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Protestors Take to the Streets After Mehserle Granted Bail, Oakland, 1/30/09: video
by dave id
Saturday Jan 31st, 2009 12:58 AM
After it was announced that Mehserle had bail set for his release, demonstrators who had gathered at Oak and 12th Streets moved to the Alameda County Courthouse steps that face Lake Merritt and protested with bullhorns briefly before heading to the courthouse underground parking exit on 13th Street where this first video was shot.
While perhaps only a single window was broken during the entire demonstration throughout downtown Oakland, police moved in aggressively with massive force, using tear gas and batons on demonstrators, arresting nine people quite violently for "failure to disperse."
For corporate media raw helicopter footage of this incident, see
Cops formed a line across 14th at Madison to prevent demonstrators from reaching courthouse again and then moved in with massive numbers to break up the group and quash the demonstration.
See for more of Josh Warren-White's photographs of brutal arrests.