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Two Sea Shepherd activists injured by whaler violence
by WSQT Direct Action Radio 88.1 FM in DC (wsqtradio [at]
Sunday Feb 1st, 2009 7:24 PM
Sea Shepherd is reporting that two of their activists have been injured in a confrontation with the Nisshin Maru. One was hit in the face with a metal ball thrown from the whaler's deck, and the other received injuries from being knocked down by a fire hose.
Sea Shepherd coverage of the confrontation:
Sea Shepherd Update-whalers still on the run!

The whalers are NOT WHALING and instead are on the run, with a mix of legal and illegal defenses employed. The chase is still underway as of Sunday, Feb 1 in fog, big waves, and ice.

In addition to "long metal spikes" as reported by Australian news media and anti-boarding nets, Japan's whaling fleet is jamming Sea Shepherd radios and using military low frequency sound cannon in an attempt to hold off Sea Shepherd boarding parties and butyric acid deployment passes.

The LRAD sound cannon causes nausea and disorientation. It is a piece of military hardware-and as such is illegal to posess or use in the Antarctic Treaty Zone, where all military vessels and equipment are prohibited.