really shouldn't. you are vile filth, for covering the asses of these scumbags and UA. May you feel all the pain you gave your victims.
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